Blue Flame Ascension Proccess (mp3 audio)

Description: The Blue Flame is the most powerful and concentrated part of a fire and symbolizes the sacred feminine, the love of the Mother, the female aspect of the creator and the presence of the divine. She is known as the Shekinah, the Holy Spirit or Sophia and within her and this blue flame can one reach their true potential and godhood through the purification and cleansing of the mind, body and soul. It is a flame that cleanses all past and present karmic debts from within the auric bodies and clears the path for soul ascension.

Ascended Master Astraea is the keeper of the Blue Flame and the Blue Flame Keys. Via this ascension process, the blue flame is activated within you and three tools of ascension are placed within your last three Chakras to aid you in your spiritual evolution. The student receives one activation each week in audio format during a three week period. Each guided activation contains one of the three levels of blue flame activation and installation.

With the help of the Goddess Astraea and the highest vibrating Archangel, Seraphiel, all negative attachments will be detached from your body and transmuted into light.

This is not only an activation and installation process but it is also an empowerment program during which all of your auric fields will be thoroughly cleansed by the blue flame.

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