Aleister Crowley and Thelema

In the past Helen and I have received visits from a well known magician called Aleister Crowley. He was a misguided unfortunate who believed that could defy and challenge the gods but now he regrets all that he did. Because of this he is bound within a dimension of his own creation because of his life choices and he has become a puppet of Thoth, working for his patterns, playing mostly the role of the fool and the devil, and he is a part of Thoth initiation system.

Today visited us again because for some reason I had remembered his work and we had a small conversation. I wanted to know for whom he is working because for some reason, Thoth allowed him to have access to our channels and to interact with us.

Here is the small conversation we had (note that AC is Aleister Crowley):

Theophilos: Do you work for the dark brotherhood?

AC: No.

Theophilos: Why do you exist and what are all these foolish things you are doing?

AC: I don’t exist.

Theophilos: Are you Thoth like you told me last time?

AC: No. Look, I am just doing what I have been told.

Theophilos: If you are not working for the dark brotherhood, then who gives you commands?

AC: Thoth tells me what to do.

Theophilos: So why you came here again?

AC: To give you Thelema.

Theophilos: What do you mean to give me Thelema? Are you saying you wish to make me your student? I have already told you that I am planning to work in a project named ‘Thelema Restored’, to reverse your foolishness. Do you mean that you are giving me the rights of Thelema?

AC: Yes. I mentioned to you before that it was given to me but it was pure and I corrupted it.

Theophilos: What is wrong with you?

AC: In the beginning I wanted to do the right thing, to help humanity but I made some big mistakes. I turned the divine Mother Ishtar into a whore and desecrated her energy. I righted this, though, when I created Wicca; I gave back the Goddess her purity through Wicca and restored the teachings of duality.

Theophilos: What went wrong?

AC: The ‘devil’ tricked me. (He laughs)

Theophilos: I know that you are a great occult master. I can see this like I can see that you are a fool and no one should trust you.

AC: Believe me; don’t trust me.

He later went on to explain something about the pentagram and he also said to me some other things that does not make sense right now and isn’t worth mentioning. He also told me that I have something that he didn’t and this is the support of Ishtar. He told me that because she would not submit to him he fed the Whore of Babylon projection to use her energy and to heal her rejection of him.

This is just an announcement that in future I will work on a project titled “Thelema Restored” and Aleister Crowley will help me with it. It is also an opportunity to explain to the misguided people that there is NOT an escape from the patterns of Thoth. This is the Aeon of Horus and not the Aeon of Crowley. I just needed to send this message out for people that may understand.

Here is a song dedicated to my ‘friend’:

Won’t you ride my white horse?


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