Archangels Chakras Activation (mp3 audio)

Description: You are a being of pure of light and energy and part of every living being on Earth as well as every living being in the universe. You are divine and able to be in constant alignment with the holy messengers of the creator.

The Archangels are healers, mentors, teachers and guides who work on all levels of consciousness. Each of the Archangels are paired with the Chakra corresponding with their vibration. By the chakras being activated by the Archangels, your physical body and all of your astral bodies are aligned with their divine energies. Each Chakra is fully opened, cleansed, balanced and begins to operate an a divine level of consciousness. Not only does this reconnect you with the source of ALL love and peace but reconnects your subconscious and conscious together which both reside within your own godhood.

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