Archangels Chakras Activation (mp3 audio)

Description: You are a being of pure of light and energy and part of every living being on Earth as well as every living being in the universe. You are divine and able to be in constant alignment with the holy messengers of the creator.

The Archangels are healers, mentors, teachers and guides who work on all levels of consciousness. Each of the Archangels are paired with the Chakra corresponding with their vibration. By the chakras being activated by the Archangels, your physical body and all of your astral bodies are aligned with their divine energies. Each Chakra is fully opened, cleansed, balanced and begins to operate an a divine level of consciousness. Not only does this reconnect you with the source of ALL love and peace but reconnects your subconscious and conscious together which both reside within your own godhood.

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Anunnaki Chakras Activation (mp3 audio)

Description: You are a being of pure of light and energy and part of every living being on Earth as well as every living being in the universe. You are divine and able to be in constant alignment with the Anunnaki deities also known as the Elohim, who are the creators of humanity.

The Anunnaki are mystics, healers, mentors, teachers and guides who work on all levels of consciousness. Their name, Anunnaki, means the Children of Heaven or the Children of Anu who is the father of all of the Anunnaki and his name translated means Heaven or sky.

Each of the Anunnaki are paired with the chakra corresponding with their individual attributes. By the chakras being activated by the Anunnaki, your physical and all of your astral bodies are aligned with their divine energies. Each chakra is fully opened and begins to operate on a divine level of consciousness. Not only does this reconnect you with the source of all love and peace but reconnects your subconscious and conscious together which both reside within your own godhood.

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Galactic Alignment June 2013 Channeling from the Alpha Centauri

I receive many visitations while washing my hair. Even though this sounds strange, water is a conductor and a valuable element for communication so it is no wonder that when my crown and third eye is under water it is easier for channels to be opened and for beings of light to come through.

During washing my hair today I began seeing humanoid faces in front of me. They had a pale skin tone, very much like Caucasian humans, but they had very child like features. They had very round and big, blue eyes and light brown coloured hair. I did think they were children but as their energies came closer I could feel that these beings had ancient souls who possessed vast knowledge and wisdom. I asked them to allow me to finish washing my hair because trying to channel them without my laptop is not the most easiest thing to do.

They understood and stayed with me while I finished all the necessary things I had to do and finally I could sit down and begin to tune in once again to their energy.

Helen: “Thank you for being patient. Can you tell me who you are, please?”

Sensori: “Greetings, Nanaea. We come to you from the star Alpha Centauri and we are very happy to meet you. We have heard much about you from our brothers and sister throughout the galaxy and we are very happy to meet you. Please refer to us as ‘Sensori’. We will be in contact with you regularly, now.”

Helen: “Blessings, Sensori! And thank you for your visit. I am curious, though, as to what you have heard about Esophoria?”

Sensori: “We have heard that you are human avatars of the Anunnaki and that you are dedicated to helping with the human ascension process and that you are cooperating with different light tribes from around the universe to work towards the divine plan.

We come to you today to tell you about a great galactic alignment that is happening in your time on 21st June 2013. This day to you is the summer solstice. We will help with this alignment. This is not necessarily an alignment of planets, as such, but it is the alignment of planetary energies that will enter your consciousness to realign your Chakras with the 7 cosmic rays of the 7 planets. The reason for this is to instill within you the frequencies of the highest love that exists and all the qualities that come with them. These are

And the ability to know HOW to use all of these qualities and the love attached to them when you express and share them with others, for without this knowledge of HOW to use them each one is useless.

The reason why this alignment of Earth and her inhabitants with the planets will be during the summer solstice is because these energies will be led and empowered by the sun as this is the mightiest and most potent time for solar frequencies and through each of these rays shall the rays of the Sun King bless you and these energies shall touch the Earth, the Goddess and womb of life and all, joining the male and female frequencies within you and creating balance and harmony.

Your will and shall be illuminated and you shall be recharged and reenergized as the ladder of hope is sent down to you to ascend to the next step of your spiritual evolution and though all may not be walkers of this path, those who are aware shall receive the enlightenment and be truly aligned with the divine spark that exists within you all.

Now, Nanaea, would you like to come on a trip with us to Alpha Centauri? There is something there that we wish to show you. Please say yes; we would love you to come.”

I look at these beings that look so innocent with their child-like faces and I touch them both to feel their energy and read their emotions. I feel they truly do wish me to accompany and so I decide to accept.

Helen: “Yes, Sensori; I would love to go on a trip with you to Alpha Centauri.”

Sensori: “Wonderful! We would really love to give you some healing as we know you need it desperately right now and this is what we wanted to show you. Just hold our hands and close your eyes. Now we want you to see a doorway in front of you. This door is open and within you can see the ripples of water. You notice that it is a water door, a stargate. Walk with us now through this door.”

I see before me the door they mentioned to me. I see the water rippling within the door. I realize before they tell me that this is a water door. I know that it is a stargate. I see them and we walk through this door.

The sensations are strange. I feel like I am walking through foam. I hear crackling noises, like the sounds of electricity and I note how this is odd considering this looks like water. I realize that this water is pure electricity.

We make it to the other side. Everything seems to be pink! The ground is pink, the trees are pink. Even the sky is pink.

Helen: “Why is everything pink?”

Sensori: “Oh, it only appears pink to those who are having trouble accepting being here. We should have told you this. Everything you see has their own colour and our world looks pretty much like your world and most of the surrounding planets and stars.”

Helen: “So why then do I see you as having different colours and not pink, too?”

Sensori: “Your mind is merely picking up on the frequencies that we vibrate at and this forms a picture in your mind of what your mind believes those vibrations to look like. To you, we are very real, and we are, but as for our home, it is not so real to you so you are not reading the vibrations correctly. Believe that this is real and you shall see the true colours of our home.”

I know the Sensori are correct. It is easier for me to believe they are real rather than actually being on their star. I take some deep breaths and try to gather my thoughts and understand why it is hard for me to believe I am somewhere other than my own home, sitting on my chair.

I remember that all dimensions and universes and time itself runs parallel with our own world so why should what I am seeing not be real? I am merely looking through my world into theirs.

I open my eyes and I see that the landscape and the sky are no longer pink. They were right; it looks just like Earth. I see tall buildings in the distance and before this I see a lake that is full of crystal, blue water. Before this there are just green fields with some tree dotted about here and there.

Sensori: “Now, you see the lake? This is where we will go together now for your healing.”

I walk beside them until we reach the lake. I notice that it is not water. Well, not water how I see water on Earth. It looks exactly like the water within the stargate I just walked through.

The Sensori ask me to lie down on the grass next to the lake and they ask me to close my eyes and I do as they ask me.

Sensori: “Nanaea, we will use this water to draw our ancient healing symbols on you and this shall bless you and bring you peace within for peace within you brings the ultimate healing. We will also teach you how to use this practice on others to bring them peace and healing. So now we shall do this. Just relax.”

I feel one of their fingers drawing symbols on my body. I expected this water to feel wet yet it feels oilier and crackles with electricity when their finger changes direction to form the shape. I begin to feel totally relaxed and at peace and most of all I feel joy and contentment.

I begin to see a symbol in front of me and this symbol seems to be giving off blue heat waves. I ask them quietly what this symbol is and they tell me it is the key to all healing and peace. They tell me that this symbol will help me to become a wider channel and I should use it as a key to enter my higher heart Chakra.

I just feel wonderful. I feel serene. I feel like I am sitting in a warm bath and all seems right with my world back on Earth. All my worries begin to drift away and I feel my frequencies vibrating at a faster speed than before.

Sensori: “Nanaea, you can open your eyes now. We have finished and you are ready to go home.”

Helen: “Thank you so much! That was utterly divine. I am so grateful.”

Sensori: “You are going home now but we want you to remember to share this news with people regarding the planetary alignment. It is important that they go into meditation for this day and it can happen at any time they wish on this day.

Now stand up and look over there. Can you see it? Can you see the door?”

I stand up and look at the door that I had entered this world through and I make my way towards it. I turn around and wave and say “goodbye” and walk through the door. Almost abruptly I am alert and my eyes open quickly. It takes me a while to gather my bearings as it was such a fast exit.

I still feel relaxed and have enjoyed every minute of my trip to Alpha Centauri.

Meteor Heading for Earth & Area 51

PLEASE NOTE: We received this channeling on 2nd March 2013 but refrained from publishing it due to past instances where some people were not spiritually, mentally and emotionally stable enough to cope with the information we were being given by light beings regarding future events. However, due to the recent reports of comets, asteroids and meteors constantly appearing in the news, to either pass by Earth or evaluated to hit the planet Mars, we have decided that we have no other choice but to publish this important channeling.

After Theophilos and I had completed our ritual to open stargates and communication channels, I saw a stargate open and 2 beings appeared before us. These beings we average in height with blue skin but their limbs were very long and spindly and their bodies were very slim. Their heads, on the other hand, were quite large and didn’t look in proportion with the rest of their body.

I asked them who they were and which stargate we had opened and they first began to speak to me in a language I didn’t understand. They then paused and took and breath and began speaking in English and here is the dialogue that ensued between the blue skinned beings and I and the visions that I saw:

Uraniuns “Hello, Nanaea. You have opened the stargate between Earth and Uranus and it is from Uranus that we are communicating with you. We do have a very urgent message to pass on to you and we would be grateful if you would publish it on your Esophoria website. Can you confirm that you will do so?”

Helen: “Welcome. Yes, I confirm that we will publish what you tell us on the Esophoria Mystery School website.”

Uraniuns: “Very good. Thank you. We won’t take much of your time. This is a quick visit. You have heard of Area 51 and we know there has been a lot of speculation on whether this is a base that communicates with alien beings. The simple answer is yes, they are communicating with alien beings and they are performing tests on alien crafts that have crashed on Earth. Believe us, though, there aren’t many alien crafts that have crashed on Earth. You can imagine the technology we have. And they didn’t crash, Nanaea; they were shot down.

Think about it; do you think that crafts that fly through the universe are easy to crash? Like we said, they were shot down. They shot down crafts primarily to learn how to build crafts like this of their own. But this was a very long time ago. There have not been any recent crafts that have been shot down and if you hear through your news that there has been an alien craft found that has ‘crashed’ on Earth, it is better not to believe it. They have also been given help by those dark beings of the universe so they no longer need to shoot them down.

So the workers of the dark brotherhood are communicating with alien beings. I call them aliens because to humans we are all aliens and it saves time just to give us a generic title. They have been told by the Universal Council of Light that they must work towards merging our existence into your reality but they are afraid to do so because if they do your minds will be freed from the cage they have created around them and they do not want to give up total control of humanity or stop policing the world for their own benefits.

They have been told that we want a base on Earth to form a council that will include all species as well as humans and they have refused and continue to refuse. You know that with the technology that we have we can just take a base if we like but then this would mean war and many lives will be lost. You have discussed this with the Anunnaki; they have told you that they want no bloodshed but the dark brotherhood will resort to violence to keep a stronghold on their control of humanity and Earth. They do not care if people die. They are killing people all the time to keep the population of Earth to a certain number. But we do care for we are not barbarians like they.

The Russians, on the other hand, are more than eager to work with us and give us a base but they want something in return for giving us a base without a fight. The Russians have asked for training in aircraft technology and they also want to be part of this council base on Earth.

We have told both the Russians and the dark brotherhood that they must begin revealing our existence and the Russians are willing to do this and have begun this process but the dark brotherhood will not. They have portrayed us through your media to be primarily malevolent and even put plants within the new age communities to make claims that they have been abducted and abused. This is not true. Member tribes of the council do not do such things. We are much more ancient than humanity and so any testing that has been done has not been done on humans themselves but has been learned about through the research and records made and kept by Lord Enki.

Those who were truly abducted were not taken for research but to implant genes into human DNA from the grays and the reptilians for storage.

We really do wish humans would stop this nonsense that aliens abduct humans for research. They believe us to be highly evolved yet they believe we need to abduct humans to perform tests on them when their entire DNA has been saved and well documented? Please think about this, Nanaea!”

Helen: “I have never believed that aliens abducted for research. I know you are technologically advanced and that you do not need to do this and I was informed about the reptilians and grays storing their DNA inside humans.”

Uraniuns: “Of course, there are many humans who are asked if they wish to visit our crafts and planets and many of them consent and learn many, many things. Now when I say we, I mean ‘aliens’.

Please pay attention now to this, Nanaea, as it is very important and it has to be seen so write it in a way that will be noticed.”

Helen: “Ok, I will type it in capitals.”



But know this; Nanaea; it is a trick to force the will of the dark brotherhood to do as they are commanded. They will give in and this meteor will not hit Earth. Even if they refused, it would still be steered away from the Earth.

Now we have opened channels with you we will inform you of other news that we are asked to transfer to you. We will say goodbye to you now but there is someone else who wishes to speak with you. Farewell from us for now.”

Helen: “Goodbye and thank you.”

The Uraniuns stop projecting their images to me and then I see a bright, shining light. It is golden and white and out of this light steps a very large Anunnaki god. I know he is an Anunnaki because I know my own kind and he is also wearing a horned crown and the usual Anunnaki style clothing. I also know him from my memories and from previous communications. He is Lord Enlil.

Enlil: “Blessings to you, Nanaea. How have you been?”

Helen: “Blessings to you, Enlil. I am well. How are you?”

Enlil: “I am well too, thank you. The Uraniuns explained to you why the meteor has been sent. I gave the order to Marduk and he carried out this order. I am not happy with this situation on Earth. I am also not happy that more of the Anunnaki nation on Earth is not coming forward with who they are. I do not understand this nervousness. I am not happy that the avatars are walking away from their missions and that they do not have the courage to see their missions through.”

Lord Enlil looks at me waiting for an explanation to why this is happening on Earth.

Helen: “Lord Enlil, there is not much I can tell you about this as I cannot speak for the other Anunnaki avatars.”

Enlil: “Yes, well, there seems to be a lot of identity crisis on Earth, too. Apparently, there are roughly around 5 who believe they are my avatar and countless Enki’s and Marduk’s.”

Helen: “And there are 100’s of Inanna’s, Lord.” And I smile.

Enlil: “So what can you do about this problem?”

Helen: “I wasn’t aware that it is a problem for me to solve. This is not my responsibility. I have enough of my own.”

Enlil: “I want you to hurry up with constructing our council on Earth. The sooner you get this finished the better. You are aware of the time constraint and the deadline we are all under. Certain things have had to be moved backwards. My brother will visit you shortly to inform you of the changes and how we want you to implement them.”

I smile broadly at thinking I will meet with Lord Enki soon.

Enlil: “You like that, don’t you, Nanaea? It is a shame you don’t react the same way when you see me. I do love you, daughter. It is just not easy leading the family and having to make serious and sometimes difficult decisions. It doesn’t leave much room for emotions.”

Lord Enlil walks to me and kisses my forehead and hugs me. I feel his heart pounding as my head rests on the space between his stomach and chest. Like many times before I wish I had the same relationship with him as I do with Lord Enki but Enlil is not as warm as Enki is.

Enlil: “You will, Nanaea. (He is reading my thoughts.) There will come a time when we will have a better relationship and you shall understand me more. You will also remember more about our connection. Just ensure you continue your work.”

And with this he fades from in front of me and the channeling is at an end.

Mother Goddess Healing Guided Meditation (mp3 audio)

Description: Our beloved Mother Goddess is a very powerful healer and during this guided meditation you are taken on a journey to the temple of healing where you shall meet the Goddess and be healed directly by Her. During this meditation, you shall have the opportunity to ask the Mother Goddess to impart Her wisdom to you by asking her any questions you may have.

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