Arcturian Guidance: The Whole Soul

Maron: “Many of you are wondering, “Who am I? What is my path?” please be aware that not every being who has been born into a body knows the answer to this question upon birth; it can take many, many years for them to come into being and find that ray of light that aligns them into the all-knowing sphere of remembrance.

While it is the essential part of any journey for a being in form to learn their divine path and their divine mission in life it cannot come if the being is feeling doubtful about their abilities as a being or if they are suffering from feelings of inadequacy. I will tell you that if it was not for the schooling system we have on Arcturus and the parents of our children teaching how a child can find their spiritual identity from a young age, they too would have many problems in discovering their paths.

And it has become a major block for children on Earth to find their paths as I am aware that there are no educational facilities for children as a whole to learn their spiritual identity through proven methods of spiritual development.

So what can you do as humans regarding this block? Firstly, you can teach your children from a young age responsibly and for adults still struggling to find your paths, you can become like children once again. It is important that you know that you can return to any age you wish in order to learn what you need to learn and this learning is about yourself.

Many will ask, “But how?” There is not anyone who has not learned through hard work and dedication. These people who claim that they cannot connect or that they cannot reach their full spiritual potential are those who do not take the steps to do so such as committing to meditating every day. If you give up after one or two tries how can you expect to become what you are able to become? If you do not practice, how can you reach that place where you meet yourself and begin to understand your path? Even those who are born on Earth with a certain awareness must still work hard in order to become more aware and more enlightened and the same goes for the citizens of Arcturus; every Arcturian must practice meditation, Chakras cleansing and the basic skills if they wish to advance in their knowledge and enlightenment. So if you say that you don’t know how or that you cannot it is because you are not trying and you are not willing to dedicate yourself to the basic tasks of advancement such as meditating and not giving up when you find it difficult to focus.

When you were infants you did not believe that you could not walk as it is a natural ability to you and you were guided by your instincts. Your inner self knew that it had to stand and that it had to walk and stand and walk you did. When you have an itch you scratch it; you do not question whether you can scratch that itch, you just do it. And so while the child may fall a few times while trying to walk this does not dampen the child’s determination to do what it was born to do and the same goes for following the basic paths to put you on your way to understanding, knowledge, awareness and connection with yourself, the universe and the divine. Be like a child and have the same determination a child has and believe in yourself just as a child does.

I will give you a mantra that you should say every that will help you to approach your difficulties in believing you can achieve anything through dedication:

“I am a child who can do anything. I have no limits; I am infinite.”

Know that your spirit, your body, your mind and your heart are all one whole; there is no division and nothing is separate from each other. What you feel in your body is already felt in your soul; what you feel in your heart, the mind already knows about. Your auric bodies feel all things at exactly the same time and with everything you do, all your auric bodies are doing them too; whatever you think, all auric bodies are thinking it too. So look at it this way; what your soul knows, which is ancient knowledge, your mind also knows for they are aligned with each other and so this knowledge that you seek is already known by you but your conscious mind needs become aware of what it knows by connecting consciously with its subconscious. The knowledge and information is there; it has never gone anywhere and it will never go anywhere but when you fail to understand the truth about your wholeness and you refuse to dedicate yourself to the basic steps that will bring you that breakthrough of accessing your subconscious, it lays dormant like a lost treasure.

One of the biggest reasons why any soul incarnates into a body is to perform the test of finding their way back to themselves so that their soul can advance. When humans say they want to go home they believe that this feeling comes from wanting to return to some planet or some civilization but the truth is, this feeling comes from their subconscious longing for union with their conscious for this is truly their home; themselves.

Until next time, my friends.”

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Art: Alex Gray


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