The King of Heaven – Lord Marduk

“Nanaea, I come to you now with raw energy and passion for the fire that burns inside of my soul to tell the truth and to teach about the truth and salvation for my people. For even though I am known as the hero, I must give credit to the children of the Anunnaki, who are humanity. No matter what crimes they commit I want you to know that they will not be punished for them as a whole for we love you and you have reached a stage in your spiritual evolution when you are mature enough to understand that the freedom of Earth depends upon you.

Even though we send our avatars they are sent as human beings none the less for it must be humanity who frees themselves from their enslavement and not any alien being or god. Even when I came as Jesus I was still a human being, still mortal, for to help you we have to be one of you and you are, as you know, part of us and part of the godhood and godliness. You are all descents of the Anunnaki as well as being descendants of your own star race.

You have learned about the Queen of Heaven but not many of you recognize that the Queen of Heaven also must have a consort who is the King of Heaven and that is one of my titles. I am known as the Shepherd of the gods, just as I have been known many times as the Shepherd of the Lambs on Earth. You must know that I have always been with you, even when my name or my presence has not been so clear or known for I had a hand in your creation, helping Lord Enki to bring your species into existence. What actually pains me is how many humans despise their own species and because I helped to create you, I cannot understand it because in our eyes, in the eyes of the Anunnaki gods, you are all perfect and beautiful in every way.

I am also known as the nurturer who places my seed into the womb of the Queen of Heaven and the one who places the breast of the Goddess within your mouths to feed you nourishing wisdom and life force. Even though Enki is THE father of all of humanity I am also your father for I love you as such and I have fought wars to keep you safe, sacrificed my blood to try to stop harm from coming to you. And I must admit that it was not only I but your Queen who fought alongside of you for the sake of you and for the sake of justice.

Yes, I am a war god and I am also the one who brings fertility to the land, who is the royal consort who fertilizes the Earth to encourage growth and work tirelessly to bring the Kingdom to your consciousness. I am incarnated and you know very well who I am on Earth.

I have been known for being harsh but I am also compassionate and fair. It is one of my goals to bring the Queen of Heaven back into your consciousness and seat her back onto her rightful throne on Earth. I am not your Master but I am your guide and advisor. Never were we your masters but your guides, nurturers and teachers and we still remain so.

The time is coming when the glory of the son of the golden calf of the sun will rise in all of his glory and bring to you a new way of being, a new way of living without manipulation or force; the son who will raise you up off of your knees as I guide him in his ministry. He will reconnect you to the celestial, pan-universal energy of the ALL, the web of life, the force that you are all part of but have forgotten how to reconnect.

We understand how you are tired of dictators and those who with to manipulate you and control you for their own ends. We know that these same dictators have ensured that they told you lies about us because just as they truthfully are in order to make you reject us. We are also aware of those who call themselves ‘Light workers’ who reject anything that makes them search their shadow side to find themselves and face themselves and who do not like us. Even in your so called alien communities, they tell lies about us. They express us to be these fear mongering, violent beings who created you to be our slaves. Ask yourself this; if this was true, why did we give you Earth? And why did we allow you free will? A slave does not have free will; the will of the slave is the will of the master and this is one of the things that I find so sad about humanity that they do not use the brains they were given which are very nearly as intelligent as ours.

I want you to think that if you reject us, then you are rejecting your ancestors and the ones who can help to liberate you along with your and our allies. Know that this is their plan and I am giving you this advice now which I hope you will heed and think about. Also know that we have nothing to gain by becoming your dictators. Your money is of no use to us, neither is anything else that you have. But we love you and this is why we continue to intervene to help your liberation and soul ascension.

These are precarious times and as you begin to fully merge with the Kingdom consciousness and the energies of Aquarius you are being asked to remain ever vigilant and wise. We cannot promise you that we and our allies will land on your planet in front of the eyes of all as this is not within the divine plan of Earth. You have to do this yourself. Yes, we are helping you, but we cannot do your work for you but please know we are working behind the scenes and fighting for you.

I sit on the throne and soon you will all welcome the Queen of Heaven to sit on hers; this much is inevitable. What is also inevitable that those who have enslaved you will be crushed under the heel of my boot and they will be punished for all that they have done for you. If this seems dark for you then read no more for this world now is meant for warriors of the cause, either through love or raw passion and hunger for the ascension and freedom of humanity and Earth itself.

On 12th December 2012 a stargate will be opened for the remaining returning masters to descend and incarnate. The white horseman is not far behind and riding with him is the Goddess Ma’at. Both come to bring justice and to impress the divine laws on those who have encouraged humanity to worship man, the created, and not the creators. The false idols will crumble and the so called holy buildings of the Abrahamic religions will shake with the thunderous frequencies of the gods. Now is your time and I am next to you, all of the way!”

Mary Magdalene: The Full Story

Note: This channeling is the second part of the initial meetings with Mary Magdalene. To fully understand the body of this channeling, please read the first one here:

Helen: Blessed Mariam, thank you for meeting with me. I have asked to speak with you again because I have some questions regarding what you had told me in our previous meeting.

Mariam: Beloved Helen. I know that you have some questions you wish to ask me and I have heard you calling to me. I understand that you feel there are some missing pieces that need filling to conversation we had the previous time we met. As I told you before, I will only reveal truths through a process. I cannot tell everything in one time, as you understand, for not everyone is ready to accept my messages full on. You already know many of the events that went on during my life time from your past life memories, your visions and from what I and the master has already told you. You also understand that you patiently wait for me to speak through you to tell my story as Mariam how it needs to be told.

So now, please, ask me your questions.

Helen: Beloved Mariam, thank you so much for holding council with me once again. Yes, you know what I have been shown and what I remember and I would like if you could share this so that others may know about it, also.

Mariam: it is ok now, after the initial shock, for me to share more of my truths and my story. Previously I had asked you to publish that I indeed had a son called Jacob and he was the youngest of my children, but I had other children together with the master. We had four children all together. The eldest, my first child, was a boy and he was responsible for looking after his younger siblings. During the crucifixion I had asked him to keep the younger ones out of sight and you know who he is in your present life. His given name was Matityahu. My second child was a girl and her name was Rivkah. Jacob was the third and at the time of the crucifixion I was pregnant with a fourth child who was born many months after the master had risen and we named him Benyamin.

Helen: Some people believe that Peter raped you; is this true?

Mariam: No, he never did rape me. He despised me too much to and I will tell you the truth that he did indeed love his wife and his children. He was a monster, a beast, but he never did rape me.

I also want you to know that though I was a woman, I was not weak, by all means. The times that he beat me I always fought back. This is important for the women who are reading this to know. Remember, Helena of the Tree; I am a Venus Goddess; do not ever imagine me taking beatings and not fighting back. I did not survive as I did by being passive. You know this very well yourself as you are yourself.

Helen: I didn’t feel that you were raped. Thank you for clearing this up with me. I want to ask about the process of what happened to Jesus, whether he truly died or not. I also feel there is more to the story of how he came back to life. You know that I already know what happened but I need you to clarify it for others to know.

Mariam: When I said that he was dead, that his body was dead, it was, but he was not dead completely. His body had completely shut down and his heart beat could not even be detected nor breath but he was not dead completely. He was in a form of slumber. I shall not say what you know to be a coma because he was deeper than even this. He still had life force within him but it could not be detected.

He had gone on a journey to the East; a journey to the underworld and before he reached his destination he met with the King of the Earth who is his father. When I say father, I do not mean Joseph, his blood father who was also an avatar of the King of Earth, but his father known as many names such as Yahweh, Enki. There were many things that he had to learn. The master was a true initiate and this was his last initiation into the Great White Brotherhood on Earth. It meant that it would secure his place among the Elohim when he did pass from life.

Just as Inanna rose from the dead and was resurrected by the father Enki, so must he embark on the same journey and meet his fate of dying to himself to be reborn. Inanna was the Queen of the mystery school we belonged to and so all initiates had to perform these rites. Just as he and I performed the rite of the hieros gamos with the Last Supper being the celebration of that rite.

Helen: Why did you have to perform the hieros gamos together?

Mariam: To open the doorway for the Shekinah to enter so that when he was crucified she could take her presence within him until it was time for him to be resurrected.

Helen: What can you tell me about Judas?

Mariam: Many do not understand how our beloved brother Judas sacrificed more, that he was also the sacrifice that day. Judas and the master died together on the same day. Both sacrificed for humanity. They were brothers and their bond goes back millions of years. Of course, he has been labeled as the traitor simply because he performed his mission, one which the master asked him to perform. Peter ensured that all of the hate was put onto the shoulders of the memory of Judas and he became the scapegoat, the Satan in flesh.

Judas did not commit suicide. Judas believed in the master and knew that he would rise. The plan was that he went into hiding until Jesus and I and the children were ready to travel and he would accompany us. But sadly, this was not so. Once he had performed his mission he was murdered by the priests and the elders. He was stoned just as your friend understands. And Peter knew of the plan that the master had for Judas and he had already informed the priests and elders that Judas would come to them to ‘betray’ the master. You must understand what Peter was. He was the true traitor to the master, to all of us and to ‘The Way’.

After the master had completed his training his soul returned to his body and I resurrected him. I did not perform magic to do so. The Goddess came to me and told me it was time and she gave me special prayers to say to ensure he returned. He ascended from the underworld, returned from the East. Of course, there were other women who helped me and they became my helpers when I created my own mystery school for the divine feminine followers.

After the master had risen, we left almost immediately because as you know it was not safe for any of us. We returned to Egypt at first and revisited the mystery school where we were initiates. We then travelled around the Middle East, Africa, and Asia…but I cannot tell all where we ended our days for this place must not be known for our bones must not be found. Yes, I know you know and you must not tell.

Helen: I promise I will not tell. One last thing; there are many women who believed they are you reincarnated. Can there be so many women with your soul? Did your soul branch off into other souls and incarnate into women? And how about their accounts of you, that they say they were you and this is why they remember this?

Mariam: There is a process of the original soul which incarnates into matter throughout time and has been given many different names. We have discussed this before but I understand you want me to teach this once and for all and be done with it. No, my soul did not branch out into other souls and incarnate into different women at the same time. There is no need for there to be so many of me at once on Earth. Those who have these memories are tapping in to the information that exists in the universe and/or they were witnesses to what happened and/or they were my priestesses and/or my helpers and/or the women that were part of our movement. You know who I am on Earth. And for others to know, whoever I am, there need only be one of me and there is only one in each incarnation.

The divine feminine resides within all women and men and this is also an energy they can tap into and gain those memories but as Mariam, I was and am the personification of the divine feminine during my time and there was only me. I never did have one woman come to me and tell me that they, too, was the incarnation of Inanna or Aphrodite or Astarte. I did not meet many women claiming to be me (she smiles). So when you look at it like this, can you now understand?

Beware of the ego. As Mariam I was the personification of the Shekinah in matter but I was still just a woman, still just a human being and there was nothing glorious or glorifying in what I was, neither did I brag nor announce to the world who I was. Humility; humility reveals the true one who is on Earth now and believe me, her shoes are tired and her soul aches.

Helen: Thank you so much Mariam for your help and your truth. I love you so much.

Mariam: You will get there, Helena of the Tree.

Rebirth of Humanity – Inanna Channeling

Oh, how you are loved. How you are LOVED! How proud we are of you. How wonderful and beautiful you are. Our children. Our little gods on Earth. We embrace you; each and every one of you in our arms that are that wide that they can hold you all. Know that within these word is unconditional love and this unconditional love is being transferred to you right now.

I have spoken to you before about the changes happening in your world and for humanity and so have many channelers received transmissions regarding these changes. It is also the right time now to tell you that as you continue to move through these shifts and your Earth reality merges with the kingdom into the Aquarian age, you will not only feel changes within your auric bodies and your spiritual self but these changes are seeping into your lives, also. I want to address those changes which many of you are witnessing as a painful and difficult experience. We are aware that many of you are experiencing difficult times in your lives; such difficult times that you may feel as though nothing is going right and everything is going wrong. You may feel like your life just isn’t ‘working’ right now and it is so easy to lose faith.

I will explain to you that humanity, as Earth reality merges with the Kingdom energies, has entered the birth canal and you have begun the traumatic journey of rebirth. All passages into life are painful and traumatic and this is what you are feeling. You were held within the womb of chaos, the great Mother, and your growth was silent and hidden, just as all seeds which are planted within the Earth grow; in silence and out of sight. All growth first begins within the darkness and your time to emerge out of the darkness and into the light is nigh. There light at the end of the tunnel; the tunnel being the birth canal and the light being wisdom and a new consciousness and an almighty awakening.

The trauma of this rebirth is affecting you in ways you may not be able to explain or you may be able to pinpoint which areas of your lives are appearing to have ‘something wrong.’ It is crucial that you do not give up now. It is paramount that you do not lose faith at this point. There are so many lessons to be had within this journey and the training you are receiving is invaluable. Do not close your eyes. Open your eyes now, WIDE! Look at your surroundings and FEEL this transformation for although is brings tears and discomfort, though it is hard to continue at times, this is one of the greatest journeys you will experience.

As you get closer to the exit you will begin to feel better so just don’t let go; hold on! As you are shifting into this new aeon know that human kind will never be the same as all that you are, all that you stand for, is being transmuted and your core elements are beginning to change.

Yes my beloveds; this is not just about your DNA being reconnected but all of your physical make up is being activated and the very blood cells within your veins are changing.

The Confession of Mary Magdalene

Note from Helen Demetriou:
I offer a word of caution before you read this channeling. It was very difficult to channel these truths given to me by our beloved Mary Magdalene who is known as Mariam. This is not a channeling that made me feel happy to have learned these revelations but I felt utter sadness. I did not know if it would be wise to publish this channeling because of how sad it is yet I was urged to by Mariam. I understand that most people are used to and want to read only happy channelings but in order to heal from this archetype that lives within many women and from the savagery that has been inflicted upon the Goddess through time, I also understand how important it is to get the truth out there.

You know how much I love you. You know that I am always near you, guiding you, giving you my strength to carry on. I understand how hard it has been for you and I understand that you know it will continue to be hard for just a little while longer. I have faith that you can do this otherwise you wouldn’t have been chosen to take on this mission and this great work that you are.

I want you to know that I too have suffered. You know this is truth. Even though they tell the lies about me being a woman who has copulated with men for money, they do not tell of how they had pained me while I was incarnated in flesh. They do not tell of the severe treatment of me when the master left us for a while. Such contempt. Such utter sickness. When the master was crucified so was I but it was not my body they crucified but my soul. It was my heart that was already broken that had to bear the beatings by those cruel hands.

Helen: Mariam, is this my imagination? Please tell me that it is. Am I imagining that you said you were beaten? And hear the name of who did this, but please, answer me; who beat you? Is this my imagination?

Mariam: No, it is not your imagination. And yes; it was Peter who did it.

(I am crying. I feel like my entire heart and soul is being ripped out of my body. I feel utter sadness.)

It is ok to tell people now. I think it is about time they understand this truth.

Helen: I don’t know if I can do this. I don’t know if I can continue channeling this. I don’t know if people will reject this. But then again, how can I deny you this chance to tell your story? I am very sorry my Goddess. Please forgive my weakness.

Mariam: Oh, it is ok; please, do not ask for forgiveness. I know how hard it is for you. This is why you understand it and why you are so compassionate for others, why you love people so much because you have known pain. You have known this that I speak of. You have lived it the same moments as I lived it. It is ok.

Helen: Please continue.

Mariam: Yes, it was Peter who beat me. He believed that when the master died that he was not coming back. Peter has no faith at all. He only thought about how he would use what the master had taught to create his own following. You know that he did this anyway when he created the Roman Catholic Church. So he believed that the master was not coming back and that he was free to do with me as he wished. He had so little time but he did make the largest amount of damage to me in that little time.

Helen: Can you tell me what happened? Can you tell me what happened when Jesus was crucified? What happened when he was resurrected?

Mariam: I will tell you. This is why I have come to you now to reveal such things to you. You know you have always known what I will say to you. You are the wounded soldier of mine. You have fought so hard and I am so proud of you. People persecute you, yet like I did, you continue. You have not planted a seed of hope within people but a whole tree. So rise off your knees, Helena of the Tree; take my hand and feel my love.

(I take her hand and I begin to see flashes of visions. I see a lot of blood. I see Mariam screaming at the base of the cross. Jesus is telling her to move back and that it will be ok yet both know that as he slowly dies, a part of her soul disintegrates for they are joined not only as man and woman but as twin flames, two souls that are one and the same. Both, light bringers, light bearers, co-saviours of humanity and defenders of the sacred masculine and feminine. She speaks as I continue to see these things.)

None of this is your imagination. The master was indeed crucified and it was not beloved brother Judas who was the traitor but Peter. Peter had plotted and schemed constantly to take the masters place once he was crucified. The master and I had produced a son. When Jesus had returned to be baptized we had already become lovers, had been together for many years. The New Testament (none of it is a testament of truth) does not ever mention a child and this was done purposefully to protect Jacob, the son that I had with the master. Our boy.

Believe me when I say my soul died as the master gave his last breath. After that moment I feared for my life and for the life of my son. I knew that Peter was planning to dispose of me and the boy. The other brothers protected us as much as they could. You do not know how I needed the time to run by until the master returned. I spent my time with his body, keeping his wounds clean for when he returned.

Helen: Can you explain what you mean by his return? His body was there. He died. Where did you believe he had gone? Did he ever mention to you where his soul would go after he would die by crucifixion?

Mariam: Oh, yes, he did tell me. He told me that he was going to see king of Earth, his father.

Helen: So why did his soul have to leave at all? Why not just stay in the body?

Mariam: Because there were things he needed to do, to learn for the rest of his journey that he could not learn while his soul was contained within the vehicle of his body.

Helen: Why did Jesus leave you and Jacob if he knew what Peter had been plotting? Did he not worry?

Mariam: I was the only one who believed in who he was 100% and I had to stay to keep his truth alive until his return. I resurrected him by keeping the truth about who he was in the minds of his followers and with their faith and belief, he was able to return. When he did return, he just woke up.

Afterwards we had to leave as our lives were in more danger than ever. We travelled to Egypt, India, to many places. Jacob grew and married and had children of his own. We continued to feed the poor food of the soul and to teach others how to heal.

I want you to know that you have fire in your soul. You are on fire. You ARE fire. No matter what prejudice or opposition you have faced and will face, you will continue to do this. Continue to be. Never be ashamed of who you are. They are the ones who are full of shame; those who oppose you.

I want you to tell everyone about the great light that is coming to your world. I want you to tell all about this light that will anoint and baptize them with fire. The Cosmic Christ shall be with you soon but before he returns you shall all know this light. It will burn so brightly but will never hurt your eyes.

It is my gift to you; the light of wisdom.

(I begin to see Jesus coming closer and putting his arm around Mariam. Mariam looks up at him with so much love and he kisses her tenderly on the lips. They both look at me.)

Jesus: it is ok. You know what to do. This cross you bear will be lifted soon. I am just the memory of Theophilos. I am an archetype and so is he. Your suffering cannot go on for much longer.

(He shows me a clock; a white clock. I see the numbers 12:12)

This is it; this is the new number for you to work with. Is it a date? This I cannot reveal to you. It is up to you and your faith for that one. The road has been created for you, beautiful warrior. You both have our love. Walk forward without fear and trust that we are helping you through.

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We did not wish to publish this but we have been urged to by our guides and mentors, the Anunnaki, to explain to you that we had received some emails from a group who claimed to be supporters of the dark brotherhood and who threatened to hack into our website if we continued to reveal the mysteries to humanity and make it public knowledge. Of course, we refused, and we continue to refuse. After our website went down we received another email from the same group of people who claimed that it was they who had done this to stop us sharing sacred knowledge to enlighten humanity.

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