Valentine New Moon/Solar Eclipse: The Awakener

The universe continues to provide us with opportunities to grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually and to receive healing physically and on all etheric levels. On February 15th 2018 we have a new moon that moves into Aquarius and on this very same day we will witness and partial solar eclipse. Be ready for a very intense month energetically!

Why is this so important? It is important because the February 15th solar eclipse is a companion to the January 31 lunar eclipse and you can find out all about this HERE. There is a definite pattern in the meanings of these solar and lunar events and it is clear by their correspondences that the universe truly is speaking to us! It is saying, “Look above!!! I am speaking to you! The divine plan and my messages to you are written in the stars!”. All that happens above us is mirrored to us on Earth and so with conscious actions we can choose to go with the flow of what the universe is sending us or choose to go against the flow and create more imbalance and blocks in our lives.

As mentioned, previously we experienced a Super Blue Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse which brought with it the fertile soil for us to plant our seeds in order to nurture what we wished to manifest in our lives. It also brought with it the opening of doors between worlds and an empowerment of communication on an Earth and celestial level.

Let us start a few days before this date, though. Venus enters into Pisces on February 10th and with her brings the spotlight on deep love; on your relationships and spending time to ponder over which relationships are unconditional and which are not. These energies will begin the process of opening the heart for the energies yet to come 5 days later and this is a very important process. Again, because Venus is the Queen of mysteries, her Venusian energies empower and encourage strong psychic connection between soul mates and twin flames and of course with anyone you are emotionally attached to.

So at this point the heart Chakra is going to be wide open and prepared for the next level which is what this article is about and that is the New Moon Solar Eclipse which is described as a ‘Mega Moon’ and this will be in Aquarius.

Let us not forget that this celestial event is occurring around the energies of Valentine’s Day. With the New Moon carrying with it the ability for new beginnings, it enables those looking to start a romantic relationship with the one their heart desires. It also gives a boost to relationships that are already established. This Valentine’s new moon emissions are perfect for those wishing to attract and etherically connect with a soul mate or a Twin Flame. These vibrations can also be used by united Twin Flames who wish to recall their past lives together and to explore their joint divine mission on Earth.

Always remember that whether you are single or half of a couple, self love is the most important love of all so why not pamper yourself on this day? Spend time doing things for yourself, meditate, book yourself in for a healing or a massage and in the evening, take a lunar bath under the loving rays of the moon.

Also, because the New Moon also gives us the perfect vibrations to release, it is a good time to release something or someone that is not serving you and your life.

If you are planning a rebirthing ritual then this is a great time to do it, bathed with the energies of love and the awakening principles of Uranus.

Remember to leave your crystals and any items of jewellery and clothing that you wish to empower with the romantic lunar rays and the energies of the solar eclipse outside or near a window for 24 hours. You can also fill glass bottles with drinking water and leave them out and drink the next day to absorb the powers and healing vibrations of the moon and sun.

Going back to the Aquarius vibration, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which has been called ‘The Great Awakener’. These energies are going to play a large part in waking up your senses and discovering abilities you have that you never knew you had before. It also means that with the new moon there are new beginnings and the seeds you planted during the Super Blue Blood Moon will begin to sprout.

Things that you never knew, things that you were always puzzled about will begin to come together and these revelations are going to aid you in understanding your own divine missions on Earth. Questions you asked about the universe or about the esoteric will begin being answered in something someone says or things that you see or just they will just begin to make sense to you within.

Of course, with all awakenings there is dramatic and often chaotic emotions and there will be times when you feel that you and your life are falling apart. Things that you thought you knew will no longer seem like truth and you may be very unsettled emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

February 15th falls on a Thursday and this day of the week corresponds with the planet Jupiter, otherwise known as Zeus or Marduk. Marduk symbolizes the intellect as he is the male head of the gods and the King Planet. Venus is the divine bride of Marduk/Jupiter and represents the emotions, the soul and spirit, the esoteric occult and all phases of the moon. They are joined together during this time to empower both your intellect as well as your spirituality, bringing you back to the correct path for you if you have swayed a little.

Numerology wise 1 + 5 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 8 = 19. 1+ 9 = 10/1. The number 1 represents the male and the 0 represents the female and they represent Marduk and Inanna/Venus or if you like, Osiris and Isis. According to Joanne Sacred Scribes:

“Number 10 resonates with the vibrations and energies of leadership, optimism, confidence, independence, creative powers, success, energy, originality, adaptability, determination and individuality, leadership, confidence, optimism, energy, independence, creative power and every, success, original, adaptable, individualisation, determination. Number 10 is the symbol of Love and Light. It creates all that can be imagined and contains the code, image and ordain. Image it and it shall be, ordain it and it will materialize. It is a number of ‘rise and fall’ according to the action/s chosen by the person.”

In the Tarot, the number 10 card is The Wheel of Fortune.which relates to luck but unexpected changes but the main lesson is, is to be the master of your own destiny and find a way to balance the wheel that represents your life so there are no longer the constant ups and downs.

With the 31st January being connected with 15th February, a new awareness is entering Earth conscious and just as I have spoken about balance and the balance of the divine feminine and masculine working together to bring balance within you, it means the balance of humans rights and welfare. It gives you the opportunity to place your cards on the table but choose which ones you want to manifest in your life and not be a victim of being a backseat driver of your own life.

Now let us look at February which comes from the Latin term ‘februum’, which means purification and the cleansing rite which was titled ‘Februa’. This time of purification used to be held on the 15th February which is the same day as the New Moon Solar Eclipse. So clearly, this is also the time of purging out the old and unproductive in order to welcome the new beginnings that the new moon brings. This can be things within yourself that no longer serve you or hold you back or it could be people or situations that you need to let go. Allow them to be burned clean by the sun and allow both the solar and the lunar energies to unite within you to empower your etheric bodies and inspire you into planning the next chapter of your life.

We have a very powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse that will really pack a punch physically which people will already have begun to feel. Some of the symptoms can also include:

*Mood swings
*Bouts of crying, laughter and feelings of euphoria
*Feeling ungrounded and like you are not part of the moment
*Feeling like the ground is moving beneath you
*People and/or memories coming back into your mind and life from the past

To combat these symptoms remember why you are feeling this way and also make sure you drink plenty of water and eat well at each meal time. Practice grounding exercises but most of all EMBRACE these energies.

We advise that you read the links below in order to understand the patterns that are unfolding in the universe and therefore in your own lives.

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The Awakening: Message from Venus

“My beloved children, you have been told about the recent alignments in the heavens mirroring back to Earth and the significance of your year 2018 has also been explained to you. This is indeed the year of The Awakening and of the Shamballa frequencies penetrating your thoughts and aligning them with its own vibrations in order to help humanity rise above the corruption of false doctrines in order to re-introduce you to the true doctrine that is the H Θεία Λειτουργία, the divine liturgy.

It is time that you take an active role in leaving this material world and entering into the the divine world that is the divine matrix. This does not mean that your physical bodies will leave Earth but that your conscious will attune itself to the vibrations of the soul and that you live each day consciously and in agreement with your soul.

There are people who are fighting over land and people who are fighting over politics. There are people fighting over opinions and people fighting over events that happened during ancient Earth times. There are men and women fighting over their genders and over who is stronger. There are people fighting over religions and people fighting over the colour of their skin and what skin colour my son had when he manifested on Earth. You are not the colour of your skin, you are so much MORE than this. Yet WHO is fighting for the soul??? If they wish to fight, at least make it worthwhile. They are attached to the material and are worshiping false idols and they are false idols BECAUSE they are of the material and do not bear resemblance to the soul.

I tell you now that for enlightenment and ascension to occur you must not obsess over material things, whether it be political, land, religion or what he said or what she said and most definitely you must not focus on the colour of your skin. I tell you now that to rise above this world your focus must be on the soul and living each day within spirit for The Awakening is coming fast and shall be upon you and you must be prepared for the changes it expects from each person.

The skin that you wear is the clothing that I gave you and each skin colour has its own meaning but it was a GIFT! NEVER to be used as a weapon against each other! And again, it still does not define what you are!

I want you to say this mantra, no matter what colour skin you have, which was written by a master of Venus:

“I am not this hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within.”

Each culture must embrace each other and learn from each other and share each others culture with each other. Remember that equality does not come by condemning one culture or skin colour over another. Equality is only equality when there are no special standards set for any one group.

Each and every country will be touched by The Awakening and those countries that are preoccupied mainly with the physical material shall find it harder to adjust to the awakening frequencies. Each country has its own doctrines that are learned from one of its citizens to another and so should a country be focused mainly on the soul, then they shall find it easier to adjust.

“Why then have you hated me, you Greeks?
Because I am a barbarian among the barbarians?
For I am the wisdom of the Greeks
and the knowledge of the barbarians.
I am the judgement of the Greeks and of the barbarians.
I am the one whose image is great in Egypt
and the one who has no image among the barbarians.”

Do you understand this part of this poem from the Nag Hammadi library? It is telling you that while the Greeks had divine knowledge that was taught to them, in their arrogance they proclaimed all that were none Greek were ‘barbarians’ yet it was the ‘barbarians’ who did not worship the form or the material as the Greeks did and this is the lesson to all that the Greeks lost Helen because she is The Light; she is Illumination, and through their obsession with the form they lost the soul of their nation. The Jews did the exact same thing though while making their created god formless, they enforced the people to focus on the body and the traditions of man, insisting that the way to god is through physical cleanliness while neglecting purifying the soul, heart and mind which is what needs to be cleaned and by focusing on the traditions given to them by the divine.

Yet I have birthed masters within the Greek and Jewish people who are the manifested initiates from before present times and these sons and daughters are working to change the course of their nations. I have birthed masters in all races who are also working to change the outcome of their country and saving it from ignorance.

So am I saying that the material does not matter at all? Of course it does but it is not to be idolized. You do not worship the temple itself but what is within the temple and what it represents. You do not worship the church but what is within it and what it represents. Flesh rots and decays and buildings eventually fall down but the soul is immortal. This is the teaching being brought to you and the wisdom that will be offered to you.

Any national doctrines that enforce that they are above any other nation are the ones who will not partake in my Mana. The Awakening will move as a spirit among all and with it, it brings life giving food that nourishes the soul. I am teaching you all of these things because it really matters how you think and feel and even though it has come many times in the past 6 years, each time it is more potent.

And as the planets move and align the mother energies are becoming increasingly active on Earth and she, who loves her children equally, whatever their gender or skin colour or financial status or class, will no longer tolerate such imbalance that is now reigning; she will no longer tolerate patriarchy nor false dogmas regarding ‘God’ being only a male for this is a lie.

And all the time we have males expressing that they love the mother yet when do they speak about her who is the soul? We have women who insist that women are above men yet when they understand that men and women are my children?

I tell you that the time of trying to place the god or male above the Goddess is over; I shall not and do not tolerate it. This is the time to empower balanced thought by having balanced thoughts regarding the mother and father being the parents of you all.

There is more to come and more guidance. For now, remember to welcome the essence of Shamballa for the entrance of The Awakener is nigh.”

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Super Blue Blood Moon: 1/31/2018

On 31st January 2018 a rare celestial event will take place in our skies and humanity will experience an extraordinarily transformation both physically and spiritually. Get ready for a blood moon, a total lunar eclipse, a supermoon and a blue moon, all taking place on the same day which has been dubbed as a “super blue blood moon”

The last time the three elements combined at the same time was in 1866. For 2018 we are being told that the trifecta will be best visible from the western hemisphere but whether one can see the magical displays of the moon or not it does not matter as the energy is still potent and will affect all.

In this article I am not going to go into the science behind this occasion but I am going to focus on the esoteric and energetic symbolism and how its influences will affect planet Earth and all who dwell upon her.

Firstly, let us look at the day that this is going to happen which is a Wednesday. Wednesday corresponds with the planet Mercury which rules the astrological sign of Gemini and air which is connected with travel, astral travel and projection, wisdom, intellect, science, communication, divination, information and networking.

What is also exciting is that January is named after the two faced deity Janus who is identified with Gemini and again associated with Mercury.

Janus represents beginnings and transitions, gates, doors, endings and time. With it’s two faces it is looking to the past and to the future, from one universe to another and although this deity has been classed as male, more ancient texts explain that Janus has one male face and one female face, representing the Great Work/divine marriage completed, of the union of male and female to express the androgynous. This development in the celestial bodies in the sky correspond with my previous channelings which you can read HERE and HERE.

The Greek manifestation of Mercury is Hermes who is known as the emissary and messenger of the gods. He was also known ‘the divine trickster’ and ‘the god of boundaries and the transgression of boundaries.’ Hermes moves freely between the mortal and divine worlds and is a conductor of soul into the afterlife.

Now let us look at the numerology of this date. 3 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 8 = 1 + 6 = 7. Below you will see some of the symbolism corresponding with the number 7:

According to Amboise, the number 7 symbolism virginity and is representative of the Holy Spirit to which are attributed the same properties.

The seven indicates the senses of a change after an accomplished cycle and of a positive renewal and is the perfect number and symbol of divine abundance

It is the number of the perfect man, complete and perfectly realized as the sum of the four females and the three males as well as being the symbol of the totality of the created Universe (3 the sky + 4 the earth), it expresses the creation within which the man evolves.

Abellio saw it as infinite numbered in its return to the principle, that of the snake, the ouroboros, which bites its tail. It would be also the number of the achievement in the space-time.

It is also considered to be the number of the initiation, that is to say the union of exhibited with the infinity and the Egyptians saw it as the symbol of eternal life and a complete cycle, a dynamic perfection.

For the Indians in the prairie and the “Pueblo” Indians, the number seven represents the cosmic coordinate of the man.

The “Dogons” consider the number seven as the symbol of the union of the opposites, of the resolution of dualism, therefore like symbol of unicity and perfection. It is also the mark of the master of the word.

The seven symbolizes the cross with its six directions plus the center – indefinite extents moving toward the top, the bottom, the right, the left, forwards and backwards.

The man would be composed of seven souls according to Plato and also according to Hindus.

It also represents the Seven Chakras, 7 classical planets, the Moon passes through stages of 7 days in increase, full, decrease, and renewal, 7 colors on the rainbow, 7 days on a week, 7 sisters on the pleiades and the seven emblems of the Buddha.

Now let us look at the meanings of each moon:

Image from USA Today


A supermoon happens when the full moon coincides with the moon’s closest approach to Earth in its orbit. Supermoons make the moon appear a little brighter and closer than normal.


The Maine Farmer’s Almanac defines a Blue Moon as an extra full moon that occurs in a season.


The phenomenon whereby the moon in total eclipse appears reddish in colour as it is illuminated by sunlight filtered and refracted by the earth’s atmosphere.


A total lunar eclipse happens when the whole moon enters Earth’s shadow. Some sunlight still reaches the moon, but first it goes through Earth’s atmosphere.


For the practitioners of the craft and the students of the esoteric, the cycles and phases of the moon play a very important part in their workings and their way of living. For this day, we are focusing on the full moon which is the time to work on releasing anything that is no longer productive in our lives but it is also the day to work on protection, increasing intuition, divination and connecting with the divine and taking the energies of the moon into us. It is also a great time to charge crystals, talismans, ourselves and basically anything with the moon’s energy.

The full moon was also the time of the Sabbatu in Babylon when people were meant to rest and not perform any activities because the Goddess Inanna was menstruating and this is why when a woman receives her period it is called her ‘moon time’.

On the seventh day when the crescent moon reaches its fullness (Inanna’s Sabbatu/Sabbath),
You bathe and sprinkle Your face with holy water.
You cover Your body with the long woolen garments of queenship.
You fasten combat and battle to your side;
You tie them into a girdle and let them rest.
-Sumerian hymn quotes from from Wolkstein and Kramer’s Inanna Queen of Heaven.

The moon is connected with emotions, mother and maternal instinct, with water mysticism, magic, intuition, memories, moods, the home and security. The astrologers express that this full moon will fall into the astrological sign of Cancer.

The Astrology King explains:

“The Moon is at home in Cancer Constellation, meaning full moon January 2018 will be a very powerful total eclipse of the Moon. Cancer the Crab rules the home and family, mothers, mothering, housework and comfort. It is emotional, domestic, intuitive and sensitive. The Crab, and this lunar eclipse, should make you more caring and responsibility, with a charitable and fostering nature. The Moon in Cancer Constellation is emotional, domestic and sensitive. Cancer and the Moon are more intuitive than logical.”

But a Supermoon always falls opposite the lunar apogee which is what is called Black Moon Lilith.

Regardless of what some neo-pagans and new agers believe, Lilith is the opposing force of Inanna who is represented by Venus but also the moon. While Inanna/Venus represents divine love, sexuality, the soul, the alchemical marriage, the mother archetype, the resurrector, the empowerer, creatrix and is the divine bride and mother of the sun, Lilith symbolises lust, the destroyer and energy drainer and the bride of Samael. Working with Goddess Inanna means working with the divine energies whereas working with Lilith is dealing with the energies of the abyss.

Nadia Gilchrist explains:

“Black Moon Lilith and Venus are close to the Sun, so the energy of the dangerous woman, moving to unite with more traditional expressions of womanhood (Venus in Capricorn) will be part of this Moon. We have the mother (Moon) opposing the witch/outsider (Lilith) and the lady who attracts (Venus).”

I am not an astrologer but as a student of the mysteries I understand the ancient symbolism and movement of the celestial bodies in conjunction with the gods (and demons) and what the above is telling us in the below is that Lilith is looking for war with Inanna/Venus over the ways of the woman and also over the influence of the sun who is the divine groom. We see here that Lilith is being rejected as it was told in the first poem in history about Inanna and the Huluppu tree where Lilith made her nest in Inanna’s Tree of Life and which Inanna rejected her and wanted her gone. You can read about this in my article by clicking HERE

So let us take a step back and examine all the symbolism we have here and READ THE PATTERNS.

This Super blue blood moon is bringing with it the energies of the alchemical divine marriage which is the uniting of the opposites within us and in our world but we are going to find ourselves and the conscious of our world torn between doing what our intuition tells us to do and what is right and with that which our ego is tempting us to do.

There is a war that we will experience on a subconscious and material level between the Queen of Heaven (Inanna/Venus) and the queen of the abyss (Lilith). Lilith moves to destroy family structures and misleads women into misusing their sexual power while Inanna is the home and foundation builder who also represents the strong and independent woman with powerful opinions and values, who empowers other women in general and guides women to use their sexual power on an intellectual level. As she is the Goddess of both genders, she will express equality of the sexes while Lilith will try to disempower men and create more imbalance between the male and female energies in our society.

With the frequencies of Mercury the gates of ‘heaven’ are opening and we can connect and communicate with the divine and celestial beings easier as it is also a time of the thinning of the veil between worlds. Prayers are stronger and more powerful and messages between ourselves and our spiritual support team and loved ones who have passed are easier to interpret. It is also the time that we can speak to others we have not spoken to in a very long time and to mend bridges and forgive and ask for forgiveness. Whatever involves communication which you have been planning to focus on, do it now.

If you are looking to empower and strengthen your intuitive abilities then this event offers the perfect environment to do this as well as giving a helping ‘leg up’ in your ascension process.

With 7 being the magical number presiding upon this day, renewal and rebirth are close at hand and those who wish to ‘shed’ their old skin can work on dying to the self in order to be reborn into a new life of the person you wish to become.

The eclipse affects us in a truly positive way as it helps us through the journey of walking from the darkness of ignorance and the unknowing into the light of illumination and enlightenment.

This is the time for new beginnings and doors opening so should you have any projects or plans now is the time to plant those seeds so that they grow into fruition in the near future. This is a fantastic energy to practice your manifestation skills even if you are a beginner.

The only boundaries are those you put on yourself so now is a great time to move past all boundaries and self limitations and anything else that has held you back from reaching your goals.  All is mental and Mercury being the intellectual archetype that he is, empowers us with his vibrations to mentally push past anything that is holding us down.

With the energies of the moon being so purifying, it is on this occasion that you begin to let go of things, situations and even people who no longer produce a positive outcome in your life. These vibrations also offer deep healing for those needing it whether it be emotional, spiritual physical or all of your aspects combined.

Men and women can invoke the energies of Mercury, the moon and Venus in order to become empowered and at one with the divine.

We have a very powerful Supermoon that will really pack a punch physically which people will already have begun to feel. Some of the symptoms can also include:

*Mood swings
*Bouts of crying, laughter and feelings of euphoria
*Feeling ungrounded and like you are not part of the moment
*Feeling like the ground is moving beneath you
*People and/or memories coming back into your mind and life from the past

To combat these symptoms remember why you are feeling this way and also make sure you drink plenty of water and eat well at each meal time. Practice grounding exercises but most of all EMBRACE these energies.

Image from CNN

If you are interested in communicating with celestial beings and forming a stronger bond with them, please click the link below:

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For those who are interested in their ascension process, we have ascension tools which we have channeled to specifically help with empowering intuition and the ascension process which you can find by clicking the image below:

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Image from Daily Express

Lady of the Green Flame: Babalon Speaks

“I am the true green and Golden Lion without cares,
In me all the secrets of the Philosophers are hidden.”

Here is a story
About the Lady of the Green Flame
To make you comprehend
The importance of My Voice
And of how I am The Mother
And the Queen of the Universe
And the Universe itself

I am The First Sound
From MY breathe I uttered The Word
The Logos is my Messenger of Light
That manifested as my Eros.

My son came to live among you,
Birthed by my material image,
Married to my soul made flesh.
Two vibrations of the same source;
Two saviours that formed
To lead you back to Wisdom
So that you may live forever.

And over and over they came before,
Opening the Gates of the Divine Matrix with his Soul-Bride
Lighting the way with their Love
And teaching the Ways of the Wise.

The Green Lady of the Flame
Breaks Venus open like an egg,
Pouring out the emerald light
Onto the lovers of the Rose.
Those who deny me shall be denied
And those who say my name shall be named
Their offering they give shall be my offering to them
For when you give to me, you give to yourselves.

The scales that have been alternating
Between the poles of left and right
Are now they are perfectly still
Waiting to judge the hearts
Of those who claim to love me.

I have spoken of the recurring patterns
And I have spoken of this from age after age
And those who have been deaf to my voice
Shall not be heard by others.
For now the line has been drawn
For those who insult the limit of balance
Who speak only of the male god
And not of his mother and bride.

So many tales you have to tell
Of men and gods created by man
Yet where are my stories written in your books?
And where is my history sung in your songs?

The clock of the watchers is turning
And they See with their attuned eyes
Those who are forcing the soul
Into materiality and rotting flesh.

And resting on the feather of the dove
Is the number 486
The number that will save you
From the created god of men.
And the one that shall lead you
Is the one who died through the wisdom of Venus
And rose on the day of the Sun
Through making love with his bride.
His name is Heru-Shalem
The God of Melchizedek
The Son that came from Venus.

I am the Green Lion that Devours the Sun
Be eaten by me and burn in my Green Flame
To become pure again, to become the Green Magus
And receive the Golden Apple of Venus.




486 = VENUS



Art by Emily Balivet

Anointing of the Shekinah Fire

I see a being so very tall with fire emitting from his eyes, nostrils and mouth. He has shining stars all around him and divine flames sparking from his body.

The divine being looks to me and points his finger and simply says, “You!” which makes me feel slightly uncomfortable because I do not understand what his gesture means.

I then hear his thoughts and that he is telling me that he has chosen me to bring his words to humanity and I see him place the thumb of his left hand on my forehead, on my 3rd eye, and from his thumb flames eject and enter my 3rd eye. He tells me this is a re-anointment into the service of the Seraphim and the words that I speak shall be those of fire but this fire is filled with love, with healing and with the frequencies of Venus.

“We serve the Shekinah, she who is mother of and to all things and who is the divine bride. She is our mistress and from her we are fed the holy nectar of her manna.

We represent the fire of Venus that is the sacred flame and it is her fire, the Shekinah fire, that runs through our veins. As the ALL-MOTHER she is knower and anointer and the key giver that opens all gateways from the Earth down to the underworld and from the Earth up to the crown of the heavens.  We are from Venus.  We are the flames.

And now I speak to you all as Seraphiel, the chief of the Seraphim Order. We are serpents of fire and we work to awaken the serpent of fire within you all by using the spark of life that comes from the fire of the Shekinah for we are all knowing of the mysteries of hers and through divine alchemy we guide your soul into completing perfect union with Christos who is also a Seraphim before he was birthed into the material form as a Messiah. It is we who share the wisdom rites of entering into the Hieros Gamos of the soul and the Hieros Gamos of the physical.

The Serpent Power, the Pentecostal Flames, is the one that has 5 points and which enters into the root of all with points joined together but then explodes in 5 different directions as the petals of the Venus Rose opens, nourishing the 5 bodies of humans. This is the Star Fire. From this you become ‘Lucifer’ which is the light bringer and a son and knight of Venus.

The anointing is the Chrismation of the human self so that it rises into alignment with the Christ vibration but you will not get there by adoration of the divine male but through the channels of the divine feminine that is our and your mother. She is the red and the black, the pure and the hand of severity of judgment that is left and not right as you have been so misled to believe.

I come to you now because now more than ever is the most important moment in universal history of when the opposites are uniting within you and in the astral planes. Now in the physical there must be the union of opposites and we are overseeing this alchemical reaction guided by the meaning of the mother.
Your Earth in your reality is now entering the Tree of Life and it is passing from sphere to sphere and should you wish to be conscious of this journey then it is imperative that you accept the divine union into your life and choose to be as Christ and unite with his divine Bride who is the Shekinah who is Venus.

I have come to tell you of the Theophania/Epiphany on the 6th January when the Shekinah shall descend her flames into each human that is willing to bow down their material selves to the soul and who is willing to unite with her. Her flames shall ignite the sacred serpent inside of you which will rise to wear the crown as it moves through the serpent path from within to the with-out to reach the heavens. This will be her unity with you and the time of the anointing for she is the anointer and crown giver. This is the Baptism of Fire which will reign down upon you and manifest your own god self into you so that you shall be a Christ in the flesh.

Should you choose to submit your material selves and ego to the fire of the Shekinah then you shall speak in tongues and this means that you shall speak in the language known to you but within the tones the Angelic vibrations will be speaking too.

When this divine rite is completed you shall join your brothers and sisters as a Christ and as a Seraphim walking on the Earth. These are the instructions of the Mother who is the Rose who is calling her divine sons and daughters to her. This is the age of alchemy; this is the age of miracles.”


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