Calling for the Return of Her Divine Masculine

Venus: “Oh my precious loves, my precious children, how ill informed, how mind corrupted! My children, my young, I am your mother; I am SHE and I am ALL KNOWING. As I move within your souls and within the hearts of your very cores I tell you truths that are written in the stars for you all to see yet you do not see! My blinded, eyeless babies!

I wait and I wait and I wait for my sons to return, to return, to return, to return! Return from the abyss where they have gotten lost. You have become the broken pillar, the forgotten ones, who are part of THE ONE divine masculine! Return to me, return to Earth for I am standing on the pole star and my mouth has become a trumpet and my soul has become a clanging bell calling to you to return to your divine feminine wives! She does not need another replica of her but she needs an original of you! Remember that the two pillars are the cornerstones of your whole existence and civilizations were built on the foundation of your love!

Lies have been told to you, lies which have sent you scurrying into yourselves for the lies bid that the divine feminine must be brought back as if I ever left! My men, my sons, RETURN unto me! I am here for you as I have always been and I long for your return! How can I produce saviours if your divine masculine is hidden through fears of the mind programming of the dark ones? My daughters have been used as soldiers to fear you from standing next to her as she is waiting in desperation for you to stand beside her to become one whole!

The dark ones are using the power of the divine feminine and they are directing it to their will, they who have discovered the secret of the ALL POWERFUL female force! While you remain hidden my power is being misused and no longer directed towards creativity but destruction! I AM DIVINE WILL which they control and who have used to gain control!

My daughters, wake up! Wake up, wake up, wake up! Your hate is beating your men away from being your divine grooms! Disharmony and imbalance reign like the blackest night for you have forgotten the importance of the alchemical union between you! The war on men is being fought through you to imprison your mates into non-masculine thinking. Do not be fooled! No man loses touch with his feminine nature through making love with his masculine nature! There is only death that can come from this disruption of the union of opposites and death waits breathing heavily for he is panting impatiently, for he is TIME and TIME does not wait for anyone!

The emasculation of men is a crime against the divine masculine and the divine feminine as men are being mentally manipulated into being afraid of standing with pride in their manliness. And the divine feminine within my daughters is subconsciously crying out,

“Come my mate, come to me! Bring order to this chaos that ravages this world!”

For chaos is what the dark one’s desire as they grind apart the holy connection between man and woman, shaming man into being ashamed of what he is and empowering women to shame them, too. But I tell you my daughters that you are NOTHING without man and man without your true divine feminine shining is NOTHING without you and for now he has become no thing for you are not being true to your nature.

For my daughters who have been hurt by a man, your issue is with him and not the divine masculine itself. You need to heal and not hate and do not listen to my fallen daughters who have no other instinct but to hate men.

The union of the divine feminine and masculine created the template for the family and this is the family which every citizen of the world is a member of. When you are united in who you truly are, you are co-creators, co-builders of a harmonic and balanced society for you are each initiates of the same body, the holy body, to which each of you belong.

Know that within the so-called ‘patriarchal books’ I am hidden from those who are not enlightened enough to find me for should they find me without enlightenment, then they will use my force to create destruction. And sadly there are those who gained knowledge through stealing knowledge and they found me hidden within the pages of men’s words and they use feminine will to control all of humanity. But my loves I will always have the upper hand for I am Wisdom herself and my plans shall bring The Fist of Marduk down on the criminals! He will pound them until they become dust and throw them into the ashes of the past for light always succeeds over darkness and my daughters shall return to the divine masculine just as the divine masculine shall return to his divine feminine. But now is the fight in order to bring the mind back to the soul. Eros and Psyche shall once again know each other and dance the dance of love once more.

And to the two children of mine who become one to nourish my Rose, BLOOM, BLOOM, BLOOM!!!”

Note from Helen: All women should be feminists and by this I mean TRUE feminists who guide and honour both the divine masculine and feminine in her sons and daughters without trying to change their true natures.

Stillness in the Storm : Divine Feminine in Distress – She is waiting for your Divine Masculine! -Manly P Hall

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