An Announcement from Esophoria

Dear Esophorians,

We would first like to thank you for your constant support of Esophoria Mystery School and your continued patience as we rebuild our website.

As many of you know from our announcement on our Facebook fan page, our website collapsed and we lost all the work that we had published for the past 3 months. What was very strange was that our website was the only one to go down and our provider did not understand what had happened.

We did not wish to publish this but we have been urged to by our guides and mentors, the Anunnaki, to explain to you that we had received some emails from a group who claimed to be supporters of the dark brotherhood and who threatened to hack into our website if we continued to reveal the mysteries to humanity and make it public knowledge. Of course, we refused, and we continue to refuse. After our website went down we received another email from the same group of people who claimed that it was they who had done this to stop us sharing sacred knowledge to enlighten humanity.

As our whole mission here on Earth is to share wisdom and we are committed to our mission and we will not back down.

As we rebuild our website, we reach out to you and ask you to continue to support us and not only us, but the enlightenment that we are dedicated to delivering to you. We ask you to share our work to spread the wisdom, love and enlightenment given to us by the divine, and we ask you to do so in order to fight the tyranny of this world that tries to keep the sacred teachings locked away to ensure human ignorance. Thank you.

With love,

Theophilos and Helen
The Esophoria Mystery School Team


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