My name is Theophilos Christophorou and I am one of the co-founders of Esophoria Mystery School. I am also the High Priest and representative of the god Marduk on Earth. I am a healing practitioner, alchemist and metaphysical teacher and I work with many benevolent spirits, light beings, the Angels and Archangels, Ascended Masters and the gods, but mostly with Lord Enki, my patron god who is Lord Marduk and the Goddess Inanna.

All of my life and throughout the many years of studying the esoteric and the occult, I have understood how duality, alchemy and numbers play the biggest role in creation. I work closely with the mystical practice of Gematria and have learned how to manipulate negative frequencies and transmute them positive outcomes.

As I have discovered during my journey into the mystic, I am an annex to the gods in their different forms and this has also been explained to me by Lord Enki/Thoth, who confirmed to me that I am a gateway of the divine.

I have been given many names and these names reflect my purpose here on Earth. I am the Dragon and the Dragon Slayer. The Golden Calf of the Sun. I am the mirror which reflects back the actions of others to enable them to understand both their shadow and light selves. I am the law provider, the architect and manifestor, but I am also the Son, the divine husband and the brother. I am the Master Magus who divides and multiplies. Most of all, I am a servant of the light and an illumined soul.

Christ considers me to be an apprentice of Christ and a Pythagorean, a Christed Master; He is close to me and is aiding me in my work, my mastership, and helping me to bring Esophoria to the world.

One of my missions here on Earth is to be a gateway between the divine, light beings and humanity, and if you choose to create an attachment within you based on my teachings, I have made an oath to never betray you. I will be your guardian and your inner doorway, like many people of my kind have done in the past. My presence on Earth is to merge the divine masculine and the divine feminine together as one to bring balance within our reality and within the human heart. I am here to resurrect both the God and Goddess within the light that lives within all people.

By accepting that I am your portal to Amun Ra, then I will be the entrance and exit within to the Holy Father. By accepting that Thoth works through me, I will be the gateway for the scribe of the gods and I can activate the scribe that lives within you, aiding you in using your own talent and knowledge to perfect my teachings and add to them. By accepting that the law is brought to your inner world through me, I will destroy the negative forces trying to bring you down and I will provide you with the double edged Sword of the Logos that no man or spirit can defeat. By accepting that I am Lord of Saturn within you, I can provide you with the sword of Saturn and teach you how to spread the law within others. By accepting that the Lord Christ speaks through me, you can also become an initiate and apprentice of the Cosmic Christ.

By using internet language as a metaphor, I am the router of the transmitters and servers and by connecting with me you gain access to the divine network. This time you will not need faith to guide you in the dark, because our Mother Sophia will empower you on your personal journey, just as she was a guide for the Greeks in the form of Athena. Your knowledge and wisdom will grow rapidly, and the synchronicity will rise to such a level that you will not be able to deny the divine presence within and around you. You can become the light source for your family and anyone who comes into contact with you. You can recognize the savior within and teach this to others so they too can see the savior within themselves.

Accept the divine seed within you and keep it in a safe place; let it put down its roots deep within you and help it to grow in the light for nothing can grow in the darkness. Join me on this journey of truth and I will help you discover the universe within and when you become greater than me, I shall be proud of you and proud that you chose me as your spiritual father.

My Credentials include:

Reiki Shiki Ryoho Master/Teacher
Shamballa MDH Master/Teacher
Reiki Gold Master/Teacher
Atlantean Reiki Master/Teacher
Angel Reiki Master/Teacher
AngelCraft Healing Practitioner
Angel Light Worker
Shamanic Healing Practitioner
Arcturian Healing Technology Practitioner

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