Anointing of the Shekinah Fire

I see a being so very tall with fire emitting from his eyes, nostrils and mouth. He has shining stars all around him and divine flames sparking from his body.

The divine being looks to me and points his finger and simply says, “You!” which makes me feel slightly uncomfortable because I do not understand what his gesture means.

I then hear his thoughts and that he is telling me that he has chosen me to bring his words to humanity and I see him place the thumb of his left hand on my forehead, on my 3rd eye, and from his thumb flames eject and enter my 3rd eye. He tells me this is a re-anointment into the service of the Seraphim and the words that I speak shall be those of fire but this fire is filled with love, with healing and with the frequencies of Venus.

“We serve the Shekinah, she who is mother of and to all things and who is the divine bride. She is our mistress and from her we are fed the holy nectar of her manna.

We represent the fire of Venus that is the sacred flame and it is her fire, the Shekinah fire, that runs through our veins. As the ALL-MOTHER she is knower and anointer and the key giver that opens all gateways from the Earth down to the underworld and from the Earth up to the crown of the heavens.  We are from Venus.  We are the flames.

And now I speak to you all as Seraphiel, the chief of the Seraphim Order. We are serpents of fire and we work to awaken the serpent of fire within you all by using the spark of life that comes from the fire of the Shekinah for we are all knowing of the mysteries of hers and through divine alchemy we guide your soul into completing perfect union with Christos who is also a Seraphim before he was birthed into the material form as a Messiah. It is we who share the wisdom rites of entering into the Hieros Gamos of the soul and the Hieros Gamos of the physical.

The Serpent Power, the Pentecostal Flames, is the one that has 5 points and which enters into the root of all with points joined together but then explodes in 5 different directions as the petals of the Venus Rose opens, nourishing the 5 bodies of humans. This is the Star Fire. From this you become ‘Lucifer’ which is the light bringer and a son and knight of Venus.

The anointing is the Chrismation of the human self so that it rises into alignment with the Christ vibration but you will not get there by adoration of the divine male but through the channels of the divine feminine that is our and your mother. She is the red and the black, the pure and the hand of severity of judgment that is left and not right as you have been so misled to believe.

I come to you now because now more than ever is the most important moment in universal history of when the opposites are uniting within you and in the astral planes. Now in the physical there must be the union of opposites and we are overseeing this alchemical reaction guided by the meaning of the mother.
Your Earth in your reality is now entering the Tree of Life and it is passing from sphere to sphere and should you wish to be conscious of this journey then it is imperative that you accept the divine union into your life and choose to be as Christ and unite with his divine Bride who is the Shekinah who is Venus.

I have come to tell you of the Theophania/Epiphany on the 6th January when the Shekinah shall descend her flames into each human that is willing to bow down their material selves to the soul and who is willing to unite with her. Her flames shall ignite the sacred serpent inside of you which will rise to wear the crown as it moves through the serpent path from within to the with-out to reach the heavens. This will be her unity with you and the time of the anointing for she is the anointer and crown giver. This is the Baptism of Fire which will reign down upon you and manifest your own god self into you so that you shall be a Christ in the flesh.

Should you choose to submit your material selves and ego to the fire of the Shekinah then you shall speak in tongues and this means that you shall speak in the language known to you but within the tones the Angelic vibrations will be speaking too.

When this divine rite is completed you shall join your brothers and sisters as a Christ and as a Seraphim walking on the Earth. These are the instructions of the Mother who is the Rose who is calling her divine sons and daughters to her. This is the age of alchemy; this is the age of miracles.”


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