Your DNA, Your Barcode

I had recently read a news article which I shared on our fan page on Facebook. The article bothered me. I recalled Enki telling me something about human DNA being used by the government to learn more about us but at the time I didn’t think that it was something I needed to write down or even think about. After reading and posting the article I heard Enki calling me and I knew that he had something to tell me about our DNA being collected by the government. You can find the article here:

Helen: “Father, I hear you. I am ready to listen and absorb what you have to tell me. I want to also ask you a question regarding the government collecting DNA and analyzing it to research our health patterns. Can you tell me more about this?

Enki: “Nanaea, my love, I have been telling you about this for a long time. You must promise me that just because you don’t think something is important that you will share the messages anyway. Do you promise me?”

Helen: “Father, I promise this but at the same time I didn’t receive an official channeling with enough information about DNA and this issue with the government.”

Enki: “Nanaea, this is because your subconscious didn’t feel it was interesting enough or important enough to publish and it is; it really is.”

Helen: “I agree but we have to be careful what we publish. A lot of the things we are told we cannot publish because there are many fearful people on Earth who would basically fall to pieces if they learned half of the truths that we learn and is these same fearful people who attack us for sharing what we do share.”

Enki: “So you are afraid to speak the truth?”

Helen: “No father, but I am weary of it sometimes. I am tired. It is a constant battle having to deal with the psychic and verbal attacks from fearful people who accuse you of fear mongering not to mention the remote viewing and attacks from the dark brotherhood.”

Enki: “This isn’t about you, Nanaea; this is about performing your mission on Earth and as you know, you are the messenger of the gods. You must decide if you are afraid to speak the truth or not. You must decide if you wish to continue with this particular mission that you will speak the whole truth or none of the truth. You cannot cherry pick messages in order to protect yourselves from what people say and you are more powerful than most. The only reason why these psychic attacks get through is because you are still slightly nervous about publishing the messages that you are given. As for what people say to you, this is your issue to deal with and it is coming from the ego. You cannot teach about the fears of others if you still carry fearful thoughts regarding the consequences of standing up and speaking the truth. This may seem harsh to you, my love, but it is a lesson none the less and I hope you take my advice and apply it in all areas of your life.”

Helen: “As always father, you are right. So please, share with me your message.”

Enki: “I will reiterate once again the messages I have been giving to you regarding the dark brotherhood and human DNA data collection which you have read about. I want you to know that DNA data collection has been happening for a very long time on Earth and in truth many other tribes in the galaxy do the same thing. On other planets, natives voluntarily give their DNA to be researched to detect if there are any illnesses and diseases. They also understand that this analysis of their DNA is to monitor patterns and malfunctions and helps their scientists to modify and heal these malfunctions to ensure the survival of their race. This is also what Earth scientists are doing but this is where the similarity ends; on your planet the issue always concerns money and your scientists are only too eager to sell your DNA data for money in order to fund their research.

The question is this: who is buying this data? What we are concerned about and what humanity should be concerned about are certain organizations, like the dark brotherhood, which are buying your DNA data and asking why they want this data and what they do with what they find. You see, each person has their own unique DNA code which identifies them as being who they are. By the dark brotherhood possessing your individual DNA codes they can keep a track of you. So in a sense, your DNA codes is like a barcode that tells them your name, your address, your bank accounts, your place of work or job description and from where you descended such as your blood lines, your parents and your ancestors and which countries your ancestors migrated from. You remember the story of when you were born in this life time, Nanaea? Regarding the blood transfusions?”

Helen: “Yes, father. My mother told me that her antibodies inside of me were killing my blood which is the same as my father and I had to have nearly a complete blood transfusion. I was dying. The needle, she told me, was just above my third eye, in my forehead.”

Enki: “Well you probably don’t know this but when a person received such a huge amount of someone else’s blood during a transfusion they also will have all the DNA codes of the people who donated that blood. Please know that the DNA of the donors did not change your DNA in any way though you did absorb their cellular memories and soul imprints and the reason why you needed to receive the DNA of others during the time of your early birth days was so your own DNA codes could not properly be recorded.”

Helen: “Father, I really don’t like where this is going. This is not something I want to hear. So I understand it didn’t alter my own DNA coding. I understand that it was a process so that I could remain protected for some time. But why would I benefit from absorbing the memories and soul imprints of these people whose blood was put into my body?”

Enki: “My love, so that you could feel the pain and joys of humanity. So you could learn about the suffering and celebrations of your people. So you could learn about all human tribes and their origins. So you could know how to help people who are in need of help and so you would not close the door to them. So you could be born with the memory and truth of us.

Even what you eat, you absorb; whether to eat plant of animal, you absorb its DNA codes and they live with you for a while. You absorb the memories of their evolution and their ways of being.”

Helen: “Father, please don’t tell me these things. It is hard enough to deal with my own suffering and past life memories, let alone those of others.”

Enki: “You already absorbed them, my love; it does not continue. The blood of others only lives inside of you long enough for you to take what was needed and then you began to produce your own blood again after that and this washed away the blood and DNA of others. You have nearly died many times, Nanaea. But you didn’t die. It wasn’t your time. And we were protecting you and stopping your end on Earth for you have so much to do.”

Helen: “My near death experiences ended when I was around 18 years old. Why did it stop?”

Enki: “Because you had become strong enough to protect yourself from those who wished you to stop reaching the age where you would begin your ministry. Now, there is nothing any human can do about their DNA data being sold to different organizations. What you can do is to become aware of it and when you become aware of it you can begin to change the coding of your own DNA; you can change your non genetic coding so that your DNA codes change constantly so it would be very hard to trace you by your codes. In time humanity will reach a point where DNA data is willingly given for the sake of healing and the survival of the human race and this alone. They are also trying to grow beings from your DNA and use your blood samples for testing different drugs and substances.”

Helen: “Why would they try to grow beings that looked like us?”

Enki: “They are not interested if the being they grow looks like you; this does not concern them. They are growing beings from your DNA to try to manipulate human genes and create beings mixed from the DNA of other beings. They want to create certain kinds of human beings such as super humans who would be resilient to disease but become good warriors and servants for them who will obey them and not even remember their free will. Or I should say, believe they have free will when really they are programmed to follow the rules of establishment without even knowing it.”

Helen: “Father, this is pretty sick. So I want to ask you. Knowing that humans would one day know how to do this, why did you create us to have these codes that could be manipulated?”

Enki: “Oh, my love. Every being in matter has DNA and DNA codes. It was and is not within my power to change this. Even we have DNA codes. All of life in the universe is made up of numbers and has these codes which are numbers and all of these numbers belong to the sequence of the pattern of life. The codes that humans have identify them as being human and from planet Earth. The same goes for the Arcturians and the Pleiadians etc. Your codes link all human beings and you also have codes that link you to every race in the universe.”

Helen: “Thank you for this lesson. Thank you for all of your guidance and your love.”

Enki: “I love you Nanaea” (Enki hugs me and kisses my forehead)

Helen: “I love you, too.”

The Rebellion of Jesus by Lord Enki

Enki: “Jesus had been told by his mother and father and even by his surrounding family such as Zachariah and Elizabeth that he was a soul who had incarnated on Earth to help humanity. He knew also that his cousin, John, son of Zachariah and Elizabeth, had incarnated to make a change in society and to guide the way for the truth which is also known as ‘the way’.

Jesus and his immediate family had moved to Egypt so that Jesus could learn in safety the Egyptian mysteries by his father, Joseph, as well as enrolling in the Babylonian schools where he was taught by the holy ones the art of the feminine mysteries. This was so because he was the representation of the divine masculine on Earth, the Holy Bridegroom that would in time perform the Hieros Gamos with the representation of the divine feminine, Mariam.

As he grew and returned to Jerusalem, he began to study the Jewish mysteries alongside his cousin, John the Baptist, with the help of John’s father, Zachariah. It was due to Zachariah’s position that they were able to access the mysteries of the Kabala.

Although Jesus’ bloodline came directly from King David, his family was relatively poor and had no high standing in society. Because of this, he would not be permitted into the brotherhood and most definitely would not have been permitted to study the Kabala because of his young age.

During Jesus’ studies of the mysteries he had received many episodes of enlightenment. He had reconnected with the gods who were instructing him on how to use his teachings and guiding him on his path and who he truly was. Nearing the end of his studies of the Jewish mysteries he received another enlightening episode and it was then that he recognized his true godhood and that he was indeed a representation of the Christ on Earth.

With these revelations he understood that he spoke in the frequencies of the gods and that his ability to speak in these frequencies meant that he attracted those who searched for truth and salvation for the era of occupation from the Romans and the Jewish leaders.

And so with the help of John, Jesus began his ministry in full force, teaching the Jewish mysteries first to small groups and then larger ones.

Jesus had learned the truth, and understood that all humans were divine; that they were all children of the gods and that each possessed their own divine godhood. Through his teaching, he had gained the attention of the people by awakening this remembrance within them.

Through Jesus finding his own Christhood he was able to interpret the Christhood in others. He was proving to them that as a man, as a son of man, a human being, he was able to perform acts that appeared as miracles that all humans were able to perform.

The Jewish leaders and the teachers of the religious laws hated both Jesus and John for this because only the wealthy and influential were permitted to know the mysteries. They had learned the way out of the matrix and were teaching this to others and they wanted them both DEAD!

The Jews with the help of the Romans had spent a lot of time creating a false reality for the people of not only Jerusalem but all countries the Roman Empire occupied and Jesus was drawing the map upon their souls that was the escape route out of the matrix. Jesus was the way for through his teachings could all men and women use those teachings as a door to see through the false matrix and exit the false and created reality.

Knowing the mysteries and understanding the encoded teachings of the Kabala, Jesus was able to use these learning’s against them for he had committed no crime within the religious laws. He was simply stating that he, as well as all humanity, were the children of the gods but the leaders could not allow this for is they knew this they would regain their personal power and refuse to be victims of a created society where they were continuously living with their head bowed and ‘behaving’ themselves.

The followers of Jesus and John were many and so, when they had successfully murdered both, courtesy of the Romans, they began to take over the movement which they created as a religion and a church. To regain control they wrote the books of the New Testament, rewriting the stories of the Apostles who had written their journals which recorded their own spiritual education with Jesus.

As the controllers of the new religion and church they had created out of the movement, they appointed the Romans as its head to govern the people within the new religious laws they had created. They killed the Greek Gnostics so they could have full control of every branch of the movement and then they were able to erase the true teachings of Jesus, deleting his map to escape the matrix.

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