Crop Circles Explained & Humanoid Light Beings: A Message From the Etanians

Hello Helen. It is so nice to be able to connect with you. We come from the constellation of Bootes, from Eta Boötis, a sister star to Arcturus. We are known as Etanians.

We know that you have been in close communication with the Arcturians and we are very happy about this. We also wanted to contact you to explain to you what we do.

We want to explain to you that many stars within the different constellation are known as a ‘family of stars’ and we are all related for we belong to the same family and the same section of the universe. We also want to explain that we are assimilators of different dimensions. There are many reasons behind why we do this. The main reason we would assimilate dimensions for a civilization is when that civilization is in trouble with their reality. When a civilization has a false or a matrix that was artificially created, we are called upon, or sent, by the Universal Council to assimilate a dimension and merge it into that reality.

As you have been working on the matrix of planet Earth a lot, you can understand that by assimilation we also mean creating an artificial matrix. We will explain what we mean regarding Earth as an example. We have been commissioned by the Universal Council to create an assimilated dimension and merge it with the artificial consciousness which is present on Earth and which is, unfortunately, growing constantly.

We are not the only ones who have been asked to get involved with the situation on Earth but we are the ones who are trying to merge an assimilated dimension into Earth consciousness as an umbrella so that human beings can be sheltered from the constant bombardment of the matrix frequencies so that they can awaken and realize what is happening around them.

This assimilated dimension will only be temporary as the Earth’s reality is already in the process of merging with the Nibiru consciousness. This merge is needed and to make the merge less uncomfortable we are urging many of you to begin or continue to make holes in Earth’s created matrix. The weaker this false matrix becomes, the easier it will be for these two consciousnesses to merge and become one reality which will happen whatever the case. The point is to make this merge ease into place as comfortably as possible without it causing too much damage.

Let us explain so your readers understand. The damage of trying to merge the matrix with another consciousness can be very…chaotic. This is why it is up to human beings to awaken for when they do so this makes the matrix weaker and this merge can be smoother without so much chaos. As we said, this merge is happening right now and will continue until its completion so it is wise that there be as less chaos as possible.

Now please do not be afraid. We are not saying there will be mass destruction but you will feel it happening as many of you are feeling it already.

So we not only assimilate dimensions but we also help a civilization be prepared for the mergence of this dimension or dimensions. We are helping humanity to vibrate at an accelerated frequency so they too can merge more comfortably with the new frequencies. As many of there are of you, there are as many of us and each and every one of you has an Etanian adjusting your vibrations.

Let us explain about crop circles. What do they mean? Why are they being made? Are they being made by Extra terrestrials or humans? Some of the very simply ones are being made by human beings and you can see this by the work. Many of them are being doing by Extra Terrestrials that reside on Earth. They have been living among you for a very long time and are there to help prepare you with subliminal messages for Earth changes and humanity changes to come. They also imprint these images on your minds so you understand what has passed.

Many other crop circles are done by visiting Extra Terrestrials and yes, they have been sent to do this to inform you of the coming changes. Many people do not understand how to read the skies or that to understand what will happen on Earth they must first read the celestial beings. Whatever is happening above will most definitely happen below and this is mirrored through the crop circles.

What can you do? Follow the signs, try to decipher them. Not all of you will reach the same conclusion to what they mean but when you ask for help and program yourselves to understand what they mean you shall begin to get a clearer picture. By simply seeing these crop circles you are gaining enlightenment because your subconscious can relate and it is obvious what these messages mean. Extra Terrestrials know that most of you cannot remember how to read the celestial bodies and many do not even look upwards which is why is it being marked on your land where all can see them. In time you shall all come to the same conclusions of what they mean.

What can you do to help the matrix to weaken? Awaken others. Even if they do not accept what you say you have already unchained a part of their imprisoned selves so the seed of truth can swallow the seed of doubt that lives within them. This doubt being an energy implant put in place to make them believe what is false and dismiss what is truth. So when human beings talk about a changing in polarities this also applies to Earth consciousness and a changing of places of truth and lies; truth will take the place of all that is false and this is happening faster than you think.

We know your readers want to know what we look like. As you can see we are humanoid and we look like the Arcturians though we are darker skinned and haired. As you can see we wear the same type of clothing. This is what we actually find quite amusing actually; the way many humans CHOOSE to make us look so different to our true humanoid appearance. We have known them to depict many of us humanoids as looking like strange creatures just because we are ‘aliens’ and not from Earth. Do you know why they do this? They do this because they believe themselves to be the only ones that are humanoid and just because we are of a different planet or star system, to them; EVERYTHING is different between the human form and the Extra Terrestrial form. Just because we are different doesn’t mean we have to look different to what we are.

And we also want to tell you that not all Extra Terrestrials are Aryan. There are many races of different skin colours and hair colours and eye colours. In fact, there will be a dark skinned race contacting you soon so be prepared.

We would like to thank Esophoria for enabling us to spread this message with humanity. You are doing an exceptional job, please keep it up.

Be well and know we are helping and are close by. Goodbye for now.

Arcturian Healing Technology


Arcturian Healing Technology is a highly advanced multidimensional healing technique used for the mind, body and soul. Multidimensional means that this healing system works in all dimensions as well as in the present, past and future, even if you are receiving a healing in this life time, you will be healed in all lifetimes and in all dimensions.

The Arcturians are our galaxy’s leading advanced healing technicians who use a number of sophisticated methods to reanimate unattached or neglected DNA strands as well as reactivate Chakras often forgotten or unknown about, even by those who work with their Chakras daily. These methods include frequency codes which act as keys that unlock the 13 Chakras in all the 7 subtle bodies, and your personal energy pod that is stored away in the Earth which belongs exclusively to you.

Arcturian Healing Technology is not only limited to humans but to animals, also. This just needs to be stated when we contact you.

This highly developed healing technology is unlike any other in galaxy and more complex and complete than any other species. This is not to say, however, that the healing systems from other light beings are ineffective; it merely means that they use the most advanced tools and frequency codes to ensure the ultimate healing and cleansing of all 7 subtle bodies.

Not only does this healing system bring healing but it heightens spiritual awareness and aids greatly in your enlightenment. Their knowledge of Chakra and DNA reanimation is second to none and they are experts in aiding human soul ascension.

The healing continues to work long after the session has ended, keeping your organs and subtle bodies energized until your next healing session.

The Chakras Explained:

0. Your personal energy pod

As a being of Earth you have your own energy pod which is your personal link to Earth. This energy is an Earth Kundalini which winds its way up from the core of the Earth, through the Earth and up into your root Chakra. From there it ignites your own Kundalini which is like a fiery serpent, winds its way up your spinal cords and out of your Crown Chakra and overflows its lava power, down your body, back into the Earth and again back up through your body in a none ending cycle.

1. Root Chakra.

The Root Chakra is positioned at the pelvic area in the centre of the body. This Chakra is the grounding Chakra. Here you are connected to the earth and it is here where your Kundalini sits, coiled at the base of your spine. If unaligned it can cause lack of energy and depression due to its imbalance. The base Chakra helps you to be active and centered.

2. Sacral Chakra

This Chakra involves the sexual organs and also deals with issues relating to sex and relationships. The Sacral controls your passions, your sexual needs, your lower sexual organs, your bladder, bowel and lower intestine. Working with this Chakra you will find problems with low sex drive, sexual abuse and an over active sex drive. People, who have problems conceiving children, find this area to be problematic.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra

This is the Chakra that stores energy, be it good or bad. Humans hold things within this Chakra and store pain, fear and stress in this area. When working properly you store positive energy for growth and healing. This Chakra is very much like the heart, for if it is not working, shut down or blocked, disease can get in and slowly cause destruction. The Solar controls your will, your issues from the past, your pain and fear as well as your ambition to succeed. It also controls your upper intestines, upper back and spine.

These three Chakras represent our being grounded and belonging to the earth, they are your mental and physical Chakras. They are essential to your growth and survival for living in the material and physical world. When these become unbalanced or blocked, you have problems working, living and adjusting in today’s world. If you are someone who has problems coping day by day with life, love, work and health, then working on these Chakras can provide helpful healing in these areas.

4. Heart Chakra

This Chakra is the feeling centre of your body, mind and soul. The position of the heart Chakra is in the heart area of the body. Here your emotions come into play. With this Chakra you feel happiness, sadness, pleasure and pain. It deals with the heart, lungs and surrounding organs, both back and front of the body. When it is blocked and not balanced you can become irrational, sad, depressed and unable to express yourself and your talents to the best. The Heart controls the heart itself, the chest, thymus, ribcage and arteries that pump the flow of blood into your system. It also controls your love for yourself and others, your appreciation of beauty and your compassion. Working with this Chakra can help people to feel and express their emotions and help with relationships with loved ones, friends and acquaintances.

5. Throat Chakra

This Chakra deals with communication and voice e.g. singing, acting and talking to others. When blocked you would see someone who is afraid to voice their own opinions, or someone who overly vocal about their beliefs. The Throat controls your voice, lungs, mouth, teeth, thyroid, and glands. This Chakra opens you to speaking, communicating and expressing your artistic and creative desires.

6. Third Eye Chakra

This Chakra is situated in the middle of your forehead, just above the eyes and deals with your senses, feeling, sight, sound and our psychic abilities. You also think and make decisions with this Chakra. However, what most important is that this Chakra connects you with the spiritual and higher levels beyond our earthly plane. The Third eye controls your mind, ears, subconscious, dream states as well as your memory and learning capacity. It also controls your openness to the psychic senses, such as clairvoyance, telepathy and aura sensing. Headaches, stress, lack of sleep and memory loss can occur when not functioning properly. Also mental problems and mental illnesses relate to this Chakra.

7. Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is your connection to the higher planes of the spiritual world. Dreams and visions, hopes and realizations take place within this Chakra. Beliefs and morals also come under this Chakra. This Chakra is important if you are truly dedicated to the goals in your life. When blocked or closed you can become racist and judgmental of people and religions. You may also have no artistic abilities and you may be too caught up in the material world. The Crown controls our eyes, the top of the brain and is the link to the other spiritual realms, your connections to your beliefs and contact to the spirit world. Here your dreams and goals take seed and through careful nurturing our dreams can become a reality. Working on this Chakra opens you up to the excitement of a wonderful and imaginary world. You can become artistic and creative, open and loving to all that surrounds you. You believe there is a higher purpose and you are not afraid to venture forth and discover that anything is possible. There are many other Chakras all over the body but the above seven Chakras are to me the main ones that can bring about healing on the physical body, the mind and the soul.

8. Higher Consciousness Chakra/Cosmic Portal

When the 8th Chakra is activated, your consciousness is able to pass through the Cosmic Portal to access your higher consciousness. It is there that divine love is felt and understood and through the cosmic portal that your higher transpersonal awareness can be recognized. As this Chakra is unlocked the Kundalini rises further up, up through the cosmic portal and into your higher consciousness and again as a fountain, flows down the body to continue the whole cycle again.

9. Your Karmic Blueprint/Spirit Chakra

This Chakra once activated links you to the realization of the expanse of creation, a place where you reside with the creator and remember this connection to source. It is by accessing the 9th Chakra through code activation that you are able to light speak, meaning speak with light beings from other races around the galaxy; you know all languages that has been stored and now released from your cellular memory. Even though you may not consciously be able to communicate in different light languages, your soul will. It is here that you decide upon incarnation what life you shall choose, what work you shall do or if you already know it, how you can best go about perfecting your work. It is here that you surrender to spirit and enjoy your union with all energies of the cosmos.

10. First Contact/Teleportation

When this Chakra is activated, the path is cleared to connect with beings of light within the galaxy that are humanoid. Once this Chakras is code activated it constructs your light body or Merkahbah chariot which enables you to teleport to Arcturus where you will receive your scan and healing by the Arcturian technicians. Do not worry; you shall not be travelling alone. Your Earth healer will be taking the journey with you and will never leave your side.

11. Fifth Dimension Consciousness/Journey to Arcturus

Once the 11th Chakra is activated your journey begins to Arcturus. You enter the 5th dimension consciousness and are able to reach Arcturus and be comfortable in their atmosphere. It is here that you are able to light speak with the Arcturians who will be performing your healing.

12. Second Contact/Arcturian Technology Healing

When this Chakra is activated you are now within the healing clinic on Arcturus and receiving your DNA activation/reanimation. You are now able to connect not only with the Arcturians but other higher level beings that help with human ascension as well as the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood.

13. Super Galactic Center/The Womb

When this Chakra is activated, you enter the Super Galactic Center that is the Womb of the whole universe. It is here that the Goddess who is Mother resides. Through activating this Chakra and connecting with the Goddess energies you become one with the Mother, becoming a stargate that enables peace and balance to work through you and enter humanity.

Questions and Answers:

• How can Arcturian Healing Technology be performed by distance?

All work is done on the astral plane. This means, I connect with your thought form which is your conscious after first asking your consciousness for permission to perform the healing. Once your conscious agrees and gives its consent, work is done through visualization on the astral planes.

For Chakras activation and reanimation I have been given special tones that I produce vocally that are codes that unlock each of your 13 Chakras, including your personal energy pod. These sounds are produced physically but are frequencies that move through time and space.

• What happens during a healing session after teleportation to Arcturus?

Firstly, know that you are never alone. I travel with you to Arcturus and I never leave your side. I oversea your healing and I assist the Arcturians as they work. I am also there to tend any needs you have during the healing session.

The healing session consists of first having your all your 7 subtle bodies scanned. Once it is determined what needs attention, the Arcturians and I go to work on correcting the problem. During this time the Arcturian technicians reanimate all of your DNA strands and ensure that they are functioning properly. When the healing is over, I bring you back to Earth.

• What if I don’t have any major health problems; can I still receive a healing?

Yes, beautiful soul. You can receive a ‘tune-up’ where the Arcturian technicians boost your subtle bodies and organs and reanimate your DNA strands. Think of this as going to your physician for a check – up.

• Will I feel the healing being done?

You may be aware, you may feel nothing at all, but this does not mean that the healing is not taking place or not working. You may feel a tingling in one or all of your Chakras. You will be advised on how to deal with symptoms you may feel during or after your healing session.

• What other benefits will I experience apart from physical, emotional and mental healing?

If it is your wish to do so, through meditation and practice, you will be able to connect and communicate with light beings from around the universe such as the Arcturians, Siriuns, Pleiadians and the Ascended Masters. Your conscious connection with the Goddess will become stronger so you will be able to feel her love and peace around you.

By receiving the Arcturian Healing Technology, your soul will have entered the tunnel of ascension, having experienced 5th dimension reality and had all your 13 Chakras reanimated as well as your 12 DNA strands.

• How do I purchase a distance Arcturian Healing Technology session?

Once your payment has been confirmed I will contact you to arrange a date and time that is convenient for us both.

• Do I have to meditate during the session?

If the date and time is convenient for us both, depending on your geographical location and local time and we are both awake you can, if you wish, enter a meditative state. We could agree on a time where you shall be sleeping or you may even be at work. Either way, you will receive the healing.

• Can only humans receive this healing?

No, animals can receive this healing also but this must be stated when you are contacted after you make your payment.

• How many times can I receive Arcturian Healing Technology?

As many times as you like. Each time you receive a healing the Arcturians will continue to work on your problem areas and ensure all subtle bodies are maintained and reenergized.

• Will 1 session be enough?

It is up to you. I advise at least 5 sessions for the healing to really take affect but the choice is yours. You will have the option to order 1 session or a block of 5 which works out more cost effective for you should you wish to receive more than 1 healing session.

• How can I learn Arcturian Healing Technology and can I teach it to others?

Right now, I am only offering the distance healing but in the future I will be offering distance courses once the Arcturians have shown me how they want me to teach it and to attune others to it so they may use it to heal others. I will not be permitted to pass on the codes to others so that they can teach it because the Arcturians want to keep this system safe and have made me its guardian.

Some Symptoms you may experience during and/or after the healing:

• Dizziness/light headedness. Ground yourself and drink plenty of water. Eat something.
• Palms of the hands and soles of the feet may heat up. Keep them cooled.
• Flu like symptoms. This is the cleansing process. Drink plenty of water and eat well.
• Past life memories from other planets. Record your memories.
• Thirst and/or hunger. Drink lots of water and eat healthy snacks often.

One Healing Session $80

Three Healing Sessions $200

Five Healing Sessions $300

Acturian Healing Technology

Before I can deliver this channeling I must first explain how it came to be that the Arcturians asked me to share their message to the world.

During a dream, I saw myself conversing with a humanoid race who told me that they were Arcturians. We conversed with each other in Arcturian which I had no prior knowledge of and still do not remember how to speak on a conscious level. From what I understood, they told me that I had been an Arcturian in a previous life time and that this is why I remember how to speak their language. They also told me that they would visit me again in the coming days and show me what they specialize in and what would soon be taught to humanity.

Days later they visited me again and I was shown a vision within a dream of the future. They first showed me a memory of what one of my jobs was in Arcturus and this was to reanimate beings that were on the verge of death. These beings were able to be reanimated up to 3 times as by the fourth time, their matter, their flesh and organs etc were too ‘worn’ to be reanimated. In this vision I would even look at beings who had passed on and I would examine their remains and test to whether they could be reanimated or not. Many were too ‘far gone’ to be able to reanimate and so their soul was then reincarnated into a new being, a baby.

None of this was done by mind intention but in a laboratory setting. I was being shown that the Arcturians are a very technologically advanced race who are able to heal the body and body parts in order to reanimate a body. They are able to direct the soul into a body should that soul needs to be reborn into a new body if the old body was no longer able to be reanimated. This method is called Arcturian Healing Technology and is a system that will come to Earth in the future.

Following on within this dream, I was taken to a clinic by a doctor and his assistant. Lying on an operating bed, my body was scanned for illnesses or disruption in my organs or any part of me that needed healing. The doctor, who was Aryan in appearance, as well as his assistant, told me that I was dehydrated and I was lacking many of the trace elements that my body needed. There was nothing seriously wrong with me so the doctor went to work on giving me a ‘tune up’ as he called it. Afterwards I was giving a bill for this healing (quite funny, actually) which I paid. He told me that there is always an exchange in energy needed for deeds done in order to keep the balance between give and take. The amount was not much but I remembered the number and this is what was most important and something I must research.

The doctor told me that he will teach me a method which can be used for now to renew organs using my hands and channeling Arcturian energy, that during the healing session the consciousness of the person I am healing will be taken to an Arcturian clinic and will receive their scan and healing there in the etheric by me.

Note: I have been told to share this message with the world but it will not work for anyone who tries to take this method written here and implement it for themselves. Only I can activate this method and only I can teach it as it was a method designed by me as a scientist in my past life in Arcturus. It must be passed from me to the student when I begin to teach it in the near future. More information on Arcturus Healing Technology will be given soon.

For me to connect with the Arcturians I must first go into a very deep meditative state as I find it difficult to tune in to their frequencies any other way. It is as if I must be on the brink of sleep, to be in a dream state mode to be able to connect with them.

And now, here is the channeling which comes in the form of a conversation:

Note: ‘Nanaea’ is my spirit name in this incarnation and another form of Inanna. Please go to my biography for more details.

“Salutations Nanaea and how wonderful it is to have you within this frequency! We see you are doing marvelous work on Earth and we want to thank you for all that you do. After all, you are still one of us even though you have been working on many planets.”

Helen: Thank you brother Maron (somehow I know his name) and it is very good to connect with you. It has been a long time, I feel, since we have spoken consciously like this. Is it possible for me to contact you without me needing to go into such a deep meditative state? It is easier for me to type when I am more consciously aware.

Maron: Yes, of course. We shall make the adjustments.

Helen: Thank you! What would you like me to share?

Maron: yes, Nanaea. And thank you for doing this! First, we would like to tell humanity that this woman here and her work colleague are instrumental in bringing about peace and the new world. Of course, there are many of you working towards the new goal and we thank you, also. Esophoria is a school that is an entry for all beings of light to work within the frequencies of humanity and we know that many of you who read the work of the scribes of Esophoria have already experienced profound spiritual awakenings and activations. All the most advanced tools are channeled INTO Esophoria and this is our base point of where we are spreading our frequencies.

Helen: Thank you very much, Maron. We understood this about Esophoria before but it is so nice to have this confirmed to us and by such as being as you. What can you tell us about my work colleague, Theophilos?

Maron: What is important right now is that he understands one of his other names which is ‘Sargon of Akkad.’ He was a king in those days as Marduk has manifested himself as Sargon. There was much to be done, nations to be brought together, very much like your Alexander the Great. To us, we refer to him as Sargon, because it was during that incarnation that he worked so closely with us. And in THIS lifetime dearest sister, he is also working to unite tribes as we are being united within Esophoria and sending out onto humanity our teachings through Esophoria.

Helen: This is wonderful, Maron. Thank you. What message do you have for our readers?

Maron: Yes, of course, I was getting carried away (he smiles). The very Earth that you walk on is a grid of magnetic, static electricity. This grid can be harnessed to pull protection over yourselves as well as use it to give yourselves and others profound energy boosts. Many of you have heard before about Earth energy, about Gaia’s energy, about bringing this energy up into the root Chakras to nourish the Kundalini which is the fire serpent. The fire serpent within you, and I know some of you may not like this (he laughs) is the Christ light. Now why is it the Christ light? Why is the Kundalini associated with the Christ light? Because it is the cosmic energies that are stored within your planet that will help you to connect with the cosmic Christ. Yes, you Earth is female in gender but it is always the woman, the sacred feminine, who holds the sacred masculine up, just as Inanna held up the sun who is the son who is the god who is the sacred masculine. She helps you to rise to meet the cosmic forces of Christ who is also feminine in many respects. Just look at the collective energy of Apollo and his male and feminine attributes and you will understand. As you know, Apollo, the cosmic Apollo is the cosmic Christ.

The Kundalini rises to meet the cosmic force that is a part of you, for as beings on Earth, you have a meeting point within your heart Chakra where Earth energy and cosmic energy must meet.

Now we have been visiting Earth for millions of years and we helped the Anunnaki to design many of the sacred cities and temples and buildings and adhering to the laws of the golden mean. As we are advanced technologically in healing, we ensured that these places would be sanctuaries of healing energy which is why many attended temples and sacred places for healing.

In Atlantis we had many clinics where we were teaching healing methods, many of which died out due to us having to hide these teachings from the dark brotherhood that were using them against the people.

We want you to know that in time these same clinics will be set up on Earth and the technology that we know and use in healing will be taught once again.

Helen: In my dreams I saw the reanimation of bodies that were on the verge of death or even bodies that had died and that there was a chance to reanimate them. Can you explain this to me?

Maron: Yes, sister. I hope you can understand it (he smiles). On Arcturus, our scientists are able to reanimate the brain and other organs. We are able to keep the body and its organs alive while we work on the faults of the body. If the body has been gone too long, the flesh begins to decay and there is nothing that we can do about this. We cannot play the role of the Creator and we cannot bring a body that is completely gone, back to ‘life’. If a being is not meant to continue in that life there is nothing we can do to change this and neither will we. A being can be kept alive while we grow new body parts or fix faulty organs or heal diseased parts of the body.

With this technology we can elongate life and by maintaining the body before it gets to a state of no return, each being can live a full and healthy life. Diseases can be cured. Diseases you have on Earth can be cured. They have the cure. They are just too dark to use them.
This is a practice humanity will know. Sadly, the dark brotherhood have been trying for the longest time to bring the dead back to life and are even testing these methods on living beings which brings disastrous results.

Now, we are members of the Great White Brotherhood. Jesus was an Anunnaki hybrid, yes, but he was also Arcturian. You know him also as one of your Ascended Masters. Jesus visited Arcturus to learn healing techniques which was seen on Earth and recorded.

Helen: Many people do not acknowledge Jesus as being a god. I do not want to bring religion into this but can you answer me this for the people reading: Is Jesus a god?

Maron: Jesus was an incarnation of the Cosmic Christ. Jesus is one of many. Jesus is a manifestation of a collective force of light that is sent as a messenger. Christ has manifested on MANY planets and he has done the work he needed to there. Jesus, being as you asked specifically about Jesus, is a perfect example of the divine masculine in matter that brings the word of light. The Shekinah, Sophia, the Holy Spirit, incarnates as the perfect example of the divine feminine in matter. So if you compare him to what a god is described to be then yes; he is a god, in his physical form.

Helen: Thank you brother Maron. I can feel the connection weakening so I know it is time for you to go. I still have so many questions to ask you but I will ask them the next time we open a channel to speak.

Maron: Yes, Nanaea, it is for your own good as it takes a lot of your energy to keep this channel open. We will speak again. Bless you.

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