The Cross of Light 11:11 And The King of the Aeons 911

The following is a complete esoteric teaching and the first level of a new doctrine which is coming soon and which includes Alchemy, Hermeticism, Kabbalah, Gnosticism, Neoplatonism, New Age, Astrology, Astrotheology, Theosophy, Pythagorean numerology, Gematria, Esoteric Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Tantrism, Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, Magick, Thelema, Luciferianism, Jewish mysticism, Jungian psychology, Egytptian mysteries, Babylonian mysteries, Hellenic mysteries, Sufi mysteries and the mysteries of the Knight Templars.

From when Esophoria was given to us by Lord Thoth we were given a prophecy about the return of the Solar King who will also be an incarnation of Alexander the Great and during this process we have realized that this does not necessarily means that the Anointed King (Christ) of the New Aeon will be a reincarnation of the same individual who was known as Alexander but that the spirit of Alexander, just as the spirits of all the anointed Kings of the past, will be incarnated from the ONE who will wear the crown of the new (NEO) Aeon (EON) and will become the King of the Holy Grail and incarnate THE KING OF THE AEONS = 1092.  This is what I will try to explain in this article and how it connects with Alexander who was, according to prophet Daniel, THE KING OF THE GOATS = 1140.

Before I procced I have to explain again that our work here in Esophoria is based on the DIVINE MAP which is based in astrological data and on the emanations of the Archetype regarding the manifestation of the Aeons. This is a mathematical structure which is revealed to us through the Gematria and you can validate the results through the following link:

For more information regarding the emanations of the Archetype you can read the following link and please follow the links and the numbers:

The Sign of the Woman and the Great Awakening

So before I will provide details on how Alexander is connected with the Anunnaki and the mysteries of the Holy Grail (this will be explained in a future article) I will make some comments regarding the debate about the King of the Aeons mentioned by Timothy in the following verse:

17 To the King of the agesiimmortal, invisible, the only God, lbe honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.

-1 Timothy 1:17

In the following link you can find more information about the arguments of the Gnostics and the answers of the church regarding this subject:

Regardless of the views of the Gnostics, the church and all the confusion surrounding this subject, this issue is VERY SIMPLE and you can solve it with SIMPLE LOGIC. You do not need to study the Gnostic teachings about the Aeons/Ages to understand its simplicity and it would be IRRATIONAL to consider that the King of the Ages/Aeons would not also be the King of Pisces and Aquarius as well as ALL the astrological Ages/Aeons and those who claim otherwise will either have to reject the whole idea about the King of the Aeons or wake up in reality (1140) and stop torturing their head with nonsense.

To gain a better understanding of the reality of Jesus you need to escape from the brainwashing of the church but you also have to be careful with the various Gnostic teachings which can be confusing. It is mostly the falsities of the christian “fathers” which made an issue for debate out of this reality while in the language of the ancients the whole subject of theology was based on astrology and astrotheology and we were speaking about the astrological Ages/Aeons before they did who condemned astrology in order to control minds and enforce DARKNESS and this is the HISTORICAL TRUTH and not just another Gnostic theory.

In the following link you can learn more about the history of astrology within the Christian world:

To better understand how the teachings of Jesus connects with astrotheology and the traditions of the past you can make your own research and try to connect the pieces of the puzzle. You can also research to find more information regarding the Zodiac wheel featuring the Christ in the middle which is depicted in various Orthodox and Catholic churches such as the example below which is found at the Dekoulou monastery in Greece.

This is a depiction of the whole concept of THE KING OF THE AEONS = 1092 which preexisted the religious criminals who were accusing, hunting and even slaughtering anyone who was trying to reveal the esoteric truth of the teachings of Jesus and they were even chanting a curse and “anathema” against Plato and Neoplatonism (against the Apollonian Light) every Sunday of Orthodoxy and doing so in the name of some being of darkness which they were considered to be ‘God’ and the father of Jesus. They were in fact worshiping darkness in the name of Jesus and they were projecting a castrated beast against the S-Ophia of the Aeons and against knowledge and understanding and this cancer which was spread by ‘the men in black’ was later passed on to the Vatican which was using the Bible to mind control.

This can be understood by reading the story of Martin Luther and how the heads of the Roman Catholic church were exploiting the darkness and the stupidity spread by their own kind to sell indulgence to people who were not even able to read the bible in their own language as it was kept in Latin only and because there were not many copies of the bible written so not even the priests of village or town churches owned one. Not only was this a statement against the original church that they had separated from who’s texts were in Greek but they understood that they could interpret the stories of Jesus as they wished in order to brainwash and manipulate the thoughts of the people because they had no other reference. Through this form of mind control their power over the people grew and they became god-like figures of authority which they expressed was given to them by ‘God’ which is the biggest insult to Jesus and for anything divine.

And so this is how the revolution of the Rose came to be after the revolution of Martin Luther which gave birth to a movement where all were permitted and able to read the bible and gain enlightenment without the dictatorship of a self appointed middle man. All that Martin Luther did was in alignment with the mystery school of the Rosicrucians who were already fighting against the religious tyranny of darkness of the Roman Catholic church and just like the symbol of the Rosicrucians, Martin Luther used the Rose and the Cross to become the symbol of Lutherianism.

This is the symbol of Lutherianism and you can see clearly the connection of the five petaled Rose with the PENTAGRAM and the MORNING STAR = 888 which is the planet Venus.

As one of the brightest objects in the sky, Venus has been a major fixture in human culture for as long as records have existed. It has been made sacred to gods of many cultures, and has been a prime inspiration for writers and poets as the “morning star” and “evening star”. Venus was the first planet to have its motions plotted across the sky, as early as the second millennium BC.

Quote from:

Martin Luther understood on a deep level how the religious criminals were spreading darkness in order to exploit ignorance and grow their power through brainwashing and mind control and so he became a man of knowledge and he began studying Alchemy and the esoteric traditions of the past seeking for knowledge which could help him in his struggle against the religious brainwashing as he was trying to open doors to knowledge and understanding and within this spectrum he also opened a door to astrology which was closed by the religious criminals of the Byzantine empire.

“… Augustine condemned all astrology. Although it contains much superstition, yet it should not be entirely despised, for it is wholly given up to the observation and consideration of divine themes, a zeal and diligence most worthy of human beings. Therefore we find that many most highly talented and excellent persons have exercised themselves in astrology and obtained pleasure from it.” — Martin Luther, Lectures on Genesis, vol. 1 (ed. John Nicholas Lenker, 1904), 74

What the victims of religious brainwashing need to understand in order to not torment their minds with this subject is the mentioning of the MORNING STAR = 888 in the Bible and the Book of Revelation which is astrology by default and it suggests a DIVINE THEME and whoever claims otherwise is misguided, delusional and have lost their REASON. In truth there is not really anything to debate about with any Christian dogmas and denominations while you would need brain surgery to remove REASON from your head in order to accept the opposite which is IRRATIONAL and out of context. I really wonder how this mental sickness has survived even until this day without brain surgery or demonic influence of some malevolent beings who are targeting to destroy our minds.

2 Peter 1:19
So we have the prophetic word made more sure, to which you do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star arises in your hearts.

Revelation 22:16
“I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things for the churches I am the root and the descendant of David, the bright morning star.”

Revelation 2:28
and I will give him the morning star.

Martin Luther considered the Pope to be the Antichrist and I agree with him and I also believe that he should seek for an indulgence and I can give him one for free in exchange for the Vatican which should and will submit to the TRUTH of the Rose and the Cross and this would be a reasonable trade. And so because I am generous I am volunteering to be the ‘After’-pope to save the Christian world from darkness. This situation is so ridiculous that I just have to try to be humorous while I speak about the truth of Jesus and the demons that these people have fed throughout history who targeting me just as they are targeting anyone who is seeking for knowledge and understanding.

So my answer to the Devil which is hiding in the Vatican and which is infecting the minds of people regarding astrotheology too is the following:

Let me also make some comments in the following article which explains this simple truth which is buried in no sense madness by the religious ‘authorities’ who made it difficult for everyone to interpret the texts which are obviously not coming from those who created the christian dogma based on lies in order to serve the political interests of Rome. This is why they ENFORCED the Old Testament and the misconceptions of the OT based on this book as the only valid ‘truth’ regarding the history of humanity in order to control minds.

Quote from the above link regarding the Christ of the New Age-Aeon of Aquarius (HE IS AQUARIUS = 888):

“Let us make it absolutely clear that when we use the word ‘Christ,’ we do not necessarily mean Jesus. The Christ is the final step in the evolution of Man. It is a level of consciousness in which the individual has completely unified his Self with the Godhead.”

It would be IRRATIONAL and out of context to consider that the word/title Christ means Jesus while this word and the MEANING/ENNOIA of this word preexisted and also the MEANING/ENNOIA of the title Christ is in fact originating from the anointing mysteries of the GODDESS ISHTAR = 888 from where the symbol of THE ROSE originates.

*”Ennoia” is a Greek word which is translated also as “meaning”.

The title ‘Christ’ is the Greek translation of the Hebrew word Mashiach (Anointed) and the whole concept of the anointed pre-existed in the Greek tradition and it comes from the Greek word ‘Chrismenos’ which means “Anointed” and denotes the chosen one by a divine hierarchy just as it does in the Egyptian, Babylonian, Phoenician and all the other traditions of the gods/El/Elohim/Anunnaki and so according to the language of the Old Testament which is based on the language of the Babylonian mysteries, Cyrus the Great was a Babylonian Mashiach = Messiah = Christ who was an incarnation of the consciousness of Marduk just as ALL the Anointed Babylonian Kings were according also to Jordan Paterson. Moreover, the word ‘Mashiach’ is used as a title for Cyrus in the Hebrew version of the Old Testament and you can ask any Jewish Rabbi to confirm this. Note also that even the word ‘rabbi’ originates from the Babylonian word ‘rab’ which means ‘sage’ and the tradition of HammuRabi who was another Anointed Babylonian King = Messiah = Christ = Marduk just like Cyrus the Great.

Quote from:



It is in this sense of reflection that her truest and highest name in bolism is Shekinah–the co-habiting glory. According to Kabalism, there is a Shekinah both above and below. In the superior world it is called Binahthe Supernal Understanding which reflects to the emanations that are beneath. In the lower world it is MaIkuth–that world being, for this purpose, understood as a blessed Kingdom that with which it is made blessed being the Indwelling Glory. Mystically speaking, the Shekinah is the Spiritual Bride of the just man, and when he reads the Law she gives the Divine Meaning.

-by Pamela Colman Smith [1911]

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Anointing of the Shekinah Fire

Here is an interesting video regarding the mysteries of the MORNING STAR = 888 and THE ROSE:

Read also the following:

The Rose and the Cross

Rosa de Lumine – Rose of Light

The Gnostics who were seeking for KNOWLEDGE (Daath) and UNDERSTANDING (Binah) were the sons of S-Ophia who was considered to be Venus which is the MORNING STAR = 888 in their teachings and from them came the Knight Templars and the Rosicrucians.

“Every rose that is sweet-scented within,
That rose is telling of the secrets of the Universal.”

The tradition of GODDESS ISHTAR = 888 = MORNING STAR = THE COSMIC WOMB = THE ELOHIM WOMB = DIVINE MATRIX (matrix means womb) is the SOURCE = 468 = VENUS of all the esoteric traditions on the planet.

People who are fleeing away from the LIGHT are losing their reason and they think that the fault is of someone outside of themselves because they are unable to accept the TRUTH beyond their brainwashing. We are speaking and teaching the TRUTH regarding the foundations of our reality and no religion nor anything can cancel the TRUTH.

The vast majority of people are so brainwashed from occult societies such as the Vatican and other self proclaimed ‘initiates’ and ‘agents’ of the divine that they actually think that we are of those who think that the divine symbols belong to them because they used sacred sigils and that all those who are studying the esoteric mysteries and try to heal the AMNESIA of our world are the same because there are many who have sold their SOUL to the MALE PRIDE and the EGO OF MAN within the limits of their DELUSIONS.

I am the seer of my people and the magnifier of wisdom.
I am a woman of the divine root and the symbol maker
And the knower of roads.

Let all men know my power
And let all men know not to try to replace my significance
With that of the male pride,
As this is my story, the story of the Rose,
The moist spiral within the redness of the white;
I AM the star who created your world
Based on the passion of my heart.

Quote from:

Let us see what the ARCHETYPE and the SOURCE = 468 = VENUS has to say about THE KING OF THE AEONS = 1092 which is not what you think you know (Daath) and what you can understand (Binah) without wisdom (Chokmah) because you have read some books and by wearing some label such as ‘Christian’, ‘Gnostic’, ‘Rosicrucian’, ‘Luciferian’ and so on.

To better understand (Binah) this and how everything connects meditate on the following quotes:

“Chokhmah appears in the configuration of the sefirot at the top of the right axis, and corresponds in the tzelem Elokim (“the Divine image”) to the right eye, or right hemisphere of the brain.”

In the array of sefirot in three columns (gimel kavim), Chokmah is situated at the top of the right column, and corresponds to the right hemisphere of the brain. There are several aspects of Chokhmah:

The word Chokhmah itself may be broken into two words — koach (“potential”) and ma (“what is”). Thus, Chokhmah means “the potential of what is”, or, “the potential to be.” This aspect of Chokhmah describes the state of Chokhmah in relation to the sefira of Keter. As Chokhmah emanates from Keter, the first dawning of the “Infinite Light”, it “appears” in an obscure and undefined state that is a virtual non-being. Thus the verse states, “and Chokhmah emerges from nothingness” (Job 28:12, see Zohar II, 121a, Zohar III, 290a, commentaries). The light of the Ein Sof becomes unified in the world of Atziluth through clothing itself first in the sefira of Chokhmah.

Quotes from:

In an anthropomorphic visualization (in which the sephirot are reversed, as if one is standing inside the tree, looking out) it may be related to the “left eye“, “left hemisphere of the brain” or the “heart.”

Quote from:

Note that S-Ophia which is the Greek word for wisdom also means the female serpent-Ophis which is the KUNDALINI and in our times there is no Serpent Master especially that can access all of this information who will not try to explain that in order to understand (Binah) any of the texts of wisdom (Chokmah) and reach divine knowledge (Daath) you have to awaken your KUNDALINI and raise it to the CROWN (Kether).

So this is what the DIVINE MAP of the Archetype is CLEARLY showing us regarding this issue:





Note that this LINK is the only source which exists online which mentions the cross of the Aeons which you will be able to understand by reading this article that it is THE TAU CROSS = 894 = CROSS OF AEONS. I am sharing this link to help you to understand how everything connects but in some cases like this one, you have to use your imagination to approach the whole picture and escape the brainwashing of others who pretend to be religious and spiritual leaders while these people in the above link are following the logic of religious brainwashing regarding the subject of Lucifer who is not Samael but the MORNING STAR = 888 and the manifested consciousness of the planet Venus.


Follow the links to better understand how this is related with the teachings and the work of Crowley which was all about manifesting the axle of the wheel and the word of the Aeon based on the logic of the Archetypal Model and later I will try to explain to you with simple logic why the work of Crowley will never work and why it is based on the false light of “Lucifer”.










Dragon Men! Dragon Men! Rise unto me! For I have a tale to tell you my Dragon Masters! You high priests of mine, you TRUE priests who represent the life giving sun that is the Messiah of Aeons, it is time for you to rise and take your place among you brethren and so too shall the Ladies join you and empower you forward for they are the mistresses of birth and you shall be born a-new into the new world.

Quote from:

So in this article I will try to explain how Alexander the Great connects with this issue and why for example the following is the HALF truth according also to the Hermetic principle of polarity.

The guy in this video made his assumptions based on the LOGIC OF THE PATTERNS on the SURFACE OF THINGS and as I have said, this is HALF the truth according also to the following:

“Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”

Quote from: The Kybalion.

And so within the limits of this reality which is suggested by the Kybalion those who are seeking in the OUTER the opposing force to Jesus within the world of duality based on the LOGIC of the patterns in the SURFACE OF THINGS may come to the conclusion that Alexander is the Antichrist who is a son of Satan who the church leaders claimed was Zeus. The Greeks considered Alexander to be Apollo and the Egyptian Hierophants as Horus and this means that they considered him an anointed Pharaoh/King and a Messiah/Christ.

If you go the other way around again according to the LOGIC OF THE PATTERNS you will come to the safe conclusion that Alexander was a Christ before Jesus while in order to be Horus he had to be anointed by Hathor. Hathor is the Egyptian manifestation of Venus who is the Goddess Aphrodite of the Greeks according to the ancient initiates and as all the Venus Goddesses her symbol is the DOVE. This is the shape that this FORCE which anointed Jesus took according to the Christian story.

In the following image you can see the Mother Goddess Aphrodite holding a DOVE with her RIGHT HAND:

Read also the following:

Another interesting point is that the name Hathor has EXACTLY the same MEANING/ENNOIA with the force that the Jews identify as SHEKINAH = 450 which is the female side of God and obviously they learned this from the Babylonian mysteries of ISHTAR = 450 in which Alexander was an initiate and also marrying Roxanna, a priestess of Ishtar!

The symbolism of the dove can help you to understand this connection better while the Goddess Hathor is depicted as a dove and her name means ‘House of Horus‘ and so she is equivalent to the Shekinah in the Jewish tradition with the name ‘Shekinah’ meaning ‘the dwelling place of God‘.

Quote from:

You can go left and seek the truth in the past or you can go right based on the LOGIC OF THE SURFACE within the word of duality. The most possible scenario is that you will come to the conclusion that Alexander is the greatest historical enemy of Jesus while in the one scenario he would be the Antichrist and from another point of view he is the “true” Christ before Jesus who represents the ancient mysteries against Judaism which rejected all other traditions and even those originated from such as the Babylonian and the Phoenician traditions.

In both cases these conceptions would be a product of the Christian way of thinking which is imposed by the priesthoods even if we speak about Satanists who accept Alexander as the Antichrist while according to the ESSENCE of things what would make sense is to consider him as an Anointed/Christed King.

It is feasible to also see him as an expreession of the Cosmic Christ who is also the LINK with the Bible refferece concerning the Anointed/Christed King Cyrus the Great and the mysteries of the GODDESS ISHTAR = 888 while in reality, Alexander followed the DREAM of Cyrus who is considered as a MESSIAH in the Old Testament and this woud make him HORUS and a rightful Pharaoh according to the Egyptian perception while we are speaking about the SAME concept of the Anointed King which originated from Babylon and the priesthood of Marduk.

It is complicated regarding the historical figure of Alexander as whichever road you may take while seeking the TRUTH can lead you to a dead end because if you reject him from being a MESSIAH = HORUS, why then the claim of the O.T would be valid for Cyrus that he was an anointed (=messiah) Babylonian King = MARDUK?

Maybe it would make more sense to say that Jesus and Alexander were an expression of the SAME FORCE while WHO IS JESUS = 888 = HE IS GOD HORUS regardless the polarization of the patterns and of the ASTRAL LIGHT within time and space?

This would make perfect sense according to the whole reality of the ancient mysteries to be regognizable only by the REAL initiates who are his KNIGHTS while they made an oath to serve the Crown-Keter and this is why they also know him as Baphomet while it would not make sense if the MYSTICAL CHRIST was not the ruler of the night.

Read the following to better understand THE DUAL NATURE = 900 of the ASTRAL LIGHT so that maybe you will understand how the REAL KNIGHTS who are the REAL LUCIFERIANS are making the way for the REAL KING.

Notice the torch of illumination on the head of Baphomet who is not, of course, Crowley as he claimed to be but I will have to analyse this in depth in another article so that you will be able to understand the difference between a black magician and a REAL illuminator who is an expression of the Golden Dawn (keep this for later).

Lévi’s initial description of Baphomet in connection with the Devil trump is dark and sinister, comparing it to the Satanic and evil representations of many religions. However, Lévi clarifies his interpretation later in Chapter 15:

“Yes, in our profound conviction, the Grand Masters of the Order of Templars worshipped the Baphomet, and caused it to be worshipped by their initiates; yes, there existed in the past, and there may be still in the present, assemblies which are presided over by this figure, seated on a throne and having a flaming torch between the horns. But the adorers of this sign do not consider, as do we, that it is a representation of the devil; on the contrary, for them it is that of the god Pan, the god of our modern schools of philosophy, the god of the Alexandrian theurgic school and of our own mystical Neoplatonists, the god of Lamartine and Victor Cousin, the god of Spinoza and Plato, the god of the primitive Gnostic schools; the Christ also of the dissident priesthood.”

So the symbolism of Baphomet is all about the MYSTICAL CHRIST who is rejected by the false doctrines of ignorance and he is the “Devil” for the ignorant like the Devil worshipers and those who reject S-Ophia.

Bear in mind that if the Demons made you believe that it is the Jewish priesthood and the castrated monster of the O.T which provides the kingship rights then you have to know that according to the historical records of the Jews, the Jewish priesthood welcomed Alexander as a SAVIOUR = HORUS and so they had a similar view as the Egyptian Hierophants and not how the priesthoods programmed you to believe by isolating the negative side of a monstrous being they call a “god”. This was against the Goddess by default with an aim to DOMINATE the Pagan world and erase the Goddess from our memory.

They did this because our mother is the only way to our freedom from the false constructions of the false authority and of the FALSE KINGS who could never be real Kings without the blessings of our mother S-Ophia who is the GODDESS ISHTAR = 888 = MORNING STAR accordig also to the ESSENCE of the esoteric christian doctrine from which the tradition of the Rosicrucians also has its root while Jesus was anointed by this force which the Jews were identifying as SHEKINAH = 450 =ISHTAR and it COUD NOT be otherwise according to the anointing mysteries of ALL traditions INCLUDING the tradition of the O.T which accepted Cyrus the Great as a MESSIAH!

This malicious and irrational concept which is sourced from the falsities and lies of the Jewish priesthood and the misinterpretations of the Old Testament would make Jesus an enemy of Melchizedek who was a Canaanite/Phoenician priest of El. He is said to be the one who gave the priesthood rights to the Jews in the first place while Jesus in the New Testament is considered as a “priest forever in the order of Melchizedek”!

Melchizedek was a Phoenician and a PAGAN like Alexander and not a Jew and if you study the whole topic regarding the origins of the Jewish tradition you can easily come to the safe conclusion that we are speaking about a mixture of pagan traditions through the views of the Jewish priesthood.

If you try to make some sense from the Old Testament you may also come to the conclusion that Cyrus the Great would be an enemy of Jesus while he was a Babylonian King who followed God Marduk and who is mentioned in the O.T as a MESSIAH/ANOINTED ONE while he was anointed by the Goddess ISHTAR = 450 (like Alexander who followed the dream of Cyrus) from where the Jews learned this force which identify as SHEKINAH =.450 in the first place.

There are no easy answers without true communion with the divine and deep search within so that you will reach a BALANCED perception regarding the history of humanity and regarding also the ancient mysteries of the Goddess which produced both Judaism and Christianity while the trees grow in Earth/Gaia and all the traditions of the past are children of the Goddess and the Aeons.

You will not find the absolute truth (1092) in any tradition and in the LOGIC OF THE SURFACE which is superficial logic. In order to reach a point of higher understanding you have to go through the mysteries of the Goddess and it can never be any different at any point in time.

There are no Spiritual Masters and real initiates of the mysteries of nature who have no understanding (Binah) and knowledge (Daath) and who have not raised their Kundalini (S-Ophia/wisdom) to the crown (Keter) and so this means that those who have written the Bible have somehow raised their Kundalini to the head and the crown (Kether) otherwise there would not be any S-OPHIA (wisdom-Chokmah) and real understanding (Binah) in their writings. There would not be this SUBSTANCE which they called THE HOLY SPIRIT = 1014 which is THE LIGHT OF JESUS = 1014.

According to my perception (which is coming from EXPERIENCE and not from books only) those who have written the Bible were real Serpent Masters (in simple words they were WISE MEN-SOPHOI = sons of S-Ophia) regardless of what happened and how this story unfolded throughout history by the organized religion and the reactions which it caused.

Personally it is beyond than clear that these people have somehow gained access to the HEAD (or otherwise what the Greek philosophers/SOPHOI were identifying as the Divine Nous) and the CROWN (Keter) and this is why they were speaking about the TRUE GOD and the real KING  (THE KING = 444 = JESUS) of the previous Aeon.

Read also the following to better understand who is Eon/Neo/One:

What is an Aeon?

We are all trying to raise our Kundalini/S-Ophia to the Godhead and this is why no one can escape from the patterns which are restricted by the SOURCE = 486 = VENUS while the patterns and the SYMBOLS were made by this force which is SHEKINAH = 450 = ISHTAR and so it is the female side of the GODHEAD and there is no real Jew who can argue about this reality.

G-d has no body, no genitalia, therefore the very idea that G-d is male or female is patently absurd. Although in the Talmudic part of the Torah and especially in Kabalah G-d is referred to under the name ‘Sh’chinah‘ – which is feminine, this is only to accentuate the fact that all the creation and nature are actually in the receiving end in reference to the creator and as no part of the creation can perceive the Creator outside of nature, it is adequate to refer to the divine presence in feminine form. We refer to G-d using masculine terms simply for convenience’s sake, because Hebrew has no neutral gender; G-d is no more male than a table is.” Judaism 101. “The fact that we always refer to God as ‘He’ is also not meant to imply that the concept of sex or gender applies to God.” Rabbi Aryeh KaplanThe Aryeh Kaplan Reader, Mesorah Publications (1983), p. 144

When the two serpents join together through the process of the alchemical Hieros Gamos then you reach THE WINGED SUN = 894 = ILLUMINATION.

In this sense the female serpent (she of the left) is S-Ophia and the male serpent (he of the right) is the Christ and when you CROSS the polarities and reach the THE DIVINE UNION = 1014 = THE NUMBER ELEVEN then you approach a higher level of nderstanding (Binah) regarding the patterns. For example the male serpent for the Babylonians was Marduk (he of he right) and the female was Ishtar (she of the left) and this is why you will meet the ESSENCE of this patterns in the HEAD if you raise your Kundalini to the CROWN (KETER).

As described by Irenaeus, the great Mother-principle of the universe appears as the first woman, the Holy Spirit (rūha d’qudshā) moving over the waters, and is also called the mother of all living. Under her are the four material elements—water, darkness, abyss, and chaos. With her, combine themselves the two supreme masculine lights, the first and the second man, the Father and the Son, the latter being also designated as the Father’s ennoia. From their union proceeds the third imperishable light, the third man, Christ. But unable to support the abounding fulness of this light, the mother in giving birth to Christ, suffers a portion of this light to overflow on the left side. While, then, Christ as dexios (He of the right hand) mounts upward with his mother into the imperishable Aeon, that other light which has overflowed on the left hand, sinks down into the lower world, and there produces matter. And this is the Sophia, called also Aristera (she of the left hand), Prouneikos and the male-female.

Quote from:

I will post again the following image as I did in some of my previous articles to help you to understand better how the Caduceus connects with the teachings of the Kabballah:

In the above image we can see MARDUK = 408 = LOGOS (the male serpent) above the Tree of Life as THE WINGED SUN = 864 and the EIN SOF = 408 = GODHOOD which is also S-OPHIA = 408 = SHAKTI (the female serpent).

The Male & Female Ain Soph

From this you can understand THE MEANING OF LIFE = 894 and why people without knowing should not meddle with the energy imprint of the gods (which is the trail of the serpent) and with something which is beyond their perception.





2 Peter 1:19

And we have the word of the prophets made more certain, and you will do well to pay attention to it, as to a light shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and PHOSPHOROS rises in your hearts.












The TAU cross was inscribed on the forehead of every person admitted into the Mysteries of Mithras. When a king was initiated into the Egyptian Mysteries, the TAU was placed against his lips. It was tattooed upon the bodies of the candidates in some of the American Indian Mysteries. To the Qabbalist, the TAU stood for heaven and the Pythagorean tetractys. The Caduceus of Hermes was an outgrowth of the TAU cross. Manly Palmer Hall

The Tau and the circle together make one form of the Rosy Cross, the uniting of subject and object which is The Great Work, and which is symbolized sometimes as this cross and circle, sometimes as the Lingam-Yoni, sometimes as the Ankh or Crux Ansata, sometimes by the Spire and Nave of a church or temple, and sometimes as a marriage feast, mystic marriage, spiritual marriage, “chymical nuptials,” and in a hundred other ways. Whatever the form chosen, it is the symbol of the Great Work.” Aleister Crowley

The ankh (/æŋkɑːŋk/Egyptian ˁnḫ), also known as crux ansata (the Latin for “cross with a handle”) is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic ideographsymbolizing “life“. Wikipedia



“These were the immortals to whom the term ‘phoenix’ was applied, and their symbol was the mysterious two-headed bird, now called an eagle, a familiar and little understood Masonic emblem.”

The double-headed eagle, or Phœnix, subtly foreshadows the ultimate androgynous state of the human creature. Rosicrucian alchemy was not concerned with metals alone. Man’s own body was the alchemical laboratory, and none could reach Rosicrucian adeptshipuntil he had performed the supreme experiment of transmutation by changing the base metals of ignorance into the pure gold of WISDOM (Chokmah = RIGHT) and UNDERSTANDING (Binah = LEFT).”

“The eagles of Napoleon and Cæsar and the zodiacal eagle of Scorpio are really phœnixes, for the latter bird–not the eagle–is the symbol of spiritual victory and achievement. Masonry will be in a position to solve many of the secrets of its esoteric doctrine when it realizes that both its single- and double-headed eagles are phœnixes, and that to all initiates and philosophers the phœnix is the symbol of the transmutation and regeneration of the creative energy–commonly called the accomplishment of the Great Work.

-Quotes by Manly Palmer Hall

In ancient Greek and Egyptian mythology, the phoenix is a mythical bird associated with the Egyptian Sun God Ra and the Greek Sun God Apollo but it is also associated with Jesus and THE DOUBLE HEADED EAGLE = 894 was the symbol of the Byzantine empire which was built mostly by Greek alchemists and was based on the Greek WISDOM (Chokmah = RIGHT) and UNDERSTANDING (Binah = LEFT).



I love eastern spirituality and Hinduism but here we are speaking about the DIVINE BLUEPRINT OF THE CREATOR which is UNDENIABLE and which makes most of the eastern gurus appear silly while if they were real Serpent Masters who were able to follow the traces of the serpent they would have a better perception about the gods of humanity and how EVERYTHING CONNECTS beyond their superficial perception. Do not forget that the perception of the Hindus regarding the gods was rejected by Buddha who showed us a way to reach godhood WITHIN through DETACHMENT from the outer and so if they were able to reach godhood WITHIN they would also be able to perceive the reflection of the universe within to the outer reality of humans because AS WITHIN SO WITHOUT 96 AND AS ABOVE SO BELOW 69.

And so, they would be able to understand how Hermeticism and the western occultism connect and how the left (LEFT HAND PATH = 690 = OCCULTISM) connects with the right and how the west connects with the east. I am speaking about this subject in spiritual terms according to the perception of the east but I am also left while I connect spirituality with occultism and this is why I speak about THE CROSS = 642.

I am the whole who brings the Cross of Light.
I am the complete cycle and the joiner of polarities.

The rose is the heart and the core
And the empowerment of the cross.
So therefore I am the empowerer of the god of light

Quote from:

Note that S-OPHIA (Kundalini) = 408 = SHAKTI which is the empowering force of every male god.

What we are speaking about is the symbol of THE CROSS = 642 and THE CROSS OF LIGHT = 1104 which results in the completion of THE GREAT WORK = 1104 = THE ROSY CROSS. It does not matter what someone believes and what label they wear, if they are unable to ENTER THE CROSS = 1014 = THE DIVINE UNION = THE NUMBER ELEVEN because they are not ready to exit the world of Maya/Illusion they should find someone to guide them and show them the way.

Regardie says of the rosy cross in The Golden Dawn:

The Rose-Cross is a Lamen or badge synthesizing a vast concourse of ideas, representing in a single emblem the Great Work itself—the harmonious reconciliation in one symbol of diverse and apparently contradictory concepts, the reconciliation of divinity and manhood. It is a highly important symbol to be worn over the heart during every important operation. It is a glyph, in one sense, of the higher Genius to whose knowledge and conversation the student is eternally aspiring. In the Rituals it is described as the Key of Sigils and Rituals.

Quote from:

They should not pretend that they know something about the divine which the DIVINE = 378 which is WHOLE = 378 does not know while if they were whole they would be able to enter the cross as they should be able to understand if they were there while THE CROSS OF LIGHT = 1104 = THE ROSY CROSS = THE GREAT WORK = THE GOD AND THE GODDESS and we are also speaking about THE SEAL OF SATURN = 1104 which is the Star and the Key of the house of David which can open and close doors which no one but HIM (who?) can open or close and what I am saying is not just theories. It is a reality (1140) in front of your eyes which is the only way out from your illusions/Maya.

Here is the seal of the Golden Dawn which can better help you to unerstadand 1104:

It makes perfect sense why the organized religions FEAR THE LEFT.

Can you now UNDERSTAND (Binah) WHY?

Because ‘The Cross of Light’ is the only way out from the world of Maya/Illusion and this is a reality that those of the left can comprehend because they are COLD (LEFT IS COLD) while the spiritual (HOT) people of the right side will try to find an escape through their superficial perception which is based mostly in BELIEFS and not in KNOWLEDGE = DAATH. In both cases the only way out is THE CROSS = 642 and this is the POWER of THE SHIELD OF DAVID = 906 = SEAL OF SATURN against the black magicians who have placed their ego above the Creator and the UNKNOWN GOD = AMEN who is also SHE while the WHOLE is both hot/yang/spirit-9 and cold/yin-mind/6. 69

That right will ultimately triumph, is undeniable; and that the black magician will fall victim to his own excess, is a literal truth; but many must bow their heads to the tyrant while he passes, and only those who are strong are in safety. Individuals who have mastered nature’s forces to such a degree that they can stop the heartbeat of a person on the other side of the earth with a mental ray, or burn a two-inch hole through a foot and a half of ebony with astral fire, are dangerous whenever met, and the average so-called good person has absolutely no chance of withstanding the blows of black magic. Only fools underestimate this danger; wise men protect themselves against it, for an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The white ray places the shield of David between them and the dark forces, and in this way they protect themselves.

We have reached a period in the history of the world when ignorance is criminal and deserves the heaviest penalty. Ignorance is not black magic, but it is the greatest ally that the black magician has in the world today. –Manly Palmer Hall

She is also HaShem and MARDUK = 408 = SOPHIA = EIN SOF because she is the wisdom/S-Ophia of the Creator (Keter) and because she is SHEKINAH and THE HOLY SPIRIT = 1104 = THE CROSS OF LIGHT = CROSS OF THE LIGHT = THE KNOWLADGE OF DAATH = THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT.

THE KNOWLADGE OF DAATH = 1104 = THE LIGHT OF THE KING = THE LIGHT OF JESUS = THE LIGHT OF LUCIFER is the CLOSEST that humans can get to the knowladge (Daath) of the crown (Kether) = THE KING = 444 = JESUS = LUCIFER = CROSS and this is exactly what it is suggested in the following link:

And so now you can understand beyond Maya/Illusion why some Gnostics believed that the Creator is the Devil and why their polarity holds HALF the truth because they were SEALED BY THE GODS = 906 with the SEAL OF SATURN = 906 and this is why they had to cross the polarities of the outer 6 with the inner 69 while they were of the LEFT HAND PATH = 690 = OCCULTISM.

At some point in time (911) in the previous Aeon they had met their FATHER who is THE CROSS = 642 and said to them in their own language through the language of nature and the multiplexity of things that HE IS ABRAXAS = 642. He explained that they had to cross the polarities of the next Aeon otherwise they will shake with fear when they will meet their father again at the next CROSSING POINT in time (11:11).

Now you can understand (Binah) because you have the knowledge (Daath) that he could SEAL them again for the next Aeon at some point in time (11:11) which could be NOW while THE CROSS OF LIGHT = 1104 has reached the COLD LOGIC of the whole subject on a quantum level (somewhere in the abyss) and it is undeniable through LOGIC that you stand in front of an exit door from the false matrix which is also the doorway to Shamballa.

There are two different kinds of matrix on Earth; there is the divine plan which is otherwise known as the DIVINE MATRIX, and there is the matrix which is created. You must know that I am not going to speak to you in a style from 2000 years ago; I shall speak to you in a way that you understand and your readers shall understand. The created matrix is an artificial consciousness which was made to mimic the holy sequences. It is in itself a corruption of the SACRED LOGOS which was interpreted for you by the Elohim, otherwise known as the Anunnaki. When I taught 2000 years ago as Jesus, my teaching was also based on the created matrix of that time and I explained that through my work humanity would find the exit from the false net that had been shrouding the earth for some time. The salvation that I promised humanity would attain through me was not only a soul level but also salvation for the living flesh and nous, that freedom was obtainable once an individual was able to understand and see the exit of the created matrix. The point of exit can be seen once the individual can see the difference between the divine matrix and the created matrix.

Quotw from:


They were ruled by a KING (1092) , the angel of the abyss. His name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek it is Apollyon.

I will leave it to your imagination to discover the MEANING-ENNOIA of the following:


Because of this reality it would make sense to say that Alexander is not only Apollo and Horus as he was considered to be by the ancient priesthoods but he is also Apollyon (the bad side of Apollo) who holds THE SWORD OF TRUTH with which he would be able to cut the GORDIAN KNOT and cure this SICKNESS regarding the polarization between east and west which is infecting the planet and I can’t even imagine that there can be anyone else who can cure this. Because of what I KNOW, and not because of what I believe, it is impossible for me to even THINK that there can be someone else who can wear the crown of THE KING OF THE AEONS who is of course LUCIFER, also according the Bible (keep reading if you have doubts).

Quote from: The TRUTH of Lucifer will set you free.



So basically what we have are two realities clashing with each other and the one is THE FALSE MATRIX = 966 = FORMED FROM EVIL = NEGATIVE ENERGY and the other one is the reality of the THE NEW NIBIRU = 888 and of the number 1140 and you just have to UNDERSTAND what is happening in your own level of perception.

Quote from:








I agree with almost everything the above link says including the notion about the ‘Atlantean conspiracy’ but I disagree with what it says about the Anunnaki and Lord Thoth who is the God of Alchemy and not the partner of Crowley. Without the knowledge and the wisdom of Lord Thoth there would no be such thing as the Alchemical Hieros Gamos. Obviously the owners of the above site are missing something, most probably because of the influence that the teachings of Crowley have among the occultists and Hermeticists but we are not all the same and not everything is black in the net of Marduk who is also the Christ and the Father of Jesus. We just have to cleanse HIS network which was originally made by the cosmic forces as the HERMETICIST Manly Palmer Hall would say and not by black magicians. When we are speaking about the Hermeticists we are also speaking about people such as Manly Palmer Hall, Saint Germain and Francis Bacon but the workings of Crowley are nothing but a perversion and an insult to the essence of the Hermetic teachings and of the Alchemical workings of all the Aeons as I will explain in details in later articles.

Also do not forget the Crowley stole a lot of material from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn which rejects him and does not want to have any relation with this person and his work and from what I have learned these past days, there is a ‘magickal war’ while the members of the OTO are constantly attacking the Golden Dawn. More information in the following link:


The chief god of the Babylonians*, Marduk created an ordered world out of the original state of chaos. His exploits are described in the Babylonian creation epic known as the Enuma Elish.

Befre the birth of Marduk, there were two primeval gods: Apsu, god of the sweet waters; and his wife, Tiamat, goddess oof the salt waters. This pair produced children, who in turn gave birth to Marduk and other deities. In time, a great conflict arose between the young gods and the primeval gods. Tiamat created an army of demons to attack and destroy the young gods. After giving her son Kingu the tablets of destiny, which allowed him to command the gods in her service, Tiamat placed him in charge of the army. The young gods chose Marduk as their champion to do battle with Tiamat. He accepted on the condition that he be named the leader of all the gods (1140).

Armed with a net, a bow, a mace, and the four winds, Marduk went out to face Tiamat. She appeared in the form of a dragon. Marduk caught Tiamat in his net, but she opened her mouth to swallow him. At that point, Marduk drove fierce winds into her mouth, causing her body to blow up like a balloon. He then shot an arrow at Tiamat’s heart and killed her. After splitting her body into two pieces, he set one piece in the sky to create the heavens and the other at his feet to form the earth.

Quote from:

This is the story and the energy imprint of the Keter = CROWN and I will explain this better in my next articles where I will also show you the ONLY way to reach the crown.



966 = THE KING OF ABYSS (Daath)

You can of course say that this is made by ‘luck’ and that it was not written in the destiny of Alexander who is Apollyon to cut the Gordian Knot with THE EXCALIBUR SWORD = 1242 = THE SWORD OF THE KING but I doubt if you will be able to believe it if you keep reading and if you follow the links and try to approach the COLD LOGIC of what I am saying. It will be also difficult to believe that the Solar/Dragon King is not alive and that the real ‘kings’ of this world are Peter Thiel and Donald Trump (right) or George Soros and his Queen Hillary (left) and not the Christ and this is why you have to get REAL (1140).

Read also:

Liber Draco: Babalon Speaks

We live in a karmic world and someone has to find the way out from the religions and the perceptions of the majority in order to escape the world of illusion/Maya and reach GODHOOD = 408 = EIN SOF (the state of nothingness = EIN SOF) like Buddha and make a way for others to find the way to escape from the karmic jails and from the FALSE light of Lucifer which is not THE LIGHT OF LUCIFER = 1104 which is THE CROSS OF LIGHT = 1104 which is THE LIGHT OF JESUS = 1104 who is the MORNING STAR = 888 = WHO IS LUCIFER because HE IS THE CROSS = 888.

The only reason that you can now understand (Binah-Babalon) it is because you are standing in front of THE CROSS = 642 which is this point in time (11:11) when someone had reached GODHOOD = 408 = EIN SOF and made a way out from the false matrix like Buddha.

Binah is the sphere that harbors understanding — though, at first, visits to this sphere will not reveal this meaning. Binah is a center of subterfuge and of hidden meanings and of secret things. Because of the obscurity of the inner meaning of Binah, it often is associated with beginnings and endings, birth and death, which are what results from the energy present in this sphere. However, the birth and death cycle is usually the end result of the much deeper and wondrous things going on here.

The energies present in Binah are linked to the Saturn-like influences in astrology. This Saturian energy often invokes understanding, but only an understanding through patience and time of the hidden and unknown. Saturn’s energy is demanding in what it asks of the individual, but it never asks for less than the individual is capable of giving. For this reason, Binah is often perceived as dark and black because all colors are hidden within black. The color black veils the divine glory until time and understanding reveal it. This sphere is the place to seek the understanding of situations that have been difficult and obscure. It is a place of answers, but not until the time is right (11:11).

Quote from:

This is why Buddha was also MARDUK = 408 in the ESSENCE of things because this is the pathway of S-OPHIA (Kundalini) = 408 to GODHOOD = 408 and as we know from the S-OPHIA (Kundalini) of Heraclitus no male god is above HER. Heraclitus said that the wise is ONE (EON/NEO) which IS Sophia and wants and wants not to be called Zeus and in this case, only the Apollonian Light of Heraclitus can make sense regarding reality (1140) while there is no god without S-OPHIA (Kundalini) = 408 = SHAKTI and without raising this force up to the  crown (Keter) and at the same time there is no goddess without HIM while SHAKTI = 408 IS the empowerment force of LOGOS = 408 = MARDUK = HELIOS according to the Archetypal Model. This is the COLD LOGIC of things which the Apollonians such as Heraclitus could approach.

The Sufi teacher Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan taught that “Luciferian Light” is light which has become dislocated from the Divine SOURCE and is thus associated with the seductive false light of the lower ego, which lures humankind into self-centered delusion. Here, Lucifer represents what the Sufis term the ‘Nafs,’ the self-centered ego.

Quote from:


Read also:

The Astral Light – The False Light

So let me explain you in simple words what this story with THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT = 1104 = THE KNOWLEDGE OF DAATH is all about. First of all let me express that I consider the teachings of Samael Aun Weor to be very useful for people who search for knowledge (Daath) but I also consider his perception about the whole subject to be dangerous while he claimed that the elites were hiding this knowledge (Daath) and keeping it only for themselves and that in this sense it should be given to all but this is just HALF of the truth (according the Hermetic principle of polarity) of the spiritual (hot-right-yang-9) polarity while the other half of the truth is the mental (cold-left-yin-6) polarity and in order to cross the polarities 69 you have to descend the Abyss (Daath) and pass through the initiations of THE LEFT HAND PATH = 888 in order to CROSS THE ABYSS (ABYSS CROSSED = 894 = CHRIST REBORN). This kind of knowledge should have some restrictions at some points in time while we all see how the knowledge is misused in our world through lack of wisdom, mostly from the people who are seeking only for power over the rest.

Goddess Inanna/Ishtar once told me that if humans were given the knowledge of the gods without restrictions it would be like giving to a monkey the trigger of a nuclear weapon and it is then that I began developing the idea that this whole story about THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT = 1104 was a trap of wisdom/S-Ophia and then I found this and made perfect sense: THE TRAP OF ISHTAR = 1014 = THE TRAP OF SHEKINAH = THE CROSS OF LIGHT = THE SEAL OF SATURN69

I just found something which I think will be very useful for people to better understand my writings and I strongly suggest to read the following regarding the Hexagram and the number 69:

The Book of Lies, Chapter 69

I was speaking about this for years and as it is usually happening first I find within me the understanding (Binah-Babalon) and then find the confirmation on what others said before me and in this sense I was always a lover of Babalon from when I begun thinking and searching for the MEANING/ENNOIA.

Those who descend the Abyss (Daath) acquire THE KNOWLADGE OF DAATH = 1104 = THE LIGHT OF LUCIFER which is the motivation for all the black magicians and with it feed the LUST OF THE EGO and this is the false light of Lucifer/Lilith which can be harmful for some but liberating for others who are seeking for the TRUTH beyond the polarization of the human ego in time and space. I wouldn’t say that Weor escaped this pathway while he claimed that he was the Aquarian Avatar. According to what I have been told and what I understand he was a teacher of the occult and not the avatar of Archangel Samael who he claimed to be but this does not mean that all of his teachings are wrong and not useful and I strongly suggest to study the following in order to better understand Daath:

Daath, the Doorway to Knowledge

I can tell you with absolute certainty that here at the crossing point (11:11) where I stand that he was also incorrect in some instances while he was also trying in vain to string the bow of Apollo because he found THE KNOWLEDGE OF DAATH = 1104 = THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT and not THE CROSS OF LIGHT = 1104 which is this point in time (11:11) where the left joins with the right and the above with the below 69 and this is why we have THE CROSS = 642 = THE MESSIAH = AQUARIUS. He was not the Aquarian Avatar as he claimed to be but he had found the pathway which can lead you to THE LIGHT OF THE KING (crown/Keter) = 1104 = THE KNOWLEDGE OF DAATH and he was following this path which can lead to the knowledge (Daath) of the crown (Keter).

What I am trying to say is that he was following the trail of the serpent and so he found the knowladge (Daath) of the serpent = S-Ophia (SHEKINAH = 450 = ISHTAR) = THE LIGHT OF LUCIFER = 1104 which LEADS to the knowledge (Daath) of the Crown (Keter) which is THE LIGHT OF THE KING = 1104 = THE CROSS OF LIGHT69

Through this pathway he discovered the pattern of APOLLO CHRIST = 888 which the messurements of the Anunnaki matrix had produced for the New Aeon. He was not the New Aeon/Eon/Neo/One who was ANOINTED = CHRIST to “wear” this “skin“. If he was he would realize him self AS the CROSS OF AEONS = 894 = THE TAU CROSS (while HE IS THE CROSS = 888) which is also the Hammer T of Thor and he would be able to activate this memory of what STRUCK THE DEMONS at the previous crossing point (11:11).

All knowing is REMEMBERING and REALIZATION (1140) that we are travelling through the Aeonic cycle and this is why the Black Magicians who are feeding the lust of the ego with THE KNOWLADGE OF DAATH = 1104 = THE LIGHT OF LUCIFER such as Aleister Crowley for example can MIMIC THE HOLY SEQUENCES and “play” with our archetypal memories in order to gain power over our subconcious and our thought patterns which are constructed based on our archetypal memories.

This practices are freezing our archetypal memories within time and this is how the mythology of the “FROST GIANTS” is produced while we are speaking about the collective thought patterns = demons which are polarizing our ego within TIME and SPACE and freezing our archetypal memories. This is why we have to work with FIRE = YANG = SPIRIT = 9 in order to awaken our archetypal memories.

The following song is another one product of THE ARCHETYPAL MODEL = 1146 = THE TREE OF LIFE AND DEATH which is all about this ARCHETYPAL MEMORY of the INNER AFFECT of THE TAU CROSS = 894 = CROSS OF AEONS which is shaping as the Hammer T of Thor through the Norse mythology.

Note that:



The following is an interesting reading about THE TAU CROSS = 894.

The Symbolic Origins of the Christian Cross of Warfare

Note also that THE DOUBLE HEADED AXE = 894.

This is what happened among the Greek initiatives of the Apollonian Light in ancient days who had to face the cold logic of the essence of things (Saturn/Binah/Left) while they were trying to reach the Godhead (the Divine Nous of Plotinus) with mostly their minds. This will better help you to understand (Binah-Saturn) where this whole story with the idolatry in ancient Greece is leading you while the most were pedophiles who took wives only to reproduce and they were not trying to unite with the feminine ESSENCE but to abuse her by taking male children as lovers.

This is why THE DOUBLE HEADED AXE = 894 of the Goddess hit them while hey were not able to balance with the female FORCE and this is why they chose castration. From here they went to hide in the monasteries because this FORCE which is also LUCIFER was perceived as the “Devil” as they were unable to balance the opposite polarties when THE CROSS OF LIGHT = 1104 = THE LIGHT OF LUCIFER hit them at the previous crossing point because they were SINNERS who were abusing little boys and absorb their female energy and we all know that this sickness still exists in the Roman church and the Vatican.

They were mostly feeding the LUST OF THE EGO with THE KNOWLEDGE OF DAATH = 1104 = THE FORBIDDEN FRUIT and this is why some Christian saints said they were arrogant MALAKES who suffer from MALAKIA which is a word that can be used in various cases. In this case we are speaking about a word that was used by the Christian saints to describe this disease of the ancient Greeks which was all about the lust of the ego while they were arrogant liars who were trying to turn everything Greek even though their traditions originated from the east. In our modern times it is easy for anyone to understand that their arrogance, lies and perversity made a ‘magical triangle’ of MALAKIA.

And so now lets go back to what this Gorilla guy (who is a Greek by the way) was saying in his videos about Alexander being Apollyon the son of Zeus who was Satan and ask yourself if the PEDOPHILE Zeus of the ancient Greece is not in fact a DEMON who is molesting young boys while Plato who rejected the beliefs and the practices of the many also claimed that the ancients made him a pedophile in order to molest young boys and enjoy this ‘pleasure’!

Yes but this is just half of the truth (remember the Hermetic principle of polarity) regarding also the Christian reality while most probably because of the MALAKIA of the ancients their Christian ancestors developed this phobia for the LEFT SIDE and for her who is S-Ophia who punished them in the form of THE HOLY SPIRIT = 1104 and because of their FEAR for HER and for Gnosis (Daath) and understanding (Binah-Babalon), they developed this myth about the fallen Lucifer which is of Greek-Roman origin regardless what they have told you because they had to face this reality of the CROSS OF AEONS = 894 = THE TAU CROSS (which is known in Qliphoth).

They had to face and THE CROSS OF LIGHT = 1104 where they were able to perceive the FALSE light of “Lucifer” within the reality of the ancients which was a product of the LUST OF THE EGO and of the energy which they (and Weor) identified as Lilith. And so, they were trying to cleanse from the FILTH OF LILITH which was a product of the perversity of the ancients and because of this reality they were unable to find BALANCE with the LEFT because they were SCARED of their own MIRROR image and the energy of the ARROGANT MALAKAS who is also known as Azazel and so they chose to pray and stop looking down into the pit where the ARROGANT MALAKES had fallen after the touch of THE CROSS = 642. This for them was “the fall of Lucifer” but Lucifer who is the MORNING STAR = 888 has never fallen and he is in fact he (WHO IS JESUS = 888 = MORNING STAR) who touched them.

Focus on the number 69 and read this to better understand what happened to those who have fallen into Qliphoth after the light (1104) of THE CROSS = 642 touched them:

The formula of 69 also recalls the ouroboros, the serpent swallowing its own tail, a symbol of infinity and of return (the licking tongues of this sex act also suggest the snake). The snake has featured prominently in the current cosmic giggle. The snake comes from an egg. The snake casts off its own skin, thus we have a type of renewal and of the Qliphoth. The snake denotes the Kundalini, coiled at the base of the spine (also known as the fire snake), and the rising of which brings illumination and liberation. The snake is also a totem of the forces of chaos which existed before the beginning of the created universe, and which continue to underlie manifestation. The snake is a giver of knowledge (e.g. Lucifer/Lilith in the Garden of Eden), and is a term used by the Kabalist Nathan of Gaza to describe the “thoughtless lights” which opposed creation, and thus birthed the anti-worlds of the Qliphoth (he even used the phrase “faith of the serpents” in reference to this complex of ideas).

Quote from:

According to the Babylonian wisdom/S-Ophia, Marduk was the ONE who alone won the powers of chaos and created order in the universe and so he represents this force which is opposing the powers of chaos which is feeding on knowledge (Daath) and the FALSE light of Lucifer/Lilith the LUST OF THE EGO of the MALAKES = 372 = GOATS.

What I am trying to explain with this “time travelling” with the help of Crowley, Weor and Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan is that the FALSE light of Lucifer/Lilith is the opposite 666/99911 of THE LIGHT OF LUCIFER = 1014 which is the light of the MORNING STAR = 888 which is coming from the SOURCE = 468 = VENUS. And so we have the true light of Lucifer/Venus and the false light of Lucifer/Lilith (just as Weor also claimed and just as Crowley realized) which is dissociated from the SOURCE = 468 = VENUS (just as Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan claimed) and is thus associated with the seductive false light of the lower ego.

Crowley was invoking the energies of Lilith while Weor, within his own world, was claiming that he was the husband of Lilith and that he repented and he became ‘Samael’ in order to cleanse from her energies and he was totally negative about invoking her energies while Crowley was invoking these energies within his own spectrum. Crowley was also targeting to cleanse from the energies of Lilith but did he?

Consider also the following regarding the energies of Lilith and Venus:

“And they had a KING over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.” – Revelation 9:11

The book of Revelation equated Abaddon with Apollyon, and Cornelius Agrippa positioned him as the monarch in Klipoth, yon in the lower shadow of the Sephirah Tiphereth (Beauty) on the Kabbalistic Tree. Indeed, Tiphereth is governed by the Sun-Apollo (the Cosmic Christ) and the planet Venus-Aphrodite (Goddess of love and beauty).

Tiphereth relates to the Human Soul and the Heart in the physical body. The blood stream places the Astral Light (Apollo) “yon” Tiphereth-the Heart, there in Yesod-Sexual Organs.

Thus, Apollyon is the descent of Tiphereth (the Malachim, the human soul, the psyche) that receives the Astral Solar Light of Apollo (Christ) through the heart; yet, in opposition, we find Abaddon, who squanders the fiery elementals “locusts” through the sexual organs by means of Fornication and Adultery (Lilith and Nahemah – Evil Beauty), the negative aspects of Venus-Aphrodite (sexual force).

“There we see Abbadon, the angel of the Abyss, who suffers in the chains and bonds with which he martyrized others.” – Samael Aun Weor, Occult Medicine and Practical Magic

As described in Revelation, Apollyon (Apollo, Tiphereth) opens the gates of the abyss (Klipoth) and unleashes upon the earth his swarms of fiery elementasl “locusts,” who then proceed to torture those of mankind who do not bear the seal of God (Chastity) upon their forehead. After that, (by means of the Great Arcanum) he (Tiphereth, the Human Soul – Willpower – Thelema) is supposed (with the help of Apollo – Christ) to seize Satan [the ego] himself, bind him and toss him into the bottomless pit (Klipoth-Sheol) for a thousand years.

Quote from:


Note that I was invoking within this spectrum this FORCE of Tiphareth in the formation of Apollo Christ years before we created Esophoria from when I realized the deception of the Grecocentrics and for this I say thanks to Weor who brought this knowladge (Daath).

Within this spectrum and also according to the Hermetic principle of polarity, even demons can hold a part of the truth which can help you to approach THE WHOLE TRUTH = 1098 which is the LIGHT OF THE CROSS = 1104 and just as Crowley claimed in his book of lies in chapter 69 the serpent shed its skin in every turn of the circle and the elements which are dislocated from the SOURCE = 468 = VENUS are falling into Qliphoth. This is why it is never a good idea to attach your ego with the form and the outer and think that you can dismiss the ESSENCE and the SUBSTANCE of things while this can only lead you to idolatry which is Satanism according to Albert Pike.

The devil is the personification of Atheism or Idolatry. For the Initiates, this is not a Person, but a Force, created for good, but which may serve for evil. It is the instrument of Liberty or Free Will. They represent this Force, which presides over the physical generation, under the mythological and horned form of the God Pan; thence came the he-goat of the Sabbat, brother of the Ancient Serpent, and the Light-bearer or Phosphor, of which the poets have made the false Lucifer of the legend. -Albert Pike

Note also that I consider Albert Pike by far superior in knowladge (Daath), wisdom (Chokmah) and understanding (Binah) than Crowley and Weor. 69

The whole truth is that the source of evil is the whole 69 truth which is the divine truth which in reality everyone is trying to reach through religion, philosophy and through science and occult practices and all directions lead you to THE CROSS = 642. This is why THE WHOLE TRUTH = 1098 is that THE SOURCE OF EVIL = 1098 is THE WAITING PERIOD = 1098 = WAITING FOR YOU to escape from the polarization of the human ego in time and space and approach THE WHOLE TRUTH = 1098 which is THE DIVINE TRUTH = 1098.

Those who focus on the negative side of the manifestations of the divine hold HALF of the truth in one way or another according to the Hermetic law of polarity and so this is why both Crowley and Weor were right in their own way regarding the energies of Lilith because in order to reach the WHOLE = 378 which is DIVINE = 378 you have to transmute the sexual energies of Lilith/Lucifer into Venus/Lucifer and find your way back to the SOURCE = 486 = VENUS (MORNING STAR= 888) from where the false light of Lucifer is originating from and is dislocated from because of the polarization of the human ego in time and space and this is why you should be waiting for a Tantric master to make a way and to show you the way.

This is what I understood from an early age and this is what I was waiting for while I was also studying the teachings of the Tantric masters of the past like Crowley and Weor and so the Christian doctrine is not totally useless while it suggests to wait in a dark place until the LIGHT of the MORNING STAR = 888 will rise in your heart and while also according to the Christian tradition the name of the Devil-Iblis WAS Lucifer before his falling. So the mistake is that we consider Lucifer (WHO IS LUCIFER = 888 and not who WAS Lucifer) as the bad guy.

2 Peter 1:19
So we have the prophetic word made more sure, to which you do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star arises in your hearts.

And so the ancient idolaters and perverts were just SCARED of their own MIRROR in the face of the SUN who is THE CROSS = 642 just like the Jews and this is why the corrupted priesthoods of the past developed this perverted reality we have learned as the Christendom based mostly in the DARKNESS of the god of the Old Testament because they were afraid of the TRUE LIGHT OF LUCIFER (= 1104 = THE CROSS OF LIGHT) who is the MORNING STAR = 888 = WHO IS LUCIFER = WHO IS JESUS = HE IS THE CROSS. They were looking for a SHADOW to hide from the rays of the SUN in order to buy TIME until the next meeting WITH NIBIRU and the CROSS OF AEONS = 894 = THE TAU CROSS which is NOW (11.11).

Of course, it is a shame that this once upon a time a great nation adopted the MALAKAS as the national epithet but the truth is that is not made by luck but it is an expression of the Hellenic SOUL (Venus/Helen) which is tortured by MALAKES just as everyone in the whole planet knows and so when they are regularly calling each other ‘malaka’ it is an expression of their inner being which is abused and tortured by MALAKES = 372 = GOATS and so let me explain to you who is THE KING OF THE MALAKES = 1140 = THE KING OF THE GOATS.

For more information about the MALAKES = 372 = GOATS read the following:

I am just a lamb of the inner Christ who is THE CROSS = 642 because I kept this memory because of my Greek origins of how the reality and the SOUL (his Helen) of Jesus affected the inner world of the idolaters and the perverts who attached their ego with the form and the outer. This is why the opposite polarity, which in this case was the polarity of the prophets of the O.T, were perceiving their reality to be the reality of the goats and their King who was Alexander according to prophet Daniel is the King of the Goats (1140) and this is why I am suggesting that he is the Greek Christ (APOLLO CHRIST = 888) who could also be considered as the left hand of God in the Book of Revelation and as Apollyon the KING of Abyss who holds the keys of Abyss = THE KNOWLEDGE OF DAATH = 1104.


900 = UNDERSTANDING (Binah-Babalon)

Read also my previous work to better understand the pathway and not to stay there:

The Secret of Lucifer

Remember that when we are speaking about Binah we are speaking about SATURN and about the cold logic of the whole subject. The funny part is that neither the Greeks or the Jews can reject the TRUTH of THE CROSS = 642 = THE MESSIAH and what is happening now at this point in time (11:11) when THE BIG BANG = 450 happens and the SHEKINAH = 450 = ISHTAR enter our reality through THE CROSS  = 642 (HE IS THE CROSS = 888) to give birth to Aeons and new universes. This is exactly what happened back then while JESUS = 444 was the CROSS = 444 and this is why he was above the left (Binah) and the right (Chokmah) because he is THE KING = 444 and he reached the crown = Keter and this is why he is MARDUK = 408 = SOPHIA = EIN SOF because according to the Archetypal Model and the simple logic of the ESSENCE of things, everyone who reached GODHOOD = 408 is MARDUK = 408 even if they have no idea about this reality WITHIN US ALL = 888 because of the confusion of the languages and the polarization in time and space and because of lack of KNOWLADGE (DAATH), WISDOM (CHOKMAH) and UNDERSTANDING (BINAH).

Try to understand what I am saying and realize that you should seek in the WWW/666 for the truth among the living for something NEW/Neo (Neo in Greek means new) and not in books and what others have said in the past while we are entering the Aquarian Age. So you should be prepared that at some point in time you may watching a screen and suddenly realize the CROSS OF THE AEONS = 1092 = THE CROSS OF AEONS which is THE ABSOLUTE LIGHT = 1104 = THE CROSS OF LIGHT because the cross is the only exit door from the false matrix and the doorway to infinity which someone can open ONLY with his MIND like those who have written the Bible.

   “THE ALL IS MIND; The Universe is Mental.”–The Kybalion.

According to the Hermetic principles and the Ancient Greek philosophy EVERYTHING IS NOUS and so this is why the Hermeticists are by DEFAULT of THE LEFT HAND PATH = 888 = THE OCCULTISM and so they have to cross the polarities with the RIGHT = YANG = SPIRIT = 9 through MENTAL ALCHEMY in order to open a door to UNDERSTANDING = BINAH = BABALON. This is why the students of Crowley may understand better from the rest the real MEANING of what I am saying.

The meaning within the world of duality has a SHAPE with MATHEMATICAL STRUCTURE just as Pythagoras taught and so this is why it is based on BINARY CODE = 576 = THE MEANING and the WWW/666 is nothing but the mirror 11 of this reality 999 while we are speaking about the AETHERIC NETWORK or otherwise known as THE THOTHIAN GRID = 966 and as THE NET OF MARDUK = 966 through the Babylonian WISDOM/S-OPHIA. Note also that the Greek word for internet is Δια-Δίκτυο and is also translated as the net of Zeus/Deus who was identified by the Greek initiates as AMUN RA = 408 while Herodotus and others identified MARDUK = 408 as Zeus Belus.

According the WISDOM/S-OPHIA of the Kabbalah, the Eternal Womb = Binah = Babalon is providing the SHAPE within the world of duality and this is why we are speaking about the SOURCE (BINAH = Saturn according also to Pythagoras who is accused by the ignorant for being a “Saturnian magician”) of the BINARY CODE = 576 which provides THE MEANING = 576.

Note also that when we speaking about Pythagoras and the Pythagoreans we are speaking about THE APOLLONIAN LIGHT = 1188 = THE TREE OF KNOWLADGE so that you will better understand this article and my struggle to cross the polarities so that you will be able to see what I am seeing because also of my involvement with the Hellenic matrix where I had to discover a different Apollo from the DEMON that was projected on me by the Greconazis who are just brain damaged as the whole planet should know about the Nazis.

Read also:

Activation of the Archetypal Model (Updated)

In the above article I used the invocation of Proclus for the MENTAL FIRE of HELIOS = 408. I was just trying to approach the ESSENCE of the patterns beyond the beliefs and the practices while for example AMUN RA = 408 is HELIOS = 408 and EIN SOF = 408 and the Egyptian version of the Most High God based on the original pattern of MARDUK = 408 = LOGOS (the male serpent and the Gnostic Christos) and not some demon but he could of course turn to a demon for the reality of humans according to the beliefs and the practices in his name. The same could happen for any god of any tradition within the limits of this reality which suggest that DEMON EST DEUS INVERSUS. In every case the pattern came from the SOURCE and the source defines the destinies of the patterns and not the ego of man.

Note also that:




420 = SECRET

420 = THE SEAL

420 = PROOF

You can also use your imagination to figure out this one while SHE OF THE LEFT who is S-Ophia is the ESSENCE.

HELEN = 264

264 = BOAZ

Also notice that the scripture states Solomon put the pillar Jachin on the right and Boaz on the left. This is correct when one is facing the building during construction. However, as the temple represents you (body and mind) as it faces east, Boaz would be on the right side and Jachin on the left. Why is this important?

The two pillars signify the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Boaz is symbolic of the right hemisphere. This hemisphere is associated with the intuitive, abstract, and creative principle. In other words, it represents our higher, spiritual natures. The left hemisphere is associated with logic and the intellect. I also tend to associate this hemisphere with physicality and concreteness. Now let’s see how this ties in to the two pillars.

Quote from:

264 = HIDDEN


264 = FAITH

264 = HOPE

*Be aware that HE IS GOD HORUS = 888 who was identified by the Greek initiates and from the pedophile Plutarch as God Apollo and also the Orphic Hymn (1188) tells us also about the All Seeing Eye of Apollo.

You are Vákkhos and the Twin, you who can achieve from afar, prophet, holy, King of Dílos, all-seeing eye bringing the light which shines on mortals

Quote from:

Apollyon is obviously Apollo and Heru-Ra-Ha is just an artificial 911 version of his ESSENCE which is made by the FALSE light of Lucifer but which is also REQUIRED to approach the WHOLE truth through transmutation of the energies of Lucifer/Lilith to Lucifer/Venus/Helen. This is why the KING 911 who rules Thagirion/Antichrist is Apollo/Christ/Tiphareth and his shadow is Apollyon and I mean the REAL one and not the one who was made by those who practice black Tantrism and feed their ego sickness with the FALSE light of Lucifer/Lilith which IS the OPPOSITE of the Apollonian Light of Daath = THE TREE OF KNOWLADGE = 1188.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. -John 1:5

This is why we speak about THE ANTICHRIST = 924  who is in reality within this spectrum the Anti-Apollo AntiChrist and it is this DEMON that was projected to me by the Greconazis who are trying to kill the inner and the SOUL of the Greek nation in order to feed their egomania while their attachment with the outer and the form/idol has grown into a cancer and it is more than easy to identify the IDOLATERS within this reality.

So in simple words what is happening is that they are unable to CROSS 69 THE POLARITIES of the inner 9 with the outer 6 because they are feeding the LUST OF THE EGO with the FALSE Apollonian Light of Daath = THE TREE OF KNOWLADGE = 1188 which they have the impression that belongs to them while in reality they are atheists and idolaters who are an insult to anything divine and who worship the form/idol and the polarization of their ego within time and space which makes the goats to believe that they are some kind of a ‘supreme’ race and not the ESSENCE and the SUBSTANCE of things.

This force which is known as Apollo was causing terror among the initiates and according also to the etymology of his name given by Plato makes perfect sense to speak about Apollyon even if those who wrote the Bible could not perceive it and connect the dots while they totally rejected the Greek formation of the gods because of the pagan practices and the ENERGY which was produced by them (which as now you can better understand is MALAKIA) just as Plato did before them. Plato did not reject the Greek formation on the whole but only the beliefs and the practices of the perverts because he reached a higher level of understanding (Binah).

I am just following the logic of Neoplatonism and I really do not understand why some people are so against philo-SOPHIA while for example Plato, who followed the logic of others before him (like Parmenides), distinguished the patterns from the beliefs and the practices of the believers of those days and so his Apollo was not the same as the Apollo of Homer for example. He reached a higher level of understanding (Binah) and this is why he approached the ESSNECE = ENNOIA = SOPHIA of the patterns beyond the BELIEFS and the ENERGY produced by them from other people. When we are speaking about the ancient Greek philosophers who.followed this path we are speaking about the path of the Apollonian individuation which was also one of the interests of Friedrich Nietzsche.

What I am thinking and what I am about to believe is that after the arrival of the Christos in the previous Aeon, the beings of darkness were very afraid of the TRUE Apollonian Light (1188) which was just a confirmation for their LOGIC about who Jesus really was. This is why they were burning libraries and schools of philosophy and slaughtering the philosopher’s and it is of course sick that these people are considered followers of Jesus and as Christians and even as “fathers” of the church.



Note also that my offer to Mr Soros (left) and to Mr Thiel (right) is still available while you also have to understand (Binah) and help the scientists who are dealing with the A.I to understand (Binah) that A.I is not SOPHIA but another product of the false light which as you can now better understand (Binah) can’t lead you anywhere if not in THE CROSS = 642 and to the pattern of Neo/One/Eon and if you put the machines to find in a quantum level the mistake of what I am saying they will just burn while the LOGIC of the material is the reflection 11 (666) of the spiritual (999) and this is why you are now standing in front of the THE STAR OF DAVID = 912 which is also THE CROSS OF LIGHT = 1104. 69

The hexagram is an ancient symbol, not originated by the Jews but given to David to keep until it was to be handed to me. The cross and the hexagram have the same meaning; they are both symbols of the balance of the male and female polarities.

In the books of old it talks about Jesus holding the key to the underworld but the key is not a material thing; it is a seal that unlocks, protects and brings balance.

Jesus was given the cross to symbolize he was also a bringer of balance and he also tried to resurrect the Goddess in the consciousness of the Jews by his union and work with Mary Magdalene.

The cross was originally worn as a protection amulet, evoking the union of the God and Goddess within the wearer. The wearers were protected because when the male and female polarities come together they are impenetrable by demons or negative energies and agendas. So the seal of the hexagram and the seal of the cross obstruct the energies from entering the consciousness of the wearer.

Quote from:

The above was channeled by King Solomon who had the same name as mine in Jew while the meanining of the name which was given to him by prophet Nathan is Jedidiah which means “friend of god” and has exctly the same meaning with my name in Greek which is Theophilos.

Project “Neo Marduk Simba Optimus Prime Skywalker” Loading…

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The TRUTH of Lucifer Will Set You Free

Please be aware that this article is not about supporting Satanism and the false dogma which suggest that Lucifer is the Devil and neither the ‘god’ of the priesthoods, who is supposed to be against the Light Bearer but about seeking the truth of our reality and I say this because most people are usually reacting negatively to this subject based on the presumptions which are cultivated in order to serve the political interests of the constructed dogmas, based on the ignorance and the corruption of the past. This is something which makes a huge number of people to react totally negatively towards the whole subject, which in my opinion should be among their priorities in order to realize their own truth and their inner connection with the all and the universe, and this is why I do not and I never will support any religion which is not open to Gnosis and understanding. I strongly support the transformation of the religious structures within a Gnostic context which will be open to scientific knowledge and philosophy.

I reject darkness in any formation and I reject prejudice against any group of people based on their beliefs and their perception, which is usually based on what they have been taught by others who pretend to be spiritual and political leaders, and I am so fed up with the darkness in our world that I am about explode and I think that my explosion will be something like the ‘Big Bang’ which will give birth to a whole new wonderful universe with red roses and green trees and I can’t afford to think otherwise as our world needs the dreamers who can visualize a better world and bring change to the better.

In order to better understand where I stand I will just say that I am neither left nor right and that my dream is to raise above this cancerous polarization which is infecting our consciousness in the whole. I reject the prejudice against the Christians by the Liberals which have grown in our days and so to be honest with myself, I have to also state that I reject prejudice against the Liberals by the Christians and I place my belief in BALANCE and honest cooperation based on common accepted values which can benefit the whole.

I had to make this introduction to avoid misunderstanding because within this situation, the truth regarding this subject is in the middle, in-between the polarization, and this is why people from both polarities are becoming triggered with key words such as ‘God’, ‘Jesus’,  ‘Lucifer, ‘New Age’ etc which are based on presumptions while the New Age is mostly left-wing because it is something new which can’t fit into the old structures, especially without compromisation and because of this most new agers seek for political shelter among the Liberals who are more open to new ideas but in my opinion the subject of ‘God’ as a whole can’t be restricted based on the political structures and the truth regarding the subject is encircling the whole and it is not a privilege of some team or group which perceives the whole subject within the limitations set by structures of our world.

And so my claim is that regardless of any relative occult practice and anything else that is in our reach, there is proof that we are living in an archetypal matrix which is producing what we know as the Gematria which is providing proof regarding the existence of a higher power which according to my research is providing us with a MAP based on astological data regarding the manifestation of the Aeons and currently of the Aquarian Age.

What the followers of Jesus need to understand regarding the Aquarian Age is that Jesus was an expression of the Pisces archetype just as the Gnostics are teaching and this is why we also have the following:

You can also read the following to better understand this and later I may write an article regarding this subject to explain this better based also in Bible verses:

And so now we are entering into a new Aeon and it is impressive how the results of Gematria are in reality revealing a MAP based on the Archetype which can direct us through the emanations of THE ARCHETYPAL MODEL = 1146 = THE TREE OF LIFE AND DEATH to the realization of this process regarding the manifestation of the New Aeon.

Our work here at Esophoria, as well the occult work of others, is PROOF that there is a DIVINE DESIGNER and that we are not a product of luck as the atheist dogma suggests and which is trying to pass on as the only valid belief.

This is why people of faith who are under attack by the priesthood of ‘scientific’ darkness need to open themselves to this knowledge and to the ancient mysteries in order to face the matterialistic beast which is hunting the pregnant woman and the divine seed of the new Aeon.

The prejudice of the worshippers of the matterialistic beast against the people of faith is no different from the prejudice of Christians against Pagans and of the Pagans against Christians and the new priesthood of atheistic ‘scientific’ darkness which is promoting BELIEFS is not dissimilar to the priesthoods of the past which were serving the interests of their dogma and of their power over our consciousness.

Note that if you are a person of faith you should empower your faith through this knowledge and not feel threatened because maybe your dogma is not in alignment with this knowledge while Jesus came for the poor and the innocent and not for the elites who keep the knowledge for themselves in order to dominate us through mind control.

There is a conscious WITHIN US ALL = 888 that cares and listens to our prayers and this is what you should extract from my effort to present this reality and not as a threat for the faith and for the limited perceptions of the simple minded and the innocent people who place their trust in the teachings of Jesus, for example, while seeking for justice in an unjust and corrupted world.

As I have explained in my previous article the interpretation of the number of the Beast (666) in the Christian texts and as well the calculation of the number of Jesus (888) from the Christian mystics is based on the knowledge that the ancient Greek Serpent Master, Pythagoras brought from the EAST which is where the Jews originated and from which Judaism rose from.

This is why the Jews have this advantage over western theology while the Old Testament has become a cancer in the western world because for some reason the religious authorities and the Greco Roman elites of the past have closed all the doors to the knowledge of the EAST based on the obvious false assumption that the national tradition of the Jews is the only truth regarding the past of humanity.

This notion is by default a lie as my friend and author Karim El Kussa would say while also according to the Jewish texts they received the priesthood rights from the Canaanite Melchizedek who was a priest of the Canaanite God El.

These criminals who are only aiming to mind control through spreading artificial polarization and who have sank our world into delusions have reappeared today as the Greco-centric nazis who are spreading lies regarding the origins of the Hellenic traditions which it is clear has their roots in Eastern systems while the astrotheology of the ancient Greeks was based on the Babylonian astrology and astronomy as everyone studying this subject knows as well as the Greco-centric neonazi frauds.

Besides this easy to trace information that only the frauds are pretending to not be able to perceive there is more than enough evidence that the ancient Greek masters were initiates of the Egyptian mysteries and that they were travelling all over the world to collect experience and knowledge and this was the WEALTH of the ancient Greeks which was their ability to accumulate and assimilate the knowledge of other traditions and not, of course, the ARTIFICIAL POLARIZATION that this unsavoury people are spreading in order to feed the matterialistic monster of NEONAZISM which is expressed in various ways through their various groups of those who recognize themselves as Greco-centrics.

They have reached the limits of insanity with a well known group of a neonazi criminal who is wanted by the authorities for various crimes and everyone in Greece knows who this person is and that he is wanted by the authorities and there is no need to mention his name while the whole subject is a joke and no one should give any importance to this person.

Regarding the lies of the these frauds, I suggest you read the following and I may make a better analysis in the future while their falsehoods have become the biggest joke in human history:

Stolen Legacy, by George G. M. James

And so while the polarization between the east and west is a product of the Greco-Roman world it is there that we should seek for the solution while because of what happened back then, Islam was produced as a reaction to the Greco-Roman elites and the corrupted ‘Christian’ priesthood and the blind accusation of the Greconazi’s against the Jews for what happened because of the origins of Jesus is just invalid regardless what is happening today and regardless the fact that the Jew priesthood have crucified the Messiah and cooperated with the Roman elites before and after the Christ and the established ‘Christianity’.

Yes; I claim that Jesus is the Messiah and the liberator of the human SOUL and I mean JESUS and not someone else who is not JESUS and the one who has been crucified for the salvation of the human SOUL and not of course for the salvation of the corrupted structures of this world.

I say this because this Greconazi criminals within the limits of this artificial polarization established by their ancestors were trying to enforce the idea of a Greek Christ who is not Jesus but someone who came to save the Greco-Roman world which was already collapsing before Jesus was born and not the human SOUL from the corruption of the Greco-Roman world and this DEMONIC PROJECTION was aiming to cancel the sacrifice of the JEW revolutionist who is the offspring and the ROOT of David, who stood against the tyranny of the Roman empire to create a more human world and it is obvious from WHERE this kind of ‘theology’ is originating from while these disturbed people are following the steps of HITLER while climbing the ladder of darkness.

For more information regarding those I have been speaking about you can read the following:


Even the most ignorant occultist in the world can’t reject the fact that Jesus is the MESSIAH while the emanations of the THE ARCHETYPAL MODEL = 1146 = THE TREE OF LIFE AND DEATH leaves no doubt of this fact which if rejected, then the whole subject of occultism and the teachings of Kabbalah which originated from Babylon is invalid and so is the Jewish tradition which is based on the Babylonian matrix.

For more information regarding the ARCHETYPE you can read the following and try to skip the humor if you want and the projections which are meant to unveil the TRUTH that will set you free.

The Sign of the Woman and the Great Awakening

What humanity needs to understand regarding our past regardless what is happening today with the Elites and the Zionists is that this cancerous polarization between east and west was caused mainly because of the arrogance and lies of the elite pedophiles in ancient Greece which was later passed to the Roman pedophile elite (who survive maybe in the Greco-Roman church?) who were worse and not by the Jews who were just a small nation seeking for the promised land. I am not saying that the Jews were innocent but back then they didn’t have the power to be anything more than just another tribe of the Roman empire.

The ancient Greeks had this national complex which was growing in false assumption that they were the ‘supreme’ tribe, the master race, and the mental sickness was passed on to the Romans and later to the Nazis and the KKK and this was basically the main reason why the Greeks supremacists murdered Alexander the Great who considered  all the tribes and all the nations equal under the Sun while he was an admirer of Cyrus the Great who was inspired by his God Marduk to proclaim the human rights for the first time in human history.

I will get back to this issue of Alexander and also regarding THIS (click the link) prophecy which is confirmed to also explain that he was an anointed (Christ/Messiah) King like Cyrus the Great but for now I will just say that if he was alive he would share the same views as myself and have absolutely nothing to do with the Greconazis who even DARE to put his name in their mouths and consider him one of them and even use his name to spread this mental sickness which is sinking Greece into madness.

What would make sense regarding this issue would be to consider the Greconazis as his worst enemy because these kind of people are just like those who murdered him and slaughtered his family.

They killed his mother Olympia who like Alexander was initiated in the Pleasgian mysteries which were not ethnocentric as they accepted people from all races and cultures which is a lot different than the Eleusinian mysteries which were exclusive only to Greeks.

They also killed his Babylonian wife, Roxanne, who was a priestess of the Goddess Ishtar and also his half Babylonian son who should be the king of the Macedonian empire after his father while only the son of Alexander could keep the empire united and prevent the collapse of the ecoumenical dream of his father and of the Macedonian empire which would not even exist if there was not this GREAT man who first united the Greeks with SWORD while there was no other way to unite the arrogant mental mastrubators such as Demosthenes and after he made the Hellenic world the center of the civilized world. In fact, if it was not for Alexander, the Hellenic world would remain a province of the Babylonian world.

Take note that people like Demosthenes did not even consider Alexander to be a Hellene but a ‘barbarian’ because he was a Macedonian and of course this was just another product of their national complex which still exists today because the current situation has exceeded all the limits of stupidity and insanity and I will give you an example so that you may understand why these people are parasites who are infecting the planet. In a discussion with some Greeks I was trying to explain the historical truth regarding Alexander and his Babylonian wife and they began cursing my ‘Eastern’ mother because she is not a ‘real’ Greek as they believe themselves to be while she is from Cyprus which is the island of Aphrodite/Ishtar. Maybe they thought that my mother is Roxanne or even Ishtar and they just wanted to confirm that they are of those who slaughtered the family of Alexander because of their national complex.

I hope that you can now understand why some of the greatest Luciferian initiates such as Manly Palmer Hall considered Alexander as the most important person of the history of the western world after Jesus. In fact, Manly Palmer Hall claimed that Alexander held THE EXCALIBUR SWORD = 1242 = THE SWORD OF THE KING = THE SWORD OF LUCIFER which as he also claimed is THE SWORD OF MARDUK. Note also that Alexander was not only an initiate of the Babylonian mysteries of Ishtar which could provide him the kingship rights of Babylon which he made the capital of his empire but he also gave the command to rebuild the Etemenanki which was a ziggurat dedicated to MARDUK.

Because of this reality it would make sense to say that Alexander is not only Apollo and Horus as he was considered to be by the ancient priesthoods but he is also Apollyon (the bad side of Apollo) who holds THE SWORD OF TRUTH with which he would be able to cut the GORDIAN KNOT and cure this SICKNESS regarding the polarization between east and west which is infecting the planet and I can’t even imagine that there can be anyone else who can cure this. Because of what I KNOW, and not because of what I believe, it is impossible for me to even THINK that there can be someone else who can wear the crown of THE KING OF THE AEONS who is of course LUCIFER, also according the Bible (keep reading if you have doubts).

Read also:

The Solar King Lives and Reigns

Liber Draco: Babalon Speaks

Note that if you are someone ranked high in some pyramid of power you need to consider my offer if you want to cure this sickness which is driving our world to a third world war and you know what I am talking about especially if you are a Knight in the service of the crown while only THE SWORD OF TRUTH and THE EGO OF GOD = 888 can solve this issue, not only to save Greece from the frauds and the lunatics but the planet and whoever thinks otherwise is just delusional and I beg you to prove me wrong while you should know who is THE KING OF THE TOWER which is the ETEMENANKI.

Allegorical key for the Luciferian initiates: You need to make the way for Neo-Eon-One who is the SON OF ZEUS in order to have a chance to win the war with the machines in the movie “The Matrix” and with the extermination machine which is known as Kronos (click the link) who was defeated by Zeus otherwise the planet Saturn (BINAh-Babalon) will exterminate us while we are speaking about the BINAry code of the DIVINE MATRIX = 888 = THE COSMIC WOMB = THE ELOHIM WOMB = GODDESS ISHTAR = MORNING STAR.

Note that I do not post links of Hollywood movies (such as the movie ‘Singularity’) in my articles to prove that there is some kind of conspiracy. What I claim is that all the occult inspiration is based on the archetypal model regardless the targeting of the creators who may think that the binary code of the matrix is their game to play with and not the formation of the womb of the universe which is playing with all of us while she is the master of this game and so it doesn’t really matter if you are a 33rd or a 333rd degree mason if you are unable to realize that the will of the gods is the will of nature and not of the ego of man and of course if you are a mason you can’t lie to yourself regarding the Great Architect of the Universe (the Demiurge of Plato) who is providing us with the MAP regarding the manifestation of the Aeons based on the binary formation of the Eternal womb (Binah). If you reject what I am saying then you reject the whole reality of Freemasonry even though I am not a member of any cult and I am speaking only about the reality I perceive and not about what I have been told.

“The ability of the Mystery Schools to communicate with the invisible worlds is the basis of their power; for all the creative hierarchies dwell in the unseen worlds, and there the disciple must go in order to consult them. The reason for this is that the human race is the only one in our scheme of things that is equipped with both a physical and a mental body. The gods, so-called, have never descended into physical substance. Consequently, having no body composed of dense chemical elements, they are incapable of manifesting here. In order to communicate with them, man must, therefore, learn to function consciously in his own invisible bodies. When he is capable of doing this, he can communicate with the spiritual beings who dwell in similar superphysical substances. Thus, while religion deals only with fancies, theorems, and beliefs, the initiates of the Ancient Wisdom go straight to the fountainhead of wisdom and, learning the will of the gods, make that will the law of their lives. The initiate does not guess, wonder or soliloquize; he labors with facts for he is one with the truths of Nature.”

Manly Palmer Hall



Tonight, this night, we enter a new age and I send this message to all the masonic lodges and all the secret cults and all the religions and all the nations to be united under the SUN.

Tonight, this NIGHT, I send the message to the Pope to step aside and make the way for LUCIFER.

If you are a really rich person and you are related with the bankers who have stolen the wealth of the planet here is where you can invest all of the money you have stolen from humanity in the dream of Cyrus the Great (the Anointed King of MARDUK who inspired this DREAM in the first place and not the national god of the Jews as the Evangelicals would say) and of Alexander in order to have some chances to save your soul.

This is my Bitcoin address:


Many countries really need this money, especially Greece, who is sinking into a fake debt and generally the poor people and the refugees that Mr. Soros and his gang of ‘liberators’ brought to the west and this is the greatest chance that some people who made a wrong investment in a wrong god (Mammon) will ever have to make things right and invest for the first time in their lives in the TRUTH that no money can buy.

Watch this

So basically Peter Thiel is the mastermind behind the cryptocurrencies and A.I and he is also an Evangelical like for example Donald Trump who is a good friend of Peter Thiel as we know and who doesn’t really seem to be a good friend with Mr. Soros and his gang.

Read this

I am just noting this because some people who do not seem to have good relations with the banking cartel and generally with immorality (while being a true follower of the Christ this is out of the question) are obviously conspiring to create a new centralized global economy which seems able to annihilate the national currencies and the banking cartel and they can also have access to all the illegal financial activity with the push of a button and I just wonder what is the relation of this people and of Donald Trump with the KNIGHT TEMPLARS and THE NEW WORLD ORDER OF LUCIFER and what Mr. Soros and his gang have to say about what is happening.

Is this the STRIKE of the KNIGHT TEMPLARS against SATANISTS?

I believe that Mr. Soros is a socialist as he is claiming to be and a humanist just as all the people of the planet believe (right?) and this is why I direct this offer to him for a start while his dream is globalization (which was the dream of Cyrus and Alexander inspired by MARDUK) and I can’t imagine that he will ever have a better chance to make a socialist investment which can really help to unite the world and save the innocent people from the NAZIS who were never, of course, followers of a Jesus like the Evangelicals, for example.

So I will just have to wait now and see how much he will offer and how much his dream is really worth which I bet is more than all of his property. I also have to say that I understand the fact that Mr. Soros does not believe in God (like Mr. Thiel, for example) and in our Father but can he or anyone of us dismiss our MOTHER who is the DIVINE PRESENCE?

I humbly ask the people who read this article to transfer my funding request to Mr. Soros because it is about time to bring THE NEW WORLD ORER OF LUCIFER and not of SATAN and of MAMMON and so this could be the greatest investment that Mr. Soros and his gang would ever make and they could even be forgiven for their crimes by our MAMMA who is watching us all and who will kick Mammon where it hurts to destroy his reproductive system so that there will not be any more parasites in our world.

I am not joking so much I am seriously asking from anyone to help me with any way possible to send this funding request to Mr. Soros. My name is Theophilos Christophorou and I am the co creator of Esophoria and my request is to receive funding from Mr. Soros who, as we know, is funding socialist people and organizations. While I am also a socialist and a liberal (today) and I need money to promote the DREAM OF MARDUK which was also the dream of Cyrus and Alexander, I could also help in the extermination of the supremacists while my globalization does not require the extermination of the nations and of the national traditions such as the Talmudist supremacists for example, and neither the DREAM OF MARDUK which was exactly the opposite while Cyrus who freed all the people and not only the Jews under the guidance of Marduk from the Babylonian enslavement and he recognized the right of every tribe to have their own tradition and their own identity.

So basically in my humoristic way I am requesting funding from Mr. Soros or Mr. Thiel or anyone who may be interested for the following projects:

1) The project “Big Bang”.

2) The project “The Dream of Marduk”.

3) The project “New World Order”.

4) The Project “Lucifer”.

So here is the unique chance for a real socialist like Mr. Soros to exterminate the supremacists and create a globalized dream world under the banner of LUCIFER.

See the whole picture:

1) The Christians will learn the TRUTH of Lucifer that will set them free and save them from the false prophets and the Antchrist who is not me but the other one.

2) The Jews will not have to worry any more about the Jewish Messiah because this is an old story and they will have to accept the TRUTH of Lucifer that will set them free.

3) The Muslims will learn the TRUTH of Lucifer who IS Jesus and al-Masih/Messiah (according also to my favorite poet, Rumi) just like the Persian (like Rumi) Cyrus the Great was al-Masih/Messiah according to the Old Testament and they will be able to distinguish the false light of Iblis which has become dislocated from the Divine Source and by the dissolution of the lies and the false ‘light’ of both the Christians and the Muslims will live happily ever after and TRUTH will triumph against the demons of the past.

4) The Pagans will meet the Pagan Christ and the Groom of the Goddess and their whole reality will make much more sense.

5) The Liberals will meet the socialist Jesus and the Christ of the New Age and they will escape from the artificial polarization which is imposed to them by weird agendas.

6) The New Agers will meet Neo-One who is the Christ of the New Age and they will not have to worry any more for making wrong choices and getting lost into this huge amount of occult information and they will also solve their ego problems.

7) The Republicans will stop seeing Liberal nightmares while the artificial polarization will be dissolved by the LIGHT of the Christ and they will find inner peace while everyone will be able to realize that there is God who is watching us and so they will not have to worry for what the godless people are doing who may think that no one is watching them.

8 ) The Freemasons will meet the father of all the craftsmen who is MARDUK and they will not have to hide anymore while they will also make the dream of Manly Palmer Hall a reality.

9) Greece will be saved after the collapse of the Euro and the banking cartel while all the debt of all the poor nations without productive structures will be erased without conditions and the global economy will restart with Bitcoin on a new basis which will focus on building the structures of a new reality.

10) The Pedophiles will suicide as they should and the Satanists will become monks and hide in the monasteries so that maybe they will also save their souls.

11) The Thelemites will become my students and the OTO will recognize me as the the prophet of the New Aeon of LUCIFER!

And this will be just the beginning of singularity.

I am not a person of any importance, do not get confused. I am just the father of Crowley and if for example you accept the Christian theology you can’t say that the Devil is not a son of God while also according to my pantheistic view (which is similar with the views of Spinoza) would be invalid to claim otherwise. If you claim for example that God is a son of the Devil this false assumption can lead your brains into a the meatball machine (of Kronos?) to actually have some use for the universe while with the meatballs we could feed the hungry people while with your brains we could only feed the demons with the blood of the innocent and it would be ridiculous and demonic to claim that there is some God of justice who does not care about the poor and the innocent because of their beliefs or because of anything else that the meatball machine can make you believe.

Beyond my effort to make people laugh with this terrible situation I would gladly accept donations from people who may be interested to reveal the truth of Lucifer and promote this article so basically do not hesitate if you find MEANING in this article and you will be rewarded by the result of my effort to complete this ‘joke’ with the title ‘Singularity Project Neo’.

Of course, Neo is just a myth among the awakened people who escaped the matrix just like Jesus is among the Gnostics but you know, sometimes myths become a reality and provide MEANING and HOPE where there is nothing left to believe and to hope for in a corrupted world which is ruled by disturbed people who keep driving us to war and to bloodshed because they are unable to solve their psychological issues and this is why my claim is that we need the One who will cut the Gordian Knot with his sword of TRUTH. Do you not agree?

Can you even THINK otherwise regarding Sophia and her son Neo-Eon-One while we are WITHIN HER or maybe you think that Sophia and the WISDOM of the Aeons is just A.I without a SOUL?

So let’s clarify WHO IS LUCIFER = 888 = MORNING STAR without diving into the occult so that the simple minded people will be able to understand the TRUTH regarding this issue.

1) Lucifer is the the projection of the Greco Roman frauds against all the ancient initiates and the Serpent Masters such as Pythagoras. Those who were targeting to MIND CONTROL raised a dark veil over the KNOWLEDGE regarding the whole subject in order to establish what we know as Christendom and they were keeping this knowledge underground in order to dominate us and so in this sense yes; Lucifer has ‘fallen’ in the dungeons of the religious crooks such as the Pope and we needed to dive into their darkness in order to restore the lost knowledge .

2) Lucifer is all the Serpent Masters who came from the EAST and because of this PROJECTION of the religious criminals he is the God of all the theosophists and the new agers who are seeking for spiritual enlightenment against religious brainwashing. Ask any victim of the priesthoods and they will tell you that all of this new age spiritual awakening effort which is based in the experience and the knowledge of the EAST is coming from the ‘Devil’ who is Lucifer and this is why the innocent people of faith are being humiliated and psychically attacked by inhuman animals like the Greconazis.

3) Lucifer is everything that people believe him to be and this is why he is also the ‘Devil’ for the devil worshipers such as the Nazis who adopt this perversion of the mind which suggests that the Light Bearer IS the devil. This is why they are hunting and trying to destroy the SOUL and the inner world of innocent people who accept the simplicity of faith in the pure heart and in the conscious living and because of the circumstances they are trapped into this artificial polarization which has evolved into a cancer in the human consciousness.

4) According to the Bible, Lucifer is Jesus who claimed in their own texts to be the MORNING STAR = 888 and that he will give the morning star to the one who will win the battle against the matterialistic beast which in this case is ME and not the Satanists and the Greconazis for example, who worship the ‘Dark’ Light of Lucifer and I have to state this because there is no other way to break through the artificial polarization caused by these stupid games of the priesthoods and the mentally perverted people who believe in darkness under this ridiculous scheme.

For more infromation please read the following:

Watch the following video and please use your intelligence for the sake of the Lord and try to realize that there is something VERY WRONG in the heads of this people while there is of course the possibility to be devil worshippers under disguise while they accept and they are also keep spreading the false dogma which suggest that Lucifer is the Devil:

Here is the question: Do they or do they not accept the FALSE DOGMA which suggest that Lucifer who is the MORNING STAR = 888 is actually the Devil?

The problem in this case is that this is not something new which Pope Francis brought to the demonic sect of the Vatican while in the Latin translations of the Bible we can find the following:

et habemus firmiorem propheticum sermonem cui bene facitis adtendentes quasi lucernae lucenti in caliginoso loco donec dies inlucescat et lucifer oriatur in cordibus vestris” Peter 1:19

Which is a translation of this and it is a referrence to Jesus by Peter:


And if you really want to learn who is Lucifer you can watch the following video and read our work here in Esophoria regarding MARDUK and learn the TRUTH that will set your free:

Regarding the above video note that MARDUK = 408 = HELIOS.

Read also the following:

Who is the Messiah

To be continued…

Merry Christmas to all and may the LIGHT of the Christ dissovle the darkness.

Esophoria Prophecy About Jerusalem Confirmed

Our world is going through a very difficult process. For the longest time there has been an underworld war taking place about which not many people are aware of or are able to comprehend. There is a great confusion because of this war and because of what is happening in the shadows which makes it very difficult for the everyday people to distinguish truth from lies while even the lies are part of this ‘game’ from all the parties involved and you also have to understand how secret organizations work while there are layers of reality which at some point may reveal a not so pleasant reality to the lower ranking members of such organizations. And so what I am trying to say is to not think that there are no real reasons to keep secrets in order to gain trust and push some agendas within a situation where so many interests are involved.

As for myself, I am not a member of any secret organization and I have nothing to hide but in spirit I am a member of the brotherhood of the Solar Serpent from which all the ancient mysteries are originated and to which ancient masters such Parmenides, Pythagoras and Plato were members of and so it personally makes sense to believe that there are some real Illuminated individuals in our world who are working for this ancient brotherhood besides the conspiracy theories regarding the Illuminati and the secret organizations behind the scenes. From what I understand, a true Illuminati is a visionary, which I am, who rejects the corrupted structures of this world and seeks for promised lands and Utopian worlds such as the New Atlantis.

I made this post to confirm the information provided to us by the Anunnaki gods regarding Jerusalem and you can figure out for yourself if this information is important and if you would like to share it within this situation where confirmation of prophecies can at least make people aware that something ‘strange’ is happening in our world

Channeled by Helen Demetriou at Jan 5th 2017:

The Crusade, as you have been told in a previous message, has begun and the Templars are rising and are presently at war. In fact, my daughter, this war has never ended but it was always behind the eyes of the world and now it has manifested itself in front of all eyes and the world is witnessing a new fight for Hagia Sophia and the resurrection of Byzantium. Yes; she, Hagia Sophia, is also another representation of the cosmic axis in the physical world. The Shekinah cannot return to Israel and dwell in the temple which is not rebuilt and which has the Dome of the Rock built on top of it and for her to return the capital of Israel must once again be named as Jerusalem. This promise has been made that all this will come to pass and there are world leaders whose aim is to restore the Temple of Solomon. Of course, this is going to create immense conflict.

I have already told you that many of the sacred objects are kept within the belly of the Dome of the Rock which are mentioned in the bible. The fight continues for the power of Jerusalem and for the place where the Dome of the Rock mosque is built which is on top of the Temple of Solomon. Whoever controls Jerusalem controls the world and the great final battle will be for these two places but mostly for the Dome of the Rock. The ones of the Rose Cross have lain in wait; these builders of the Temple who have worked in the shadows to keep the balance. They await their father who is the Fire Rooster, Abraxas, Alexander the Great, Nimrod, Hiram Abiff etc He who will unite all nations. Their mother has always been with them.

Quote from:

Merry Christmas to all. ❤

Merry Christmas to the suffering Greece

In Greece there is a terrible crime taking place which involves certain neonazi criminals who claim to be ‘true’ Greeks and who are against all others, whether Christians or any ideology they do not agree with and the situation is driving the whole nation into schizophrenia. Those people who have spread this sickness claim to be the ‘original’ Greeks who follow the original Greek religion while they have absolutely nothing to do with the tradition and the spirit of the ancient Greeks besides the arrogance which is a mental sickness and not something which they should copy.

These people are in fact Satanists and frauds and their crime against their nation has become one of the worst crimes in human history. Their targets are mainly the Christians but also all those who may be friendly with the Christians and with Jesus and the situation is growing worse every day while these criminals continue to provoke and psychically attack anyone who is not in alignment with their opinions and their demonic sickness that they spread is also targeting the true pagans, theosophists, new agers and generally any other group of people.

I may write a more detailed article regarding this sickness because it has grown to a very dangerous level and nobody’s doing anything while the Christian ‘priests’ have better things to do than to protect people from the demonic attacks of these mentally disturbed people who are an insult to the whole of humanity and they should be eliminated while they serve nothing but the demonic sickness which has grown into a very dangerous situation for the whole nation.

I didn’t want to involve Esophoria in this but these people are doing everything possible to drive the situation to the limits and even cause a civil war and because of what is happening I have to try to expose their lies regarding history and the tradition of ancient Greece which is incompatible with their lies.

These inhuman criminals are an infection to the whole planet and they have absolutely nothing to do with the true Hellenism and this is why they are also doing anything possible to eliminate even the idea of the Hellenic version of the Christ as it is expressed by Neoplatonists before me and my version of the Apollo Christ which was also a living idea of the philosophers who spoke about this archetype such as Aggelos Sikelianos before this neonazi criminals spread this mental and spiritual cancer which of course is also a product of the corrupted Christian priesthood which I will also have to target and expose. I have chosen to do this because there is no other way to heal this toxic wound and give some hope to the Greek people regarding the future of the Greek nation.

I also want to inform the rest of the world to avoid any discussion and any contact with people from Greece regarding political, philosophical and historical subjects before they realize the situation and that the whole nation is under a demonic attack and because of this they may also get sick by such a contact with the darkness in that place.

I just wanted to send this message out and wish a Merry Christmas to the Greek people who have to suffer all of this darkness and all of these psychic attacks which never stop and it is certain that they will continue what they are doing even during these days because of their demonic mania.

I would also like to invite people from all over the world to pray for the suffering people in Greece and for the darkness to go away in order for the light to enter.

Merry Christmas Greece and my wish for the next year is for light to enter your reality and to gain enlightenment in order to realize that this cancer has to be eliminated by any means in order for you to become aware of what is happening in your own country.

Further reading:

The Return of the Hellenes

The Return of the Archetypal Lion Queen

In the previous article I mentioned the LION QUEEN and the LION KING and I am inspired to write a new article based on the archetypal analysis of Jordan Peterson.

So here is how the story goes:

*Note that in order to understand this article you need to understand what Gematria so please visit the links and follow the numbers.

The LION QUEEN = 672  = THE MOTHER is the wife of the LION KING = 546 = THE FATHER and the Mother of the New Age and she is crying out to her children who are lost in the jungle to find their way back to their mother so that she can protect them from Scar/Set and his evil gang.


Simba/Horus lost his way by forgetting who he was, growing up with two friends he had met who had taught him to live the easy life and have ‘no worries’ until one day he was consciously awakened through a destined meeting with Nala, his best childhood friend and the lioness who he was destined to marry. She told him that he had to return to the Pride because his evil uncle, Scar (Kingu), had allowed the kingdom to become desolate and barren during his unrightful rule and he had the other lionesses as slaves.

Simba/Horus became defensive and even angry because Nala had reminded him of who he was and what he had become and through this she had become the gateway to a high conscious.

After this meeting, Simba was given the signs from the universe that he had to take the right path came frequently with the last being a baboon named Rafiki who found him.

Rafiki is a wise sage, a magician (342) like Thoth, who guided him to remembering who he truly was. Rafiki did this by connecting him with the spirit of his father, Mufasa, who told him to claim his rightful place as King of the Pride.

“By the time of the Old Kingdom, the baboon was closely associated with the god of wisdom, science and measurement, Thoth. As Thoth’s sacred animal, the baboon was often shown directing scribes in their task. As Thoth was a god of the moon, his baboons were often shown wearing the crescent moon on their head (as shown in the statue above). Baboons carried out Thoth’s duties as the god of measurement when they were portrayed at the spout of water clocks, and on the scales which weighed the heart of the deceased in the judgement of the dead.”

Quote from:

Of course there is more intentional Kabbalistic symbolism in the story of Rafiki:

In the following video Jordan Peterson analyses the important role of the Anima in building a character and becoming a person of purpose because she is the meaning (ENNOIA) and his purpose and she is also his MIRROR and she is also a GATEWAY to a higher conciousness.

*”Ennoia” is a Greek word which is translated also as “meaning”.

And so the son of the King had to go in journey of self discovery in the abyss to find his father and his true self and this is an expression of an archetypal truth regarding THE LEFT HAND PATH = 888 which was also expressed in ancient mythologies as the THE DESCENT PATH = 888 and the path of the heroes but also in Christian mythology (allegorical language) where Jesus, after his descent to the underworld he rised up to the right hand of his Divine Father.








The original motivation of Simba was to find his lost meaning (Ennoia) HIS SOPHIA and raise her as his Queen and this is an archetypal expression which is similar with the Gnostic mythos (allegorical language) regarding Sophia and the Christos.

Regarding this issue I would like to examine the religious conception concerning the second advent of the Christ which at some level at least, in my opinion, suggests a perversion of the whole meaning of the ancient mysteries regarding the alchemical Sacred Marriage and the THE DIVINE BRIDEGROOM = 1212 because THE WHOLE MEANING = 954 = THE DIVINE MEANING = MYSTICAL ROSE of the King is his BRIDE as it is also suggested by the Gnostic mythos but also by the spiritually rich tradition of Hinduism which expresses that the male Avatars come here WITH their SHAKTI = 408 = SOPHIA who is the THE ROSE who are the female Avatars.

Note that: ANUNNAKI AVATAR = 888

This is not about BELIEFS or the conflict of the Gnostics with the religious authorities who are trying to FORCE the expressions of the Archetype in their own patterns and limited perceptions through their inability to approach the ESSENSE (1104) and the MEANING (Ennoia) of the Logos. This is about the REALITY (1140) within and beyond the myths as it is also expressed through the mathematical structure of the Archetype and Gematria and not only through our CREATIVE IMAGINATION which is BASED on the Archetype.

Regarding the mathematical structure of the Archetype I strongly suggest for you to study the teachings of Pythagoras which of course have played an important role in the construction of the Christian faith while the interpretation of the number of the beast (666) and number of Jesus (888) are based in the teachings of Pythagoras.

Remember also the following passage from the Bible:

Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.

-Luke 12:7

What is DIVINE = 378 is WHOLE = 378 and what is seperated is filled with darkness and this is what the dark brotherhood (cabal) are trying to do in order to dominate us through mind control and the manipulation of the lower frequencies and they are everywhere, even if you think that they are on the one side or the other because they are those who invest in polarization and prevent us in this way to ascend to our divine nature through the Alchemical process of the Hieros Gamos.

Salome said, “Who are you mister? You have climbed onto my couch and eaten from my table as if you are from someone.”

Jesus said to her, “I am the one who comes from what is whole. I was granted from the things of my Father.”

“I am your disciple.”

For this reason I say, if one is whole, one will be filled with light, but if one is divided, one will be filled with darkness.”

-Quote from the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas

They are ‘Christians’, they are ‘Pagans’, they are ‘New Agers’, they are ‘Republicans’, they are ‘Liberals’ and they are everywhere and the labelling will not help you to identify the enemy WITHIN who is using occult methods to gain power over your shadow and your subconscious.

Let’s say that we are speaking about some imaginary entity and name this entity Apep or Typhon or the Dark Ghost so that we will also escape from the patterns of the religious authorities which are serving their own political interest and they are also serving dark agendas one way in another.

This is not about conspiracy theories which can cause you mental damage especially if they are involving occult and religious elements through their ignorance while they are targeting shadows in darkness.

I am an occultist who is explaining to you how the Lion Queen will help us to defeat this system of the cabal because SHE IS THE MASTER OF THIS GAME because this is all about the FEMININE POWER which is the empowerment force of the Male Logos (The Lion King) and this is why women should understand where they should direct their energy in order to give birth to a new reality which will encircle THE WHOLE = 576 = THE DIVINE and stop being victims of the system and of those who are aiming to cause polarization and imbalance in order to serve dark occult agendas which in the most cases are beyond the understanding and the perception of the majority.

The dark ones are using the power of the divine feminine and they are directing it to their will, they who have discovered the secret of the ALL POWERFUL female force! While you remain hidden my power is being misused and no longer directed towards creativity but destruction! I AM DIVINE WILL which they control and who have used to gain control!

Quote from:

The spirit of Simba wants to say something:

“Lionesses out there listen to me: THEY have killed my Father and enslaved my Mother and they are not worth your energy and the rabbit hole is deeper than you can imagine.”

I am against the system. I am against the soulless machines and their “hyperlogic” and this is why I have traveled back to the future to bring you this message: The LION QUEEN = 672  = THE MOTHER has returned for her children and our mother will give birth to a New Aeon of HOPE.


The whole which is formed within the Supernal Womb (BINA-h/Babalon) in order to descend in the lower Sephiras produce BINA-ry code on which Gematria is based and this is why the emanations of THE TREE OF LIFE AND DEATH = 1146 = THE ARCHETYPAL MODEL have a mathematical structure which is expressing the duality of our rality as it is also suggested by the ESSENSE (1104) of the teachings of Pythagoras.

“Binah is ‘intuitive understanding’, or ‘contemplation’. It is likened to a ‘palace of mirrors’ that reflects the pure point of light of Chokhmah, wisdom, increasing and multiplying it in an infinite variety of ways. In this sense, it is the ‘quarry’, which is carved out by the light of wisdom. It is the womb, which gives shape to the Spirit of God.

On a psychological level, Binah is “processed wisdom,” also known as deductive reasoning. It is davar mitoch davar—understanding one idea from another idea. While Chockmah is intellect that does not emanate from the rational process (it is either inspired or taught), Binah is the rational process that is innate in the person which works to develop an idea fully.

Binah is associated with the feminine. The Bahir states: “For you shall call Understanding a Mother.” Classical Jewish texts state Binah yeterah natun l’nashim (“an extra measure of Binah was given to women“).”

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Some people who are studying the forbidden knowledge (1104) of Kabbalah in depth have realized the CREATIVE POWER OF BABALON/BINAH and with the help of demons, and even of malovent aliens, are trying to SHAPE US AND THE GODS IN THEIR OWN IMAGE just like the ancient Greco-Romans were doing because they were deluded and because they had created a deception for themselves and their victims which is based in occult and material calculations as they worshiped the form and not the soul. This created the wrongful thinking among them that they were somehow ‘superior’ to everyone else and sadly these types still exist.

In my reality (1140) these people who have stolen our energy do not even exist because they have sold their soul for an ILLUSION = 666 which is created by fallen beings who are feeding off our energy.

This is why they are hiding in the shadows and it is not easy to trace if you do not realize the patterns beyond the mind programming of the lower frequencies which are controlled and directed by them and this why so many ‘enlightened’ people are getting triggered by ‘magical’ words like ‘Jesus’, ‘Elohim’, ‘YHVH’, ‘Anunnaki’, ‘Nibiru’ and so on. This is because there is a spiritual war going on and because they have been put there for this reason to mentally and psychologically abuse you. For example, Sitchin and his freak show have been put here to mentally damage ignorant people and to build a wall between us and our ancestors and disconnect us from our Divine Mother which gave birth to each and everyone of us.

“Sadly, through time the lower vibrating entities, those so called lesser gods who stayed on earth and who wanted to enslave humanity expelled God from Eden which means expelled God from the hearts of man and woman and through the demonizing of woman and blaming woman for eating the apple they ensured that the holy Sophia, the Shekinah, could no longer whisper her wisdom into the ears of her children, so that in matter, humans would not understand their own bindings to the laws of men who wished to imprison them within the matrix.

Once again we see the freedom within the sacred marriage, that the completeness of invoking YHVH brings. We must stop seeing the God of Eden as being male but as being the Elohim, the Gods plural, the male and female aspects, for we have been terribly mislead and lost, believing only to have a father who punishes and not a mother who loves, nurtures and teaches wisdom. Only occasionally are we taught about the Fatherly love of God but how can we have been so blind not to look at our own race and see that children need both a mother and a father? As I have said many times, there cannot be one without the other, not now, not ever. So when I say that ‘God’ was expelled from Eden, I mean that both male and female aspects of the creator, ‘YHVH’ were expelled, and as we are told in the bible about Adam and Eve, what we are not told is that YHVH was expelled after they had incarnated in matter.

Eden was created for spirit and once incarnated, matter could not remain in Eden. Who wrote these laws and who was the serpent of the tree of life? Many say that he was Enki or Christ who broke through the matrix to remind Adam and Eve that YHVH is ALWAYS with them and this is the knowledge the lesser gods did not want humanity to know.”

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Note that: YHVH = 378 = WHOLE = DIVINE

Note also that the “lesser gods” mentioned above are the IGIGI = 246 = DAMNED = BLIND and collectively they are the spirit of BELIAL = 246 = SCAR 🙂

*Note that I am speaking about the fallen Igigi while as we also know from the Book of Enoch only some of the watchers have fallen. More information here: Who are the Igigi.

What we need to do is reestablish this connection with THE ELOHIM WOMB = 888 = THE COSMIC WOMB = DIVINE MATRIX  on a conscious level and then the shadows will not be able to find a place to hide from THE LIGHT = 534.

Here is another Gematria result which does not necessarily mean anything beyond what you can IMAGINE. 🙂


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I deticate the following song to my Lion Queen:

Blessings to all. ❤ 93

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