The Crucifixion of the Sacred Feminine

I have been planning to write about the crucifixion of the sacred feminine for a very long time and most probably I will write more in the future but after what Saint Barnabas said to me I was inspired to do it now, to start writing about the biggest spiritual crime in human history.

I asked Saint Barnabas about something I find ridiculous, which is in the book of Revelation 14:1-5 regarding The Lamb and the 144.000 where the chosen people are those who did not ‘pollute’ (!) themselves with women. After I asked Saint Barnabas regarding this issue this is the answer he gave me:

“The gospels are not written by the apostles; the original texts were manipulated by the church to suit their needs to control and enslave people into their false construction but they could not erase the Logos of Christ completely from the texts they used Christ as a foundation with which to build their matrix. The Logos of Christ is still present within their lies and you can find it if you study the occult clues that survived in their fraudulent texts.

The Book of Revelation is still an important occult work because the people who wrote it were studying the celestial bodies and their activities in the skies and they knew that the same things would happen at the end of the Piscean Age and the beginning of the Aquarian Age. They were following the astrological cycle which all initiates of those times knew about.

Revelation was also manipulated by the same people who knew EXACTLY what they were doing by eliminating the sacred feminine. They knew that by erasing the sacred feminine from the minds of people, people would lose touch with wisdom and so if they enslaved wisdom they could create societies which were easier to control. The true believers of Christ that were initiates of the mysteries expressed this crime against wisdom through the Gnostic myth of Sophia after they (the dark brotherhood, I propose) completely deleted the truth about Mary Magdalene, who was an avatar of Venus/Asherah, who was known in the ancient Hebrew tradition before these same people obliterated the truth about the Queen of Heaven and the divine consort of the real YHVH (and not the wife of the castrated false YHVH of their dark teachings, I would say).”

Sophia is the empowering force (Shakti) of the Logos; the counterpart of the incarnated Aeon who is the son (Phanes) of Chronos (time) and Ananke (necessity).

Mithras (the Aeon of Aries) was equated with Phanes and depicted as Chronus pointing to this reality of the Aeons. Mithras’s consort was Anahita who was equated with the Semitic Ishtar/Asherah (the consort of YHVH who is Marduk/Amun Ra that manifests both Enki/Poseidon and Enlil/Cronus) and the Greco-Roman Venus-Aphrodite.

Note: The Greco-Roman tradition is not to be trusted and should not be viewed as the ultimate source of truth as it is among the misled neopagans in Greece. They were following some true eastern teachings and expressing them through their own images/idols.

Among the first Christians were people who when reverted from paganism to Christianity equated Mary Magdalene with Venus as they saw the pattern in her incarnations. We can also find the same pattern regarding the consort of Lord Vishnu in the Hindu pantheon, where his wife is the Goddess Lakshmi, who is also associated with the planet Venus. For the connection between YHVH with Phanes and Brahma/Vishnu, I will explain in another article that i will write in the near future which is based on what the Ascended Master, Vyamus, taught me regarding these patterns.

What I’m trying to point out in this article is that there is ALWAYS a consort of the King of Heaven who is usually called the Queen of Heaven (like in the ancient Hebrew pantheon) who is associated with the planet Venus and the connection of this tradition with Mary Magdalene is obvious yet still entrapped within the ruins and the false constructions of Christian history.

Christ (Logos) without his consort (Sophia/Wisdom) is divided from his own nature and the whole doctrine of the Hieros Gamos (Alchemical Marriage) collapses. This is the biggest crime that the so called Christian fathers committed and this is the main reason why there are no light beings of high frequencies that could ever work through their insanity.

Lower ranking Angels were appointed to protect the church and guide Christians because the divine is always present wherever and whenever the divine is called, even through false/artificial constructions. The church may be void of the true teachings of Christ and his Father, but those who attend have faith and so the divine will always be there to answer their call and try and protect them from the falsities that were projected onto humanity like a virus. Those who believe that the church has ever been accepted by the Elohim are totally mistaken, and this includes the Archangels, especially Archangel Metatron, who is the Archangel of Alchemy, who leads the way for human ascension and salvation and who has even been depicted as Satan within the limits of the ignorance and paranoia of Christianity.

The criminal church KILLED the energy/Shakti of the Logos that is Wisdom and the false followers of Christ who created this blasphemous construction knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

The result of this crime was to manifest a cruel dominant and irrational Logos that people were forced through fear to believe in blindly and never understand.

This reality will be CONFOUNDED in the coming age of Aquarius and people better be prepared for this truth if they do no want to find themselves against Christ and the true Saints that are returning as it has been prophesied. Their return will be in the form of incarnating once again as humans on Earth and not descend from the sky like someone could imagine by studying the illusions the church has taught. The teachings of reincarnation and karma is still obvious in their fraudulent texts and there is proof, if you research it, when the church claimed their belief in reincarnation but over time, something happened where they needed to gain more control on a person’s spirituality and so denied its existence.

Here are some ‘coincident’ results of the Gematria:

Sophia is the Shakti (empowerment force) of Logos/Amun Ra/Marduk:

Shekhinah (shakti) is the energy that brings wisdom and real Gnosis/Knowledge:

Shekinah is Ishtar/Esther/Hathor/Asherah:



Saint Barnabas about the Aquarian Age

I asked Saint Barnabas about our present day priests and the future of the church and he showed me the skeletal head of a ram and told me that this is what the priests are worshiping because they did not let go of the previous age of Aries which was the age of Moses.

To further explain, he reminded me of the story of the golden calf and Moses, when Moses had gone up the mountain to speak with the God of the bible while the Hebrews traveled through the desert for 40 years.

He explained to me that all the manifestations of the divine have their own purpose at their own time and the circumstances within which the divine manifests and that like Moses destroyed the golden calf which was a symbol of the previous age of Taurus, likewise Jesus Christ came to bring the new age of Pisces and this was very well known to all the initiated people of those times. This was also part of the real Christian teachings that is still present within the false and blasphemous construction of the Greek Orthodox church, where the ignorant (in the best of cases) fraudulent pretend to be God’s agents (and get paid very well for this anti-god work I believe) are still speaking about ΙΧΘΥΣ-ICTHYS without searching or revealing the truth behind this tradition. Saint Barnabas told me that what the priests believe about this issue is not so bad, but instead of practicing this between themselves, they have projected it onto humanity and manifested it into reality and taught that this was the way of Jesus which it wasn’t. Many of their traditions come from the Hebrews, brought by Moses, which do not align with what Jesus taught and the needs (necessity-inevitability)  of the Pisces Age.

After Saint Barnabas told me about the age of Aries and the age of Pisces I had to ask him about the Aquarian Age and the future of the church and he responded to me as follows:

“The church will be destroyed in the Aquarian Age. Because of what the church did, they will not be able to hold the coming energies and the true spiritual people will not even step outside from their false construction. The underground power of the church is trying to prevent Christ from returning but all the followers and disciples of Jesus are returning at the beginning of the new aeon to restore the truth and we seek justice.”

Christian Saints against the church

After Saint Barnabas explained to me the connection between Dionysus and Jesus Christ he wanted to express the disappointment of ALL (like he said) the true saints against the church and he meant against the Christian church as a whole and not any particular denomination.

These are his words:

“ALL the true saints are against the church and we are all coming back with our Lord return the same teachings and restore the truth. Jesus Christ with his new name will destroy the church and put an end to this blasphemy.”

This was not the most shocking thing he had said to me because anyone who still believes in Christ but who has lost their faith in the priests can see clearly that there is something totally wrong with this monstrous construction which we mistakenly titled ‘The Christian church’.

The most shocking part of this communication I had with the holy Saint Barnabas were his claims regarding the history of Christianity and the people created the church as we know it today and here are his words about his martyrdom:

“I was hunted and killed by the people who built the church as it is known today. They used me like they used every true Saint, to enslave people into this false construction.

They were killing ANYONE who had visions and true divine experience and after they were accusing the ghost of the Jews and the pagans for these crimes while the same people that hunted us and killed us are those presenting themselves as Christians and are responsible for the construction of the church.

Everyone that had true faith and who experienced divine were killed by the church because they were afraid of loosing power, because if man recognized how faith could cause them to perform miracles, they could not be controlled and manipulated…they would understand that their faith could set them free.

The Church’s organization was threatened by holy people that had real faith and occult knowledge which could expose their lies and dissolve their fake construction.

Simon Magus, for example, never claimed that he was Jesus Christ; he had expressed that he was Christ-like and that because he had faith he could perform miracles but the church’s false foundations were threatened by the real people of God, so they hunted them and labeled them as evil.

The Pharisees that took over the church of Christ were hunting the real people of God even before Christ arrival and they were trying to disconnect the people from the divine and present themselves as gods in the place of God, as the so called “Christian” church has been doing for the past 2000 years.”

The truth about Dionysus

In the meeting I had with Saint Barnabas he showed me a statue of the Greek god Dionysus and he said to me that it is very important to understand that Jesus Christ is the true vine and that he came to restore the blasphemy of the Greco-Roman pagans against his former incarnation as Dionysus.

He confirmed to me what I already knew about the Christ, that he is a Phallic god that came to teach and manifest the Hieros Gamos (the alchemical divine marriage), the sacred union of the sacred masculine and feminine within a person which brings balance of mind, body and soul, and of humans with the creator which is why he was called the bridegroom.

The Star of David and the state of IS (Isis) – RA – (Marduk) – EL (God) is (or was created by the gods-Elohim for this reason before they rebelled like the Anunnaki/Elohim told us) all about the sacred marriage with the divine.

The blasphemers of the Greco-Roman elite (those who were working for the dark brotherhood as we have learned from many sources) took the divine attributes of Dionysus being the vine and the Hieros Gamos and projected a false idol, making him the god of orgies and drunkenness instead of teaching the true meanings of the vine, the sacred phallus and the Hieros Gamos.

As Saint Barnabas expressed about this:

“Jesus came to bring respect to his former self.”

To this truth I can add to what Saint Barnabas said to me about the Greco-Roman blasphemers that presented Antinous as the incarnation of Phallus/Dionysus and you can imagine how blasphemous the Greco-Romans was if you research the story of Antinous, whom I do not have a problem with but he COULD NOT in any way be the incarnation of Phallus/Dionysus while he was the passive lover of the Roman emperor Hadrian. The dark brotherhood, which were their ways (before they became known as Satanists), were trying to ridicule and reverse the divine manifestations by these sacrilegious projections that were made within the limits of the dark arts which are all about reversing the divine, such as reversing crosses and pentagrams.

I am the true vine, and my Father is the farmer. John 15:1

Note: Marduk/Zeus/Amun Ra/Adonai-Sabaoth was known as ‘The Farmer’ who taught us about his son ‘Dion-Iesous’ in a previous channeling.

For those who have doubts about Marduk being Zeus (the father of Dionysus), just look at these images and remember that Marduk was also the god of thunder (and he holds the thunderbolt later passed to Zeus). He was also connected with the planet Jupiter long before the artificial construction of Zeus that was presented by the deluded pagans even as a pedophile just to serve their sexual perversions while Plato accused this blasphemous projection of Zeus as fake. More information about this subject and about the mysteries of Osiris/Dionysus from where circumcision originates, will be added in the near future.

Shocking channeling from Saint Barnabas by Theophilos Christophorou

The synchronistic events that led up to my meeting with Saint Barnabas is astounding as the day before I was contacted by Saint Barnabas I had thought that it would be nice if we could be in communication with Christian Saints so that I could ask them their opinion regarding the artificial construction of the church that is obvious for anyone who has eyes to see. I thought that there must be some saints in spirit that would have a better understanding about the laws of the spirit which would give us a better understanding concerning the teachings of Christ.

I felt embarrassed that I had never heard about Saint Barnabas before, who I learned after is the patron Saint of the Cyprus Orthodox church. Both Helen and I live on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus (which is also know as the island of Venus and before this was the island of Astarte) but I was never a church going person and have never really felt comfortable with priests which explains my unawareness of the Orthodox saints. This also explains why I didn’t know how important Saint Barnabas is for my country’s church until after I searched for more information about this pure and wise Saint that moved me with his words and his humility.

Saint Barnabas was the Saint who had answered my call and he wanted to speak to me about the false constructions of the church. I asked him kindly to tell me his story and so he did and after I asked him about a powerful mantra that the Greek orthodox monks are using which I thought to promote as an empowerment tool for ESOPHORIA and he told me that this mantra was given to a simple and humble man that had pure faith and that it is really powerful. I asked him if he knew of any other mantra that we could use in our project and deliver to humanity and he just said these simple words in English:

“Christ is here.”

He informed me that “Christ is here” is a simple affirmation that can help manifest the arrival of the Aquarian Christ and of the Christ consciousness on Earth. I also asked the humble saint to give me, if he wished, a prayer to him for people that may be interested to create a spiritual relationship with him and he reminded me that you are not supposed to pray to saints like the church is mistakenly teaching, but he did give me the following simple prayer:

“May we continue grow on the vine of life.”

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