Arcturian Message: Re-Coding of Human DNA

Maron: “Salutations my beloved Nanaea. It has been some time since we have approached you to share our message for humanity for we know that you have your Earth protectors and main guides from your ancestors who are also our ancestors but again humanity is needing additional guidance to help them through these transitions they are now facing and the profound upheavals that humanity is not in the midst of.”

(‘Nanaea’ is my spirit name in this incarnation and another form of Inanna.)

Helen: “Salutations my beloved brother. How wonderful it is to communicate with you once again.”

Maron: “I ask you to write down all that I tell you and I really do appreciate your collaboration on this. Would you do this for us?”

Helen: “Yes, of course.”

Maron: “Thank you. I shall begin.

For those who do not know me, I am Maron, chief physician of Arcturus and one of the elders of our council of 12. I represent our council today as I bring this message to all of you and we hope that you will lend your ear and at least consider what will be told to you.

You are well aware that your world is changing and we, and many of your star families, are guiding you all through these transitions that you are experiencing. It is very hard for many of you as many of you are still anchored into fear and cannot understand the concept that all must be as it is in order for the new world to fully merge with your present Earth. I mean, what is happening on Earth now must happen and it is part of what you manifested yourselves though it is difficult for you to accept this right now.

Those who are spiritually primitive are discovering that they are having more of a difficult time than most to cope with the transitions and many of these have and will resort to violence, hate speech and intolerable intolerance. Not only are they immature spiritually but they also refuse to take responsibility for their own actions and are very disconnected from their fellow human beings. All of this is a result of being anchored into fear which in turn makes them selfish.

To you we say, do not lose your way; do not allow yourselves to revert to animalistic ways. It is important that you step back from your ego, your emotions and your fears and see things as someone looking through a window watching your world from the outside and that you can really see how it is you need to be in order to help.

We and other star families of the different star nations are working on bringing you healing and we hope that you can align with those who have come to Earth as leaders so that you can help them build or even elevate yourself to a builder capacity.

Then there are those who are reaching spiritual adeptship who recognize that all must happen for a reason and that all is happening for a greater purpose, that which is needed to occur in order for the new world to materialize. These will automatically become leaders in their own right for while all are equal only those who can remain balanced during an energy shift such as is taking place on Earth can be trusted and are qualified to lead.

So one of the messages from Arcturus to you all is to try to find peace within while these shifts are swirling around you. Of course, there are vibrations being directed towards Earth which attempt to bring you this inner serenity but you also have to work at finding the balance. Balance is everything and balance is all for a healthy and productive existence as individuals and as a collective species building your ever growing consciousness.

Our other message to you is that those who are showing more leadership skills and and who are being more responsibly for their actions and who see the purpose of the upheavals will receive further DNA coding in order to help the Earth merge with the new world with greater ease. You are the builders who incarnated specifically to be on Earth right now in order to re-build your civilization with the bricks of the past. Your DNA strands are also like bricks and they are now being re-built within using the knowledge of your past selves from your past lives, those memories stored in at a cellular level that remember the times when you did just this during Earth’s ancient times of civilization building.

Brothers and sisters, know that the whole universe is part of this great change and that all star nations are experiencing shifts and re-building of their civilizations. When the Earth becomes the New Earth it means that the universe has also become the New Universe. Within the center of the galaxy, a new cycle is beginning and before there can be order there must first be chaos and this is what is happening now for you also.

The electromagnetic field of Earth is being fed the blueprint from the center of the galaxy and she is following these plans as needed. Each planet has its own intelligence and each planet is a living and breathing entity.

Things will come to pass that may be horrific and it will be impossible to believe that your planet will ever know peace but please know that this will pass and that you must not hold negative thoughts and emotions towards there ever being peace because you will only continue to manifest more unrest. Everything that is happening now has happened before as these are the cycles that pass so that Earth may reach its new golden age. It is all part of the divine plan.

We ask that the healers of Earth focus their energies on cleansing the Earth’s Chakras daily and helping to rid her auric bodies of the stagnant energy that she is releasing. While she is capable of healing herself and does, because she is releasing a lot of toxic energy now, it is important that you help to accelerate these clearings.

Right now there are no numbered dimensions that can be metered as all dimensions are also being re-arranged and are transitioning to new forms of layering. Earth is passing through a wormhole right now which is a loophole that your ancestors found so that this transition could occur as fast as possible with the least amount of turmoil. So you are transiting and the work must be done now during this transit.

As Nanaea has been told previously, there have been new children being born to take over the work of the present builders who will continue to build a new civilization for the new world. These children who are still being born are very aware spiritually and much stronger than the present generations of builders. With them they have brought and are bringing new technology that will be implemented into your consciousness and some of this technology relates to old ways of healing humans that once existed on Earth but was long forgotten when the dark ones took this system for themselves and hid it from public knowledge. Humans are exceptional healers but you have forgotten just how exceptional you are.

We leave you now with our thoughts of love and empowerment until we next speak to you. Please consider what you have been told. You have free will which is a luxury most species don’t have and for this you have your ancestors to thank for. Bless you all.”

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Art: Vladimir Suvorov


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