Tree of Life Migration channeled from Dragon Ferren

“I breathe into your heart so that your vision won’t be clouded by ego thoughts with what I am going to share with you now. It is time you shall walk alone though we are always beside you showing you the way, as we are beside all humans who look to us for council. In the essence of the garden of your soul lives Eden itself and it is there where all life is held in truth and everlasting existence.

All the DNA strands of human kind is stored within the garden of Eden and if you are smart, which I know you are, you will understand that I am talking about the TREE, the TREE of life but in its many guises. The tree of life has been moved from place to place, from dimension to dimension, from consciousness to consciousness and yet it still has not been able to put its roots fully into the Earth for it is planted and dug up, transported, rearranged and replanted again, thus the unease among humankind.

And now, I must tell you something else; the tree of life has been taken off planet to another planet. Shocked, aren’t you? Of course you are in your human form but in your Goddess form you are not for you know about this. You know that this tree was taken off planet during the early formations of human beings and to keep the human DNA safe it was taken to another planet, one not far from Earth.”

Helen: Great Ferren, which planet was it taken to?

(Ferren smiles so lovingly)

Ferren: “You know. Maybe I should not have said a planet. Maybe I should have said a realm, a different dimension and it was kept under the watchful eye of Marduk. Nebiru is also another name for Earth. And Inanna brought it back to the new reality that became Earth.

We were there, of course, and we helped. We helped to tell the humans that danger was coming. We helped Marduk to transport the tree to the other dimension. But do you understand what we mean by transported the tree?”

Helen: Not completely. Please explain.

“All that makes up humankind is found within a man and a woman. They are the tree of life. What I mean by saying that Inanna brought back the tree of life, is that she birthed the second generation of humans on Earth, on the new Earth, with Marduk. This is why Inanna and Marduk are the keepers of the tree of life. Nebiru is the kingdom, the new Earth that is coming into your consciousness.”

Helen: What does this mean if Nebiru was another dimension and also another name for Earth?

Ferren: “Some call it paradise; some call it heaven, but when people say that heaven is a place on Earth it is not a place but it IS Earth and it is the dimension reached when humans are able ascend enough to bring heaven to Earth. As you were sent, so you created the doorway by your love, so the energies and frequencies are seeping into Earth. You made a hole in the matrix and through this hole the essence of Eden is returning, the essence of Nebiru, and the essence of the new Earth.

And some are right when they say Nebiru will come and clash with the Earth; but it is not another planet coming from outside Earth or a comet or a meteor. It is a planet within a planet and these two planets must merge together. The great crash will be the clashing of two consciousnesses into one.

So do you understand why all this is happening now in your reality? It is happening because Nebiru, the Nebiru consciousness, is merging with Earth reality and it will take time for the merge to finally be complete. You know what is to come. But it is ok. No need to fear. It is all part of the process of the merging. This is the alignment, the TRUE alignment, and when they merge the doorway will open and the new Christ will come. This is the merging of realities, of worlds within a world. Through the work of the avatars and lightworkers on Earth the Masters are returning.

You helped open the hole for the essence of Nebiru to seep back into your reality. You will continue to guide this mergence. This is the divine plan. You are slowly taking down the structure of the false matrix, to weaken it so that more and more holes will be created and more and more essence of Nebiru shall enter your reality. You and many others like you who are now on Earth.”

Helen: What will happen to the Anunnaki avatars that are here, such as us?

Ferren: “You care continuing to do what you were sent to do. You are bringing back the true from Nebiru. The rest have their responsibilities of creating the throne of the King who is to come. Many of them are already in Greece and scattered around the world. Others are awakening others to this reality. Many are opening holes in the matrix but for different reasons. Many are working hard. Many of you will see this mergence.

Helen: What about the Archangels/gods who stand guarding the Garden of Eden to not allow anyone to enter. What does this mean?

Ferren: “Eden, Nebiru, Paradise, whatever you want to call it, must be protected and protected well for it exists on Earth. Imagine if the dark ones gained entry? Imagine if they were able to learn the elixir of life and the formula to manipulate human DNA? They make people sick to extract it. Luckily, they have not found the right ‘ingredients’ to recreate humankind and become their gods.

Marduk was called Nebiru and Inanna was called Mother for a reason. She is the spirit of the tree, the Sophia, the Holy Spirit in matter and he is the Logos and the builder of its branches, for this tree continues to grow and each branch represents a hybrid of different human being and also those who are to come, the new generation of the golden ray.

And you both talk about ascending, where do you think you are going to go? (He laughs) You are already Ascended Masters. What you feel is a merging with your true selves. You did not go to Earth to ascend back up; you went to Earth to enable your true selves to descend down and merge with human DNA and frequencies to enable the gods to once again walk among human kind.

When Nebiru dimension/consciousness merges with Earth dimension/reality/consciousness, you shall all be vibrating at a much higher frequency. Your work as avatars, and by merging with each other, enables the gods to descend and meet you half way.

This half way point is the next step for it is the vibration with which Nebiru vibrates. Nebiru is a consciousness; it is Earth but in a different dimension; it is here on Earth but we have to access it and merge it with our reality and yes, we are also helping to make this so.”

Helen: What happens when avatars make love, the avatars of Marduk and Inanna?

Ferren: “I explained it to you above; they merge with each other, they open doorways, they merge with their true selves. And this is what they experience; not ascension, but a merging with their true selves, the gods.

1st Official Andromedan Channeling

“It is true that we do not adhere to Universal Council laws and this is because we feel their way takes too much time when it comes to taking action regarding events on Earth. They spend time going through countless meetings and votes when it is clear what is right and wrong and what needs immediate action. They do not act immediately to that which needs immediate reaction and this, many times, has cost lives or created an outcome that cannot be reversed.

For example; Earth catastrophes such as earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions. They deliberate on whether they should or should no get involved with dealing with these situations and the longer they spend deliberating the more damage it is doing to the population and the Earth, and not only in the case of losing lives but in the affect it has on the quality of life for those who live in that area of Earth.

As soon as these events happen we immediately seek a meeting with them to allow us to act immediately to prevent further damage to what we have told you. Sometimes when they say no, we act anyway for this is our nature.”

Helen: What do you do in these situations when you get involved?

“We will give you examples of earthquake scenarios. We hold the earth together in as many places as possible. We know when an earthquake will occur and though we cannot always stop it from happening we minimize the strength of it and its affects.”

Helen: How do you know an earthquake will happen and how to do you minimize the strength of one?

“You know that we are masters of frequency. There is a frequency that can be used in keeping seismic activity within the Earth rather than it radiating upwards and outwards so it remains contained at the impact point.”

Helen: Why did you appear to me in suits?

“Earth vibration is too dense for us and we can be easily contaminated because we are not from Earth. We also do not like to show our faces straight away.”

Helen: But how can you become contaminated if you are just a projection?

“We were not a projection when you saw us and when you see us now; we are with you, we are not holograms. We are with you as an energy within the frequencies of transportation and though we do not appear to be as solid as a human we are with you.”

Helen: I understand frequencies very well but I cannot understand what you say; I am not advanced enough to understand what you are talking about. My brain cannot grasp it. Is it important for me to understand how this works?

“No. Just know that when we visit here we pick up particles, dust, organisms and things like this.”

Helen: Ok. What is your message? What do you want humanity to know about you apart from how you defy the rules of the Universal Council?

(I smile. I want to see if they have a sense of humour)

“We do not defy anything. We just do not always agree and we do not always comply. We have a choice.”

Helen: Really? So why do you interfere with human free will? You value your right to choose but you do not respect our rights?

“Sometimes it is for your own good because you do not know what you want; you are all confused with the different realities being pushed upon you that you end up like canines chasing your own tails and attacking each other. Sometimes we have to get involved to avoid greater catastrophes. This is not what we want to talk about with you. We want to show you how healing works but we shall do this another time.

Now we want to tell you how it happens sometimes that we do get involved with Earth life and Earthlings. It is not something that we relish doing but something that must be done. We have no negative feelings towards those who do not see our way but they simply do not understand our way. It isn’t always easy; life for any species is not always easy, regardless of how enlightened or advanced they are. Every being as a soul which is the same, which comes from the same source. It does not matter what species you are, each soul is the same.”

Helen: How does your healing help the human body?

“By changing the frequency in which the cells of the body vibrate. The elements the body needs to maintain life is roughly the same that is present on Earth and this is why you are of the Earth and shall return to the Earth. Not your soul, your body, we mean. Cultivate the human body as you would cultivate soil. With the change of frequency, all elements are balances within the body and resonates strongly identically with that found in the Earth. When you move away from ‘Earth living’ is when you become sick. You are also connected to the rest of the universe and all planets as the Earth is made of star dust and so you are made of star dust, thus keeping you aligned with the celestial beings of the skies.

Your body is made up of cells, atoms and molecules and with our frequencies we are able to transform diseased cells into healthy cells and re arrange the structure of the disease to delete it completely from the body. We shall show you soon how to use this frequency and give healing to others.

For now, please share this message. We shall be contacting you soon.”

Andromedan Healing Experience

Despite our previous dubiousness regarding the Andromedans and our refusal to being their voice for the reasons we have given in previous channelings from the Pleiadians, I was recently in a position where I was in need of an emergency healing late one night when I was visited by the Andromedans. They have asked me to recount my story to you, briefly, to let humanity know that they are powerful healers and that they are willing to help people to heal with their energy.

At the time I was suffering terrible stomach pains and it felt as if the pain was not stopping. I had had this problem off and on for some time but this night the pain was horrific and I was ready to go to the emergency room at the hospital. Lying in pain and writhing in agony I asked for healing from any being that was of light because of my desperation and the pain that I was in, I could not think of any specific being I wished to call on for help. I asked my higher self to communicate with any being of light who could help me. Suddenly I saw a flash of light that seemed to fill the entire room and then the room went back into darkness. With my eyes closed I saw a group of beings who were humanoid who were wearing suits of some kind and a visor that spread across the space of their eyes.

With my mind I asked who they were and they told me that they were the Andromedans. They said that they had heard my call and had waited for an opportunity to help me to show me how they are interested in helping humanity, even if it meant in their own ways rather than that of the Universal Council and their rules and regulations.

Note: As I am writing this, I am feeling their energy entering my consciousness.

I asked them if they could heal me and they said that they would on the condition that I wrote about them and their healing abilities. Even though I had my doubts about them I agreed due to the pain that I was in. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and prove to me that they are, and can do, what they claim that they can.

Instantly I was surrounded in white light. I saw them moving in fast motion on my body, their hands busily darting across my stomach. I saw ribbons of white light and I just closed my eyes so that I may feel with all my senses what they were doing and the affects it was having on my physical body.

As I began to feel better I called on Archangel Michael to be beside me and watch over what they were doing and to protect me as I was too weak from the pain to do it myself. Archangel Michael appeared almost instantly and held my hand. It was over. The pain still lingered but it wasn’t what it was. They told me to sleep and not to forget to write about them.

I was exhausted from my whole ordeal and collapsed into sleep. I awoke with no pain. On the night of the next day they visited me again, to remind me not to forget to write about them and my experience of their healing. Again I promised to them that I would and this is what I am doing here, keeping my promise.

My personal thoughts regarding this experience is that I was not happy that in order to help me I had to promise to do something in exchange but I feel that this is because I was so against working with them and mentioning anything good about them in my work. I have decided to communicate with them to give their words and to not be so rigid in my adherence to the rules and regulations of the Universal Council.

Helen Demetriou

Pistis Sophia Guided Meditation

Description: In this video Helen takes you on a guided meditation with the beautiful Goddess Pistis Sophia and Archangel Zadkiel. Together you will invoke her energies, asking the Goddess for success and wisdom, and be empowered by her divine and powerful energies.

What makes humans confused?

“What makes humans confused? Their ignorance to the divinity within themselves and the divine working through them.”

– God Apollo channeled by Helen Demetriou

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