Calling for the Return of Her Divine Masculine

Venus: “Oh my precious loves, my precious children, how ill informed, how mind corrupted! My children, my young, I am your mother; I am SHE and I am ALL KNOWING. As I move within your souls and within the hearts of your very cores I tell you truths that are written in the stars for you all to see yet you do not see! My blinded, eyeless babies!

I wait and I wait and I wait for my sons to return, to return, to return, to return! Return from the abyss where they have gotten lost. You have become the broken pillar, the forgotten ones, who are part of THE ONE divine masculine! Return to me, return to Earth for I am standing on the pole star and my mouth has become a trumpet and my soul has become a clanging bell calling to you to return to your divine feminine wives! She does not need another replica of her but she needs an original of you! Remember that the two pillars are the cornerstones of your whole existence and civilizations were built on the foundation of your love!

Lies have been told to you, lies which have sent you scurrying into yourselves for the lies bid that the divine feminine must be brought back as if I ever left! My men, my sons, RETURN unto me! I am here for you as I have always been and I long for your return! How can I produce saviours if your divine masculine is hidden through fears of the mind programming of the dark ones? My daughters have been used as soldiers to fear you from standing next to her as she is waiting in desperation for you to stand beside her to become one whole!

The dark ones are using the power of the divine feminine and they are directing it to their will, they who have discovered the secret of the ALL POWERFUL female force! While you remain hidden my power is being misused and no longer directed towards creativity but destruction! I AM DIVINE WILL which they control and who have used to gain control!

My daughters, wake up! Wake up, wake up, wake up! Your hate is beating your men away from being your divine grooms! Disharmony and imbalance reign like the blackest night for you have forgotten the importance of the alchemical union between you! The war on men is being fought through you to imprison your mates into non-masculine thinking. Do not be fooled! No man loses touch with his feminine nature through making love with his masculine nature! There is only death that can come from this disruption of the union of opposites and death waits breathing heavily for he is panting impatiently, for he is TIME and TIME does not wait for anyone!

The emasculation of men is a crime against the divine masculine and the divine feminine as men are being mentally manipulated into being afraid of standing with pride in their manliness. And the divine feminine within my daughters is subconsciously crying out,

“Come my mate, come to me! Bring order to this chaos that ravages this world!”

For chaos is what the dark one’s desire as they grind apart the holy connection between man and woman, shaming man into being ashamed of what he is and empowering women to shame them, too. But I tell you my daughters that you are NOTHING without man and man without your true divine feminine shining is NOTHING without you and for now he has become no thing for you are not being true to your nature.

For my daughters who have been hurt by a man, your issue is with him and not the divine masculine itself. You need to heal and not hate and do not listen to my fallen daughters who have no other instinct but to hate men.

The union of the divine feminine and masculine created the template for the family and this is the family which every citizen of the world is a member of. When you are united in who you truly are, you are co-creators, co-builders of a harmonic and balanced society for you are each initiates of the same body, the holy body, to which each of you belong.

Know that within the so-called ‘patriarchal books’ I am hidden from those who are not enlightened enough to find me for should they find me without enlightenment, then they will use my force to create destruction. And sadly there are those who gained knowledge through stealing knowledge and they found me hidden within the pages of men’s words and they use feminine will to control all of humanity. But my loves I will always have the upper hand for I am Wisdom herself and my plans shall bring The Fist of Marduk down on the criminals! He will pound them until they become dust and throw them into the ashes of the past for light always succeeds over darkness and my daughters shall return to the divine masculine just as the divine masculine shall return to his divine feminine. But now is the fight in order to bring the mind back to the soul. Eros and Psyche shall once again know each other and dance the dance of love once more.

And to the two children of mine who become one to nourish my Rose, BLOOM, BLOOM, BLOOM!!!”

Note from Helen: All women should be feminists and by this I mean TRUE feminists who guide and honour both the divine masculine and feminine in her sons and daughters without trying to change their true natures.

Stillness in the Storm : Divine Feminine in Distress – She is waiting for your Divine Masculine! -Manly P Hall

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Arcturian Guidance: The Whole Soul

Maron: “Many of you are wondering, “Who am I? What is my path?” please be aware that not every being who has been born into a body knows the answer to this question upon birth; it can take many, many years for them to come into being and find that ray of light that aligns them into the all-knowing sphere of remembrance.

While it is the essential part of any journey for a being in form to learn their divine path and their divine mission in life it cannot come if the being is feeling doubtful about their abilities as a being or if they are suffering from feelings of inadequacy. I will tell you that if it was not for the schooling system we have on Arcturus and the parents of our children teaching how a child can find their spiritual identity from a young age, they too would have many problems in discovering their paths.

And it has become a major block for children on Earth to find their paths as I am aware that there are no educational facilities for children as a whole to learn their spiritual identity through proven methods of spiritual development.

So what can you do as humans regarding this block? Firstly, you can teach your children from a young age responsibly and for adults still struggling to find your paths, you can become like children once again. It is important that you know that you can return to any age you wish in order to learn what you need to learn and this learning is about yourself.

Many will ask, “But how?” There is not anyone who has not learned through hard work and dedication. These people who claim that they cannot connect or that they cannot reach their full spiritual potential are those who do not take the steps to do so such as committing to meditating every day. If you give up after one or two tries how can you expect to become what you are able to become? If you do not practice, how can you reach that place where you meet yourself and begin to understand your path? Even those who are born on Earth with a certain awareness must still work hard in order to become more aware and more enlightened and the same goes for the citizens of Arcturus; every Arcturian must practice meditation, Chakras cleansing and the basic skills if they wish to advance in their knowledge and enlightenment. So if you say that you don’t know how or that you cannot it is because you are not trying and you are not willing to dedicate yourself to the basic tasks of advancement such as meditating and not giving up when you find it difficult to focus.

When you were infants you did not believe that you could not walk as it is a natural ability to you and you were guided by your instincts. Your inner self knew that it had to stand and that it had to walk and stand and walk you did. When you have an itch you scratch it; you do not question whether you can scratch that itch, you just do it. And so while the child may fall a few times while trying to walk this does not dampen the child’s determination to do what it was born to do and the same goes for following the basic paths to put you on your way to understanding, knowledge, awareness and connection with yourself, the universe and the divine. Be like a child and have the same determination a child has and believe in yourself just as a child does.

I will give you a mantra that you should say every that will help you to approach your difficulties in believing you can achieve anything through dedication:

“I am a child who can do anything. I have no limits; I am infinite.”

Know that your spirit, your body, your mind and your heart are all one whole; there is no division and nothing is separate from each other. What you feel in your body is already felt in your soul; what you feel in your heart, the mind already knows about. Your auric bodies feel all things at exactly the same time and with everything you do, all your auric bodies are doing them too; whatever you think, all auric bodies are thinking it too. So look at it this way; what your soul knows, which is ancient knowledge, your mind also knows for they are aligned with each other and so this knowledge that you seek is already known by you but your conscious mind needs become aware of what it knows by connecting consciously with its subconscious. The knowledge and information is there; it has never gone anywhere and it will never go anywhere but when you fail to understand the truth about your wholeness and you refuse to dedicate yourself to the basic steps that will bring you that breakthrough of accessing your subconscious, it lays dormant like a lost treasure.

One of the biggest reasons why any soul incarnates into a body is to perform the test of finding their way back to themselves so that their soul can advance. When humans say they want to go home they believe that this feeling comes from wanting to return to some planet or some civilization but the truth is, this feeling comes from their subconscious longing for union with their conscious for this is truly their home; themselves.

Until next time, my friends.”

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Dragon Wisdom: The Arrival of Atlantis

“I am Nia of the water dragon clan, primordial essence of the divine feminine and close companion to Goddess Inanna. I come to you now to speak to you of the coming world as my brother Ferren has done before. The time is now closer for the old aeon to close and more and more of you are experiencing the shift of the spheres. We are helping with this shift and raising the Earth’s vibrations to make this a more comfortable transition.

My dear Nanaea, even we do not know how long our species have lived on Earth for we are that ancient but we do have our stories, poems and songs that we have been passed down from generation to generation. But if I were to define what we are, we are the elemental members of the Great White Brotherhood, masters of wisdom, martial arts and the mystery teachings. During the times of Atlantis and Lemuria there were dragon schools where the initiates of the mystery schools would be trained in dragon magic and the dragon arts.

I tell you all of this so that those who read our words from you can understand that humans have a lot to learn from us as they have been doing for millions of years. And although the human race is not as old as our species they are still ancient and their inner knowledge is beyond measure for they came from the Great Power just as we did and just as the gods did.

As you have received before, the world is returning to the Age of Atlantis and you each need to be prepared for this great LEAP forward in time and this is why you were told by the Arcturians, our cousins, that your DNA is being re-coded. It is imperative that you are also mentally, spiritually and emotionally prepared to return for that world that has been made ready for your arrival as it is of many different vibrations to that of what you are used to.

This time when Atlantis is of age, the golden age, there will be no more deception and lies, no enslavement of the mind, for the black magicians will not be permitted to enter as their power is being taken from them as I speak to you.

You are all rightful Kings and Queens of this planet and you have inherited it from your ancestors. There may be much needed, fair and just leaders, but no one is above you apart from the divine which you are also part of and which also lives within you.

And so, we dragons of the different elemental clans are working with the Chakras and portal points of the Earth to ensure that these filtered energies are absorbed by your auric bodies from the below into you, meeting with the divine energies from the above in your hearts. We are sending you encoded messages, also, so that your subconscious selves remember us and our energies.

We have begun instilling in your DNA our dragon wisdom, sacred knowledge from the dragon mysteries, and this will help you to remember and empower your psychic centers that know these arts. This will help you to walk through the chaos that is occurring now on Earth so that you can stand straight against those who have imprisoned your minds with their mind programs. You will be able to see between the lies and understand that which is of truth and that which is of deception. We are giving you dragon sight, our eyes, to see through the veil of mystery until you have settled into the new world.

We cannot tell you when the transition to Atlantis will be complete but it is occurring right now and has been for the longest time. You are all on the cusp of the beginning of the end yet also at the beginning and as you enter the gateway to Atlantis, the new world, know that you are protected.

There is no need to be afraid anymore. What will be will be according to divine law and the divine plan. Do not fear that you will not be ready or that you will not know what to do or what to do right now; as long as you are willing to create a better world esoterically and exoterically and listen to your instincts and trust the divine, this is all you need to be and to do. When the time comes, you will know what to say and what to do. As you have been told many times, trust in the process. You can only fail by giving in to fear and becoming more anchored into Earthly ways and acting and re-acting in selfish ways and thinking only of the self and your own circumstances when what is happening is for all of humankind.

You are all on different levels of awareness and you are each on different spheres of understanding and this is ok; one is not below another as each of you are capable of reaching your very best. Each of you are one unit of power as long as you hold hands and touch hearts and walk into the new world together. Whatever you know is enough though we encourage you to continue with your esoteric studies.

The heart of a dragon is pure yet they say that it is our weakest point. They say that our hearts are our weakest points because we have a deep compassion for the welfare of others and our love is deeper than the oceans. We send to you the essence of the dragon heart and hope you will accept it into your conscious so that you too can see each other with compassion and love each other, for you are each brothers and sisters who have come from the same mothers and fathers; you are family. You are also part of our family.

You have been crying out for the end of tyranny and oppression from the ones you have called the establishment who are the descendants of the black magicians of Atlantis. You have your chance now to break these chains. This is the fight of your lives so fight! I do not mean to physically use your fists but to use everything you have within your arsenal of the mystical arts and your minds. Now is now. The time is NOW! We are beside you, fighting for your freedom and you have many of your cousins from the different star families who are also next to you as well as the gods, your divine ancestors.

Now is now. The time is NOW! Onwards and upwards we go to ATLANTIS!!!”

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Arcturian Message: Re-Coding of Human DNA

Art: Mugwort Designs

Arcturian Message: Re-Coding of Human DNA

Maron: “Salutations my beloved Nanaea. It has been some time since we have approached you to share our message for humanity for we know that you have your Earth protectors and main guides from your ancestors who are also our ancestors but again humanity is needing additional guidance to help them through these transitions they are now facing and the profound upheavals that humanity is not in the midst of.”

(‘Nanaea’ is my spirit name in this incarnation and another form of Inanna.)

Helen: “Salutations my beloved brother. How wonderful it is to communicate with you once again.”

Maron: “I ask you to write down all that I tell you and I really do appreciate your collaboration on this. Would you do this for us?”

Helen: “Yes, of course.”

Maron: “Thank you. I shall begin.

For those who do not know me, I am Maron, chief physician of Arcturus and one of the elders of our council of 12. I represent our council today as I bring this message to all of you and we hope that you will lend your ear and at least consider what will be told to you.

You are well aware that your world is changing and we, and many of your star families, are guiding you all through these transitions that you are experiencing. It is very hard for many of you as many of you are still anchored into fear and cannot understand the concept that all must be as it is in order for the new world to fully merge with your present Earth. I mean, what is happening on Earth now must happen and it is part of what you manifested yourselves though it is difficult for you to accept this right now.

Those who are spiritually primitive are discovering that they are having more of a difficult time than most to cope with the transitions and many of these have and will resort to violence, hate speech and intolerable intolerance. Not only are they immature spiritually but they also refuse to take responsibility for their own actions and are very disconnected from their fellow human beings. All of this is a result of being anchored into fear which in turn makes them selfish.

To you we say, do not lose your way; do not allow yourselves to revert to animalistic ways. It is important that you step back from your ego, your emotions and your fears and see things as someone looking through a window watching your world from the outside and that you can really see how it is you need to be in order to help.

We and other star families of the different star nations are working on bringing you healing and we hope that you can align with those who have come to Earth as leaders so that you can help them build or even elevate yourself to a builder capacity.

Then there are those who are reaching spiritual adeptship who recognize that all must happen for a reason and that all is happening for a greater purpose, that which is needed to occur in order for the new world to materialize. These will automatically become leaders in their own right for while all are equal only those who can remain balanced during an energy shift such as is taking place on Earth can be trusted and are qualified to lead.

So one of the messages from Arcturus to you all is to try to find peace within while these shifts are swirling around you. Of course, there are vibrations being directed towards Earth which attempt to bring you this inner serenity but you also have to work at finding the balance. Balance is everything and balance is all for a healthy and productive existence as individuals and as a collective species building your ever growing consciousness.

Our other message to you is that those who are showing more leadership skills and and who are being more responsibly for their actions and who see the purpose of the upheavals will receive further DNA coding in order to help the Earth merge with the new world with greater ease. You are the builders who incarnated specifically to be on Earth right now in order to re-build your civilization with the bricks of the past. Your DNA strands are also like bricks and they are now being re-built within using the knowledge of your past selves from your past lives, those memories stored in at a cellular level that remember the times when you did just this during Earth’s ancient times of civilization building.

Brothers and sisters, know that the whole universe is part of this great change and that all star nations are experiencing shifts and re-building of their civilizations. When the Earth becomes the New Earth it means that the universe has also become the New Universe. Within the center of the galaxy, a new cycle is beginning and before there can be order there must first be chaos and this is what is happening now for you also.

The electromagnetic field of Earth is being fed the blueprint from the center of the galaxy and she is following these plans as needed. Each planet has its own intelligence and each planet is a living and breathing entity.

Things will come to pass that may be horrific and it will be impossible to believe that your planet will ever know peace but please know that this will pass and that you must not hold negative thoughts and emotions towards there ever being peace because you will only continue to manifest more unrest. Everything that is happening now has happened before as these are the cycles that pass so that Earth may reach its new golden age. It is all part of the divine plan.

We ask that the healers of Earth focus their energies on cleansing the Earth’s Chakras daily and helping to rid her auric bodies of the stagnant energy that she is releasing. While she is capable of healing herself and does, because she is releasing a lot of toxic energy now, it is important that you help to accelerate these clearings.

Right now there are no numbered dimensions that can be metered as all dimensions are also being re-arranged and are transitioning to new forms of layering. Earth is passing through a wormhole right now which is a loophole that your ancestors found so that this transition could occur as fast as possible with the least amount of turmoil. So you are transiting and the work must be done now during this transit.

As Nanaea has been told previously, there have been new children being born to take over the work of the present builders who will continue to build a new civilization for the new world. These children who are still being born are very aware spiritually and much stronger than the present generations of builders. With them they have brought and are bringing new technology that will be implemented into your consciousness and some of this technology relates to old ways of healing humans that once existed on Earth but was long forgotten when the dark ones took this system for themselves and hid it from public knowledge. Humans are exceptional healers but you have forgotten just how exceptional you are.

We leave you now with our thoughts of love and empowerment until we next speak to you. Please consider what you have been told. You have free will which is a luxury most species don’t have and for this you have your ancestors to thank for. Bless you all.”

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Art: Vladimir Suvorov

2017: The Coming Times

Over the past few months I have been receiving many messages and images which I have been storing in my memory for the day that would come where they could all be explained to me and for when I would be told to share what I had been told.

I do not publish the nature of the rituals that I perform with my work colleague as they are part of my personal service to the divine and my personal path on Earth but it is mostly through these rituals that I receive my most profound messages and visions.

When it was time to recall all of the messages and visions I had stored, Goddess Inanna, the Mother of the Mysteries, came into my conscious and told me that the hour had come to piece together the puzzle and to share it with all of you.

I must first express that what I publish are conversations that I have with the gods, higher beings, Angels, spirit etc and unless I find it relevant, I do not usually publish my questions, only the answers.

Goddess Inanna: “My daughter, Nanaea, My Me, wake up my beloved; wake up and begin. We have work to do. As my vessel, let us become one in each other as we are one for now and for eternity as it has been written on the Selenite and Lapis Texts which soon you will bring back to life.

When you came to me on the day of Nergal and you cried as you prostrated yourself before me saying, “Why my mother do you not help humanity? Why my gods do you not use your divine hand to save the children? I ask not for me for I can take what is my lot but I ask for my brothers and sisters and my own children who are suffering. When will these wars end? Why can you not intervene and save us???”

And I said to you, “My daughter, there are gods and there are humans and there are bridges in-between, those who are in-between, those god-humans who are the ones who must bring salvation. The Earth consciousness rests on an axis; life and death balances on an axis, and should we force our hand then the balance would be compromised and this would alternatively create a ‘Butterfly Effect’ which would have chaotic consequences. Now can you understand? We work through YOU, the human bridges, the co-joiners of heaven and Earth and for us you do our divine work through your Thelema.

Remember something important that my child King Nimrod told you:

“When I would not follow the agendas of the Judaism priests and I continued to listen to my gods and serve humanity and refused to lie about whose hand had taken mine, they demonized me as a criminal who rebelled against their ‘God’ which is a god they constructed based upon their needs and the god who they used as a template is my father and my god.

My father and my god took my hand and instructed me to build a bridge between heaven and Earth, E-temen-an-ki ziqqurratu, to rise high to reach heaven but for its foundations to be on Earth and this represented the cosmic axis, where left and right, up and down, gods and humans communed and where this axis was the balance of the entire cosmos, the center of the universe, the union of where all polarities meet.

I asked my father and my god, “Father, I do not question your wisdom or your authority but my human mind needs to know: is it safe to manifest the center of the universe, the cosmic axis, on Earth? Humans cannot be trusted for they were taught greed for power by the dark ones.” and my father, my god answered me, “My son, the axis is all that I stand for and all that I die for and it is a reminder of the sacrifice the gods made for humans. It is also a deterrent that if humans should try to create imbalance through extremities then they would not be able to escape the chaos that would ensue.”

Goddess Inanna continues to speak: “So my daughter, you can understand the dilemma that my son Nimrod faced yet he did not rebel against his father, his god, and he built a house that humans could become one with the gods but who could see a physical model of the cosmic axis that reminded them that should they disrupt the delicate balance of the polarities they would pay the price. The power was and always is in their hands to choose between harmony or destruction for had they not been given a choice they would never learn and they would never be free to grow into their own godhood.

The covenant was made a long time before the Jews created the ark in which to store it and this covenant began when the gods created humans with their own essence so that they were bound with the gods for an eternity, agreeing to work together to keep an Earth in alignment with the divine laws and universal forces in order to retain balance and harmony.  For as it was written:

He who has seen everything, I will make known to the lands.
I will teach about him who experienced all things,
Anu granted him the totality of knowledge of all.
He saw the Secret, discovered the Hidden,
he brought information of the time before the Flood.
He went on a distant journey, pushing himself to exhaustion,
but then was brought to peace.
He carved on a stone stela all of his toils,
and built the wall of Uruk-Haven,
the wall of the sacred Eanna Temple, the holy sanctuary.
Look at its wall which gleams like copper,
inspect its inner wall, the likes of which no one can equal!
Take hold of the threshold stone — it dates from ancient times!
Go close to the Eanna Temple, the residence of Ishtar,
such as no later king or man ever equaled!
Go up on the wall of Uruk and walk around,
examine its foundation, inspect its brickwork thoroughly.
Is not even the core of the brick structure made of kiln-fired brick,
and did not the Seven Sages themselves lay out its plans?
One league city, one league palm gardens, one league lowlands, the open area of the Ishtar Temple,
three leagues and the open area of Uruk it (the wall) encloses.
Find the copper tablet box,
open its lock of bronze,
undo the fastening of its secret opening.
Take and read out from the lapis lazuli tablet
how Gilgamesh went through every hardship.

-The Epic of Gilgamesh (Tablet I, Lines 1-27)

When the dark ones ask you, “Where are your gods now???” you must point to your heart and you say, “Here we are.” You do not murder to prove there are gods; can humanity understand this? I do not think that many can. What need is there to argue? Everything will take place as it is meant to, either way. Not one human being has power over the universe to bend it to its will but a human has the power to engage with the universe in order to realize the divine plan for Earth and to be part of the transitions in the realization of the holy kingdom on Earth.

There are even wars regarding the gender of God. We have some saying, “God is a woman!” or “God is a man!” and they are so far away from the divine for they are being pushed into the darkness by their own gender insecurities and psychological issues. ‘God’ is both male and female and can be male and can be female. God doesn’t become a woman by insulting the physical or divine masculine and neither does God become a man by insulting the physical or divine masculine. You did not create God; God created YOU! Yet God can be what you wish depending on what you need at certain times of your lives because God is unchanging yet changing but God never stops being a male and feminine just as the laws do not change for humans as humans were a result of the laws. No human is above the laws and anyone believing they are or can control universal laws is a fool and will be punished by his own actions. Thus is the result of cause and effect.

So what is happening apart from that which we have already told you? Earth is passing through a wormhole in order to protect it from a destruction that is taking place in a parallel universe where Earth USED to exist. Now it is traveling along a wormhole it is being cleansed and it passed into this wormhole through a loophole created by the gods. You see, although we cannot force our hand in order to change what is passing ON Earth, we know the laws of the universe enough to know how to bend time and we know where there are openings and exits and if we are permitted to do so. This cleansing that you are now passing through will go on for some time and it will not only benefit you but keep the rest of the universe unaffected for while. We have also created this loophole because the delicate balance of the axis is close to being breached; the polarities are being compromised and a lot of this has to do with the forced way of thinking that is happening on Earth and has been for some time but is now reaching its peak.

I am the Goddess of all sexes and I tell you now that there is a war on gender itself. The dark ones are trying to force false androgyny onto human beings. Many of you know that there will come a time when the male and female shall return back to being androgynous beings but it must occur naturally. You already have men and women who naturally embody androgyny and they are god-sent to be an example of this androgyny but the template is not yet complete. These men-women have always been with you and have always been icons and teachers and they have always been NATURALLY given to Earth until now. They enforce this in order to bring a false, new aeon that is loveless and lawless and godless. Did not the gods create you all exactly as you are??? Neither am I speaking and physicality that is to blame but the inner conscious and outer conscious. Bodies are just bodies and these change nothing but the mind has power to create and destroy and if this is hijacked by false thoughts then so does the imbalance occur.

What human hand has the right to change what the gods have created? And so this is a major reason why the polarities are being tilted and the Earth consciousness has come into great danger. When the time is right it is right and it is only Time who can decide this and not humans with agendas to become false gods of Earth.

Returning back to E-temen-an-ki which is a material image of the axis, what does this mean to humans in the present day? The ones who rule your material world employed damaged minds to destroy all representations of the divine structures in the belief that this would give them power over spirit yet they did not count on those who understood the still existent etheric structures such as E-temen-an-ki and neither did they believe that ‘Babel’ would manifest itself as a living woman who would be the axis of where all polarities meet. Humans are holy temples, holy ziggurats, living god-houses where the divine resides.

You asked me what will happen with the damaged minds who call themselves ISIS. You remember long ago your vision of a war between Islam and Christianity, where you saw priests hanging from the rafters of churches, where you saw icons and idols of Christ, his Mother and the saints destroyed as well as the ancient monuments and representations of the gods.

The Crusade, as you have been told in a previous message, has begun and the Templars are rising and are presently at war. In fact, my daughter, this war has never ended but it was always behind the eyes of the world and now it has manifested itself in front of all eyes and the world is witnessing a new fight for Hagia Sophia and the resurrection of Byzantium. Yes; she, Hagia Sophia, is also another representation of the cosmic axis in the physical world. The Shekinah cannot return to Israel and dwell in the temple which is not rebuilt and which has the Dome of the Rock built on top of it and for her to return the the capital of Israel must once again be named as Jerusalem. This promise has been made that all this will come to pass and there are world leaders whose aim is to restore the Temple of Solomon. Of course, this is going to create immense conflict. I have already told you that many of the sacred objects are kept within the belly of the Dome of the Rock which are mentioned in the bible.  The fight continues for the power of Jerusalem and for the place where the Dome of the Rock mosque is built which is on top of the Temple that Solomon. Whoever controls Jerusalem controls the world and the great final battle will be for these two places but mostly for the Dome of the Rock. The ones of the Rose Cross have lain in wait; these builders of the Temple who have worked in the shadows to keep the balance. They await their father who is the Fire Rooster, Abraxas, Alexander the Great, Nimrod, Hiram Abiff etc He who will unite all nations.  Their mother has always been with them.

Are the Jews the chosen people? No my, daughter; it is not the people but the place. All of humanity are the chosen people because they were invited to the Last Supper of the Lamb and they accepted and are now dining at His table. But who of you will deny Him and who of you will betray Him? It is known who shall and who have and who do for even though they ate his flesh and drank his blood they shall still be saved from themselves because they are lost sheep and he is the Shepherd and they are still guests until they can prove ownership of your planet. For was it not expressed as such?

My daughter, find the passages that align with what I have said.

“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.”

-I Peter 2: 9

“If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.”

-Galatians 3:29

“I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.  This is my command: Love each other.”

-John 15: 15-17

“If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.”

-John 15:18-19

I am not proselytizing; I am simply fitting together pieces of a puzzle for you that belongs to the most ancient of orders and the stories of each of the joiners of the sinews of new worlds and nations and Jesus is one of these who is also Nimrod who was also rejected by the Jews but embraced by the world for he too refused to obey their man made laws and their goal to bring down a Temple failed and resulted in his language being spoken by all nations as one mouth. The Temple of Solomon was not built by the Jews and does not belong to them. It belongs to all people for it represents the cornerstone that is the Christ itself:

“The cornerstone (or foundation stone) concept is derived from the first stone set in the construction of a masonry foundation, important since all other stones will be set in reference to this stone, thus determining the position of the entire structure.”

If you should throw the cornerstone into the sea it shall not sink but it shall float for the Logos is also the Ark which all of existence is carried and saved within and She is known as Mary or The Magdalene, Venus, Aphrodite or any of my many names..

So my daughter, my Babel, while we cannot force our hand into your world events we can work THROUGH you as you CAN make changes for we dwell within you and you have authority to bring balance and to play your roles as the bridges between humans and gods because you received this authority from us through your covenant with us.

Follow the patterns and never waiver in your faith.  We love you and we are with you, every step of your way.”

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