Angelic Ascension Packages

Your Angels are around you all of the time and they want to communicate with you just as much as you want to communicate with them and as your guardians and guides, they are waiting to assist you in your personal healing, spiritual growth and ascension process.

With this in mind, the teachers of Esophoria Mystery School have designed Angelic Ascension Packages that can help you to connect with your Angels and to achieve a more enlightened state of being through the various guided meditations, activations and mantras that are contained in each package.

By embarking on this journey into the Angelic realms you will notice that you are more aware of the divinity within yourself, others and all of nature. As you work through each tool within each Angelic Ascension Package, you shall shift into alignment with the celestial hosts and all who meet you will also be affected by your positive and illuminating vibrations.

These packages are ideal for anyone looking to heal and ascend through the Angelic Ascension process and they are helpful for anyone who wishes to create a deeper relationship with these divine messengers of heaven.

Note: For those wishing to purchase an Angel Ascension Package and who have already bought 2 or more products within the desired package, please contact us.
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