Channeled Interview with Apollo!

I am not interested in what ideas they have of me whether true or created…and when I say ‘they’ I mean the Greeks. You are both far too intelligent to think that this is even of the slightest importance, especially when you know the ancient status of my existence.

I came forth as a creation of all things, light and dark. I give the light to the good and I give the dark to the disobedient. I give healing to the worthy and I give disease to the unworthy. There is nothing mystical in what and who I am. It is really very simple. As for those who created an image for me, neither does this have any bearing on my interest. They were dealt with as was their due for as they led the simple minded and ignorant into the pit of the snake, so were they bitten and injected with the same poison they had unleashed onto the willing followers who at the time were looking for salvation among the gods, namely the sun god archetype with which for the Greeks, was me.

I AM the fish. Believe me now when I say to you, that the Piscean age was already introduced into reality even before my incarnation as Jesus. Why, you ask? Because I brought the delphinian beliefs from Atlantis after they were nearly destroyed by the dark brotherhood even then and so to preserve it, I projected it onto humanity to keep it safe and alive.

I am the preserver of the womb of growth as I protect the feminine side of the males and I am embraced by women for my preservation of the balance between the God and Goddess within both genders. The fish is the womb, remember this; as it was my symbol, the symbol of Jesus, so it is the symbol of the Goddess, the sacred feminine from which all life enters your dominion.

I am the protector and the projector; I am the builder and the demolisher; I am the bringer of life and I am the bringer of death. Do you think that there were Greeks or anyone of any nation who knew of me that didn’t know this? Of course they did yet they were not permitted to tell the truth.

And I like the way Theophilos calls the Greeks caught in the net of the sea serpent “Burnt” for they are burnt…by me…yet there is a safe passage out of this fire where my rays can be warming and life giving…yet this is for them to discover if they allow their arrogance to simmer down just a little and step into the waters of life.

The fish…the water…the sun…exits, entries, baptism, LIFE! You can be eaten by the fish or you can exit the fish into life…you can allow the sun to help you grow or you can let it turn you to ash…you can allow the water to drown you or you can learn how to swim and let it baptize you by the Father who you know to the Greeks is truly Poseidon and you know him as Enki.

I hold the key to heaven and I have the key to hell…I can open the doorways of your soul or lock them completely. What is the use in human free will if they allow others to make their decisions for them? This is not a case of complete loss of thought; it is a case of decisions and the choices given to humans are simple. So what makes them confused? Their ignorance to the divinity within themselves and the divine working through them. It doesn’t matter whether I am male or female…I can be both if I need to be yet this is not based on a sexual thing; this is based on my responsibility of trying to balance the two polarities on Earth for this is what I am. Yet I am the raging, male, phallic fire.

*Note: he does NOT feel like a female energy at all..he is VERY male in his essence and it is very overpowering.

Theophilos: Who are Dionysus and Apollyon? What is their relation to you?

*He shakes his head and he looks slightly disappointed by this question*

You know already that Apollyon is the destroyer and I have explained that I am also the destroyer so this would mean that Apollyon is me and Apollyon is a label to depict me in my destroyer mode.

Dionysus is also me as I play the fertility aspect but also when I incarnate as a man god, a mortal god on Earth.

Helen: Are you Marduk?

Am I Michael? Yes. Am I Marduk? Yes. In fact, it was Marduk who brought the Piscean age back from Atlantis to preserve it and he became not only the Shepherd, the Farmer but also the fisherman. He is the keeper of the sword, the sword of truth and the bringer of the keeper of the Logos.

Helen: So who is Apollo? Who are you as Apollo?

You should rephrase your question and ask me, “What is Apollo”.

Helen: What is Apollo?

*He smiles*

I am an accumulated energy of all the archetypes of the Sun..I am a force, not unlike the Shakti but not as she…I am an invisible entity which embodies all the essence of the Christ manifestations. I am all.

Helen: So the being I am seeing as you is just a projection from you?

Yes and it is what you would expect to see, what you expected me to look like.

Helen: But what about when I visited your temple in Cyprus? I saw you as a golden winged being and you told me you were Archangel Michael…what does this mean?

That is also me. My wings were a symbol to tell you that I am not a static being…I cannot be pinned down into one image for I am many.

Helen: You remind me of what I believed God to be.

That is because I am but in a form that you can handle. This is why I do not care what they say about me because they are describing a being who doesn’t exist…I have my manifestations who show the truth and project what is needed.

Theophilos: Who is Zeus?

Zeus is also an accumulated energy who manifests in many different archetypes. This is what you need to know; none of the Greek gods were ever beings with a body; all of us are an accumulation of the original energies put into consciousness. We were projected energies. We ARE the Anunnaki gods yet they could not rule in two places at once and so projected their energies…this is why we have so many names. Our stories as Greek gods run parallel to those of the Egyptian and of course Babylonian gods because we are them. This is not so hard to do.

But you have to remind yourself that we also left and so this is when we began to manifest in matter and send our avatars to Earth.

Theophilos: Is there any Epsilon team?

Do you remember Helen the symbol you found that belongs to the Babylonian sun god Shamash?

*I nod*

This is the original symbol which depicts the rays of the sun yet it does not mean Epsilon; it means PSI. it is a symbol of protection and is also meaning ‘wheel’ because it is a form of swastika symbolism. Do you remember when you went to my temple in Cyprus? And do you remember you saw the symbol PSI?

Helen: YES!!!!

This is the true symbol…not epsilon. These people are fueled by a false doctrine, not by the ancient gods though they believe they are. They have been created in order to keep love out of Greece and they are so far away from the divinities and the light beings of other planets that they cannot hear us talking to them.

There is one who is a leader and he truly is like an anti Christ figure for he is leading them away from the light of the sun and of course he has been put in place by the Greek elite.

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