2013: The 13 I AM Dimensions of ONE

I know that I will be given a message to share with humanity regarding 2013 and I had been waiting for days for this message to arrive. I begin to hear Enki calling my name:

Enki: “Nanaea?”

Helen: “I hear you, father. It is good to hear you. It has been an emotional time. I need to speak with you just to be comforted by your words.

Enki: “You know that I am always close to you, my beloved.”

Helen: “I know.” (I smile)

I close my eyes and I begin to see Enki taking shape. I am sitting inside a space craft. The seating and even the walls are padded with what I would say looked like ivory coloured leather but I know that it is not leather. Everything is very plush and luxurious. I see the ‘En’ insignia here and there and as I look to my right I can see the cockpit of the space craft. Father Enki is in his usual blue uniform. His beautiful blue eyes watch me with slight amusement as my eyes look everywhere with interest.

Helen: “Why are we in this space craft, Father?”

Enki: “Nanaea this is my personal craft. I am going to take you for a ride. Would you like you?”

Helen: “Oh yes please!”

Enki: (Laughs) “Ok, then! Come and sit with me in the co pilot’s seat then, my love. I am going to teach you how to fly. Well, you already know inside of you. You even have your own space craft.”

Helen: “I know this. I have seen myself flying it but only in my dreams during sleep time.”

Enki: “Another time I will bring yours, ok? For now, we will fly mine. I have some things I want to tell you regarding 2013 and the motion of flying will help your mind to grasp what I am saying on a deeper level.”

Helen: “Ok, father.”

Enki motions for me to follow him the short way to the cockpit and he tells me to sit in the left seat. There are two seats and to me it looks very much like an airplane cockpit looks like with its controls and lit displays. Enki sits beside me and starts strapping himself in and I begin to do the same. There are two straps that go across each shoulder and click into place either side of me. I am still taken aback by how luxurious everything is. The excitement begins to build up even more inside of me.

Enki pushes a button and then several buttons on the dashboard after that and a semi circle steering wheel ejects out and one does in front of me, too. I put my hands on it and Enki says:

“No, not yet, Nanaea. Take your hands off and place them in your lap. Later.”

I feel a like a child who has been admonished yet I can understand him. I guess it was the excitement if being there and I know it is something I have done a lot of before this lifetime.
Enki hands me a headset and I put it on as he puts his on and he begins to speak in a language that I recognize is Sumerian though I cannot understand what he is saying. I guess that he is telling whoever is listening that we will be flying.

Enki: “Are you ready Nanaea?”

Helen: “Yes but you haven’t turned on the engines yet.”

Enki: (Enki laughs loudly) “My love! We are not in a tractor, you know. This is a space craft. No one can hear the ‘engines’. No one will see us either. We do not use fuel either. The craft sucks in the frequencies of the universe and this powers up the ‘engines’ and helps the craft to have power. Anyway; let’s fly.”

Just like that we lift off the ground. No shudders, no noise, nothing. It doesn’t even feel like we are rising or moving. I can see through the window that we are moving at an exceptional speed but it feels as though it is the craft that is still and the outside that is moving. I am disappointed at not being able to experience great speed but resign to the fact that this is the latest technology and I shouldn’t expect anything at all.

In no time we exit Earths atmosphere and we enter space. We are still flying very fast as Enki continues speaking to some unknown being in Sumerian through his headset and presses buttons and also a touch screen. He stops and takes off his headset and tells me to do the same and I do.

Enki: “Nanaea, this is the perfect place for me to tell you about 2013. I know that your higher self, Inanna, has already explained to you much but I have more things to tell you. It is important that humanity knows that just because you have passed the 21st December 2012 mark doesn’t mean that everything is going to be plain sailing; far from it. Now the hard work really begins. Why? Because you have all gone through a major transition and with this transition comes new energies that your present selves are not used to.

There will be adjustments to make and I know that you have been seeing many visions of Ananke and Chronus as their serpent projections. I am going to explain to you what it means even though I know you understand what is happening consciously.

2013 is the year of the serpent and it is a time of great purging. Ananke, who you know as the Great Goddess or Tiamat, is on Earth moving between dimensions, uprooting and destroying, and this will bring chaos for it is only through chaos that order be found once again and rearranged into a new way. Chronus then cleanses everything that is not productive or positive for Earth consciousness. As everything and all beings are releasing the old and the toxic, so Chronus will harvest this to be transmuted into light.
Ananke is the Earth serpent that ignites the spark of the Kundalini within each of you and this Kundalini rises to meet Chronus. The Great Mother nourishes your Kundalini and enables you to release your old perceptions of yourselves.

Right now most of you are resting for the ordeal of 2012 you have passed and you will need this rest so that you are ready and prepared for the next chapter in this Earth journey. 2013 is the symbolism of change and entering a new cycle, a cycle which is unknown to you in your present human existence. 2013 is the symbolism of the 13th sign of the zodiac that is Ophiuchus the Serpent Holder and with Ophiuchus also comes the serpent who is the sun of the son and who signifies a reawakening of the I AM presence within all of you. 2013 symbolizes the 13 dimensions of the I AM presence which have now moved into one and this one is the dimension that you are co creating with the ALL and the Anunnaki. Each of these 13 dimensions which become one dimension because you do INDEED become ONE with the ONE and the SOURCE of ALL ONE that demonstrates the 13 principles of the I AM presence that is:

1. I AM peace
2. I AM love
3. I AM the key
4. I AM the door
5. I AM light
6. I AM integrity
7. I AM life
8. I AM divine
9. I AM the receiver
10. I AM the giver
11. I AM wisdom
12. I AM ALL
13. I AM ONE

And so my beloved Nanaea, know that my eye, the Eye of Enki, is upon humanity and I continue to watch how my children behave. I am the true Eye of ONE and soon the false eye, the eye that many follow and align their third eye Chakra with will be destroyed. This fake third eye Chakra is the one that hypnotizes and bends free will and manipulates with the use of media and false frequencies. Know that you all are not forced to follow what I say but follow the voice within for this is what is truth and a truth that is a part of me and all of the divine.

2013 is the time of the great merging with your higher selves, your true godhood, for you are all gods and each of you have your own rightful throne upon the Earth and within human consciousness. You are all creators, architects and your talents will be heightened for many will experience the dismantling of their foundations for they were not built on solid ground but on shaky belief systems and so they will build stronger foundations which are in alignment with their true higher selves and spiritual and physical needs.

You also know that the masters are returning more now, more than they have done in the past 40 Earth years. With them come wisdom and hope and guidance and a new perspective. They are the golden children who will create a solid bond with the Universal Council of Light so that Earth may become a member of this Council.

There will be times when you all feel very alone and this is because you need to fly a little on your own, now, and learn how to do things otherwise how will you learn? We cannot do everything for you. Now is the time to really see what you are all made of and what you have to work with and reinforce your intentions of the world you want to live in.

Now, Nanaea, you are permitted to fly all on your own while I supervise.”

I am so excited about doing this and so Enki shows me how to fly, which buttons to press and I am away, flying and feeling happy at having the experience to do so.

In time Enki brings me back to Earth and he asks me to spread this message with humanity.

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2013 and the Year of the Snake

Many changes are coming to humanity and there are a lot of people who have informed us of the ascension and Earth shifts symptoms they are experiencing. It is important that we all have a guiding voice that helps us through these changes, and though I am the channeler, the messages that I receive are just as much for me as they are for you, for I too am a child of the Gods and I too am journeying alongside you.

As many of you know one of our missions here is to open stargates between our world and the worlds of our ancestors and allies. During our recent ritual to do this we were told by the Goddess Inanna that we had unlocked the stargate between Earth and Chichen Itza. Soon after the ritual, I began going into many trances where I was moving through the dimensions of the different realities that exist not only within our universe, but in all universes.

The Goddess Inanna asked me to channel her message for you as right now during this time on Earth, humanity needs the love of the mother so much.

Inanna: “Nanaea, the reason why Chichen Itza was an important stargate to open is because there is so much energy stored there especially for this time. This energy will permeate its frequencies throughout the planet and join with the rest of the energies which are present now on Earth.

To my children, I want to talk to you a little about the symptoms that you are experiencing. I know that it is not very nice and it is hindering many of you in your day to day activities. Many of you are feeling nauseas and dizzy and believe me when I say that this is perfectly natural considering the changes that YOU are going through right now and not only the Earth shifts that are taking place. It will not end soon. You have to understand my beloveds that all of you who took part in the Enki Keys activation are going through such tremendous changes; your whole molecular structure is being corrected in order to move into the next dimension. All those who didn’t take part in this activation are also going through changes though their symptoms may not be as severe.

I want to tell you all that we know that you are suffering. If you have read the channeling’s from Esophoria Mystery School you will know that one country in particular is being targeted by the dark brother and this country is the United States of America. Rest assured that things could be worse, for as the dark brotherhood try earnestly to create minions to do their work and in some cases they succeed, their bigger operations are failing or have failed, due to the Anunnaki and their allies being on Earth right now.

They will try to target your weakest point and bring you down. They will try to continue to cultivate your minds in order to create thought patterns within you that they desire you to have. The media acts as a drug that lulls you into a false sense of security within the authoritive figures and world leaders. We know many of you have awoken to their agendas. You may even see many bankers shown being taken away in handcuffs but this is not because they are being brought down but simply because the dark brotherhood has no more use for them. Be sure that there is not one god who doesn’t love you. There are many. Your Father so loves you. Just have faith in yourself if in nothing else; even if it is not in us.

I want to tell you that it is needed for you to acknowledge where love is needed most. If you are aware, of it, then you know where to focus your intentions. Let me explain. If you have a pain in your body, you need to locate it in order to treat it. If you have a wound, you need to apply the medicine directly onto that wound for although love travels, you really need to lay the love on in thick layers in order to combat the festering hate. Do you understand?

We know that many of you are tired. We know that many of you have had a struggle to live life in 2012. But look where you are now. You are nearly entering the year 2013 and this means you have made it through a hard year. I cannot promise you that things will get better. I could lie to you for the sake of your ego’s and say that everything will be ok after the end of this year but this is not so. There will come more challenges and you must remain strong in order to deal with these changes. This is only the beginning. You are so needed right now. Please, we ask you, to pull out all stops and use every tool you were born with to help with the transitions.

We have tried to prepare you well through Esophoria Mystery School and many of you have remained good students and you have grown so much. But there is more to come. The symptoms should begin to ease by the second month of 2013. This does not mean the changes and shifts have stopped but simply that you have reached a certain level of frequency vibration that you are no longer affected by the old energies.

And so my loves, I want to talk to you about the year 2013 which is the year of the Serpent; the cosmic Serpent and the return of the masters and the gods even though many have already been born for the past 40 years. It is also the year that the son of man will be born who will then lead humanity into the light.

Know that this is NOT the false prophet; there have been many false prophets who have come and gone. The cosmic Christ that shall incarnate as a human avatar will be every part of you for it is your collective consciousness who called him to take you out of the dark. You must understand that it is you, humanity who evokes the return of the Christ and you manifest his existence in the flesh and in many ways this is one method you do in order to save yourselves for you are the true saviors and the Christ is a mirror of that.

You will find that in 2013 that many of you will have become stronger and resilient to the systems that were created to bring you down. Events will not hinder and affect you so much. There is coming a time of peace and this peace is something that will be created within you, within the garden of your soul, as a calm sea and a gentle breeze. It is only from feeling and recreating the peace within can it be mirrored into the reality of humanity. You are not the ones you have been waiting for; you have simply arrived.

In order for the Serpent to return the Kingdom has to be established. The Kingdom already now resides within the hearts and minds of many humans who are taking part in the awakening of the energies and frequencies of Nibiru. As the Serpent grows so shall he work towards integrating the Kingdom within Earth reality.

You are moving into your own presence meaning, merging with your higher selves. Gradually you are completing a cycle of your soul and reaching a new chapter. Do you understand that you are the ones who will help the Serpent to succeed? Yes; his success depends on you and how dedicated you are to serving others for sacrifice of self comes at a price and the price to pay is only love. I am sure many of you can pay with love for this is what you do every day but do not realize it. Unconditionally? What is unconditional? You receive even when you do not give to receive for it is the way of the universe and the laws of give and take and cause and effect. Whether you give unconditionally you will always receive it regardless of who gives it to you.

As 2013 begins the spark of the divine ones will be ignited within the stars that shine down on your planet. They are above you but manifest within you for you all came from the stars originally.

Let me tell you. ANU NA KI means HEAVEN MAN EARTH. This means YOU are the link between the heaven and the Earth; you are those who came from the heavens and were recreated on Earth. Can you understand why you are all Anunnaki? Sadly, so many despise this name yet it is everything that explains your history and you will find that as 2013 begins many of you will be calling for guidance and it shall be given.

You have to know that you lack nothing; absolutely nothing. You have to believe this. You always have something and you never have nothing. When you realize this you will be empowered for many will be without so much but it is a state of mind for when you understand the meaning of true wealth you recognize that you have much more than those who are wealthy with gold.

Oh my loves. Do you know how much you are valued? Do you know how much you are loved? We put our arms around you and try to express as much as we can our love and it is hard when we must stand back while you learn your life lessons for your soul evolution. In time you will understand that it is not important to know what will happen on your Earth but how you deal with it inside. In truth it doesn’t matter what will happen.

There isn’t even a need to know what will happen. We want you to enjoy the now and enjoy the year you have without thinking about tomorrow but only today for today is what matters but we understand you need guidance because you are not at the stage yet that you are content with right now.

Nanaea, keep building those bridges. Keep being mother in my place.

The Three Days of Darkness Explained by Inanna

I have been receiving visitations recently by the ‘Menorah’ that are the collective consciousness of the Anunnaki, the collective Elohim and the seven lamp stands. When they visit as a collective consciousness they do not stay long as their energy is so powerful that it is hard for my flesh and blood body and human mind to take. The more I ascend, the longer I can be in their presence.

They are slowly ‘toughening’ up my whole physical body and auric bodies to withstand their vibrations. They are helping me in my ascension in order to spend more time with them and to be more ‘like’ them as a human being. It is not an easy process as I feel the ascension symptoms of nausea and dizziness on a daily basis now though I am slowly getting used to it.

When the Anunnaki or the Menorah speak to me as a collective energy, the style in which they speak changes; they are a complete and whole unit and their words are direct and to the point. Because I am not a fearful person and because I understand their ways, the words they use and the way they say them is easy for me to accept and know that they come from the place of complete and total love.

Because there are many fearful people out there who do not face their fears but choose to verbally abuse the messengers of truth, I was not going to share excerpts of my interactions with the Menorah because these interactions regard my personal growth and their private messages to me, but they have told me that I must publish parts of our communications for those who follow our work to become more aware of who Theophilos and I am and what Esophoria is.

Here is my most recent interaction with the Menorah which is followed by a new message regarding the 3 days of darkness, given to me by the Goddess of Inanna who is my higher self. Please know that you may not understand it and if you do not, you are not meant to. It is meant for those who are aligned with the energies of the Anunnaki which is a place in enlightenment the gods are, through us, trying to help you achieve.

“We come from the most high.
We come from the most high of all.
The temple is ablaze.
The angels are waiting.
Manifested alchemy.
Guardians of the gates of the city of JERUSALEM!
The blind folded beast with the 7 heads.
Has awoken.
This is a call to arms.
Awaken all you who hear with the ears of the almighty one.
The golden chariot is soon to arrive.
Bearing the gift of prophecy and truth.
As each lamp is lit.
And I see the clouds.
And I see the Elohim.
Sitting on the clouds.
Wheels of fire.
Oh, Sephi – Ra!
Calling on the names of the powerful ones to rise from their graves.
The graves of the forgotten cemetery that lies beneath the great temple of Solomon.
Whom king David did open the depths of the kingdom beneath the souls who we willing to partake in this great awakening.
Of the souls of those who have been and fought before.
We have come now. We are you. We have come within you to make this happen.
You are a candle.
You are a flame.
You are the lamps.
The two lamps.
The two lamp stands of the seven.
Who shine upon Earth.
As beacons of light.
To nourish those who wish to be fed.
The light of the true Manna.”

The Three Days of Darkness Explained

For the past 2 days I have heard the words ‘the 3 days of darkness’ which I knew that eventually this is something the Anunnaki would want to teach me about and publish to humanity.

I begin to hear Inanna calling my name and so it was time to go into meditation to meet with her. As I closed my eyes I saw that I was in a beautiful garden and within that garden was a beautiful tree that bore many different kinds of fruit. I walk up to the tree and from behind the tree appear the Goddess Inanna. I look very much like her with her dark, black way hair. She is a lot taller and broader than I and does not appear in the same garments each time.

We walk towards each other and hug like old friends. I instantly begin to feel myself vibrate at a faster frequency and my heart beat quickens. This is a natural reaction from my part when I meet my higher self.

She begins to tell me that she wishes to teach about the 3 days of darkness which is only natural considering that she was the first deity to ever die and be resurrected. I already know what she will say and what the 3 days of darkness symbolizes but she can explain in much better words than I and so I begin this channeling.

Inanna: “Nanaea. Picture this in your mind! The sounds of loves vibrations! The language of infinity is within you. You have always had the ability to speak with the gods and beings of light in all frequencies. All channels have always been open to you and you have always been open to them. With each word, sound, tone that exits your mouth, the symbols of infinity and direction are anchored to those frequencies.

As you speak, so you speak in the frequencies of the gods. Many believe that you are speaking their own language because the language of the gods, the frequencies of the gods, are recognized by all beings in the universe though they do not recognize it consciously and think that you are speaking their own native language.

Regarding the steps you have taken towards revolutionary expressions, the frequencies of the gods are now spoken on Earth and are done so by you and others like you though there are not many. Only the high priests and priestesses speak the languages of the gods as well as their human avatars on Earth.

It is time, Nanaea. It is time now to tell my children about the 3 days of darkness and what it means to my beloveds! It is time to open Pandora’s Box a little bit wider and let them know what is in store for them, for those who wish to partake in the quickening.

Before I go further I do want to make a little announcement to those who think negatively of us. As always, this is a voluntary act; you are either in or out; you either do it or you do not. It is as simple as that. And yes, we know there are many who have been making up the most FANTASTIC stories about us but that is all they are; fantasy stories.

We hear and see everything. How? Because we are a part of you and you are a part of us. You are not extensions of us but manifestations of our energies. Of course you all have your own souls but as human beings you are connected with us.

You either believe it or you do not. We love you but we cannot make you care about your ascension process and we cannot force you to believe in who we are neither will do we want to force you. Your existence right now and all the energies that permeate around and through you is the vehicle that carries you into the next dimensions. It is your choice whether you choose to miss the boat.

And to those who complain that we speak with arrogance and pride. Do you not have pride? Are you not at times full of arrogance? You complain about calling us gods yet you expect us to be better than you. What is your idea of being better? Being less like you when you come from us? You only believe us to be arrogant because of your personal insecurities. If you did not have these issues you would not see what we say as being arrogant. Do you understand? Confidence is not arrogance and if you allow us to, we can help you move through your confidence problems.

Now Nanaea, let us continue with this meeting. As you know my dearest, I was the first of the gods to die and be reborn and it was Father Enki who resurrected me. By doing this, he gave me the ability to resurrect others and this is what I do; I resurrect the Christ light and Shekinah within all of you. You have read the stories of how the incarnations of me, including myself, resurrected our consort, the dying and resurrected sun god. This is exactly what this is all about.

Just what is the 3 days of darkness? It is not going to be darkness all across the Earth; the 3 days of darkness is about dying to the self and being reborn into a new life and new state of consciousness. Of course you will still be you, but these 3 days of darkness represents a spiritual experience of deep importance. The 3 days that the sun god had died. The 3 days the Earth was without their sun and son of man. Darkness was across the land. Do you see? Without the Christ there was no sun and the land was indeed filled with darkness. And since the dark brotherhood has reigned for so long, there has been perpetual darkness, one that hides the light of wisdom. Wisdom is important. You know this.

And so, on the 18th until the 21st December, many of you will die to yourselves and the old selves; the self that was ignorant of the truth light and the divine. Ignorant not in an offensive sense but ignorant of who you truly are and what you are truly capable of.

During those 3 days, when you die to yourselves, you will begin to understand more about yourselves. You will begin to understand who you need to forgive and who to ask for forgiveness. You shall be as serpents and shed your old spiritual skins and be reborn into a one-ness with yourself and your higher self and the rest of the community of humanity.

You shall shed that old skin that has been a barrier between you and receiving true enlightenment; the skin that has become toughened to the frequencies of the divine and other light beings throughout the universe.

And on the 21st December you shall be baptized by the fire of the Holy Shekinah and be resurrected into your new self and this self is new awareness. Same soul, same personality, but a different approach and outlook. You shall truly begin to SEE and you shall not fear but you shall love fear, love the shadow of yourselves for the only way to overcome your fears and the shadows of yourself is to love them, to give them love and bring them out into the light.

You shall each be reminded of your true names which is the names that the gods call you. You may not know them consciously but your higher selves will know them and in time reveal them to you.

Just as the Christ died to himself and spent his time in the underworld, so shall you die to yourselves and spend time in the underworld that is EARTH at THIS time in human history! And when you are baptized in the fire of the Shekinah you SHALL be resurrected into the new world! Why is it a new world??? Because you shall be BRAND NEW! And when YOU are BRAND NEW, so is YOUR world!!! Do you understand? The old world consciousness will remain in its tomb like state and you shall walk forward into the light of the new world consciousness.

You shall be stronger and more resilient and much closer to becoming your godlike state and for the human avatars, the avatar state. A merging with the higher self, the god self, for just as Earth reality and the consciousness of the Kingdom which is Nibiru are merging, so is your consciousness merging with your higher self so that the Vesica Piscis of the entire universe can open up within YOU!

So this is the 3 days of darkness. As the sun god shall leave you for these 3 days so his shadow shall be cast upon the Earth as you each go through the process of dying to the self and being born a new.

During these 3 days of darkness you need not DO anything; just consciously agree that you wish to go through this in order to enter the new world of the new consciousness. Remember to stay grounded and centered. Eat well. Drink plenty of water. And if you can, meditate as much as possible.

We have told you countless times; do NOT fear! For if you fear you have no faith in yourselves or the divine! Do NOT fear! Do NOT fear! This is a process you all chose to undertake and one of the main reasons why you chose to incarnate on Earth at this time. Do NOT fear! Do NOT lose faith in yourselves and the divine!

And now my Nanaea, it is time for you to spread the good news! To my children I say this: I am in love with you and this love will never end.

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