Enki about the Divine Laws

What are the divine laws? How do they shape your world and your very existence?

Even the divine have to obey the divine laws which were put in place for beings of flesh and beings of flesh and beings of divinity alike. All must keep these laws sacred and holy.

He who can think outside of himself is wise.
He who can find the law within himself can write his own tablets of destiny.
He who can recognize the sequence of divine numbers can decode reality for himself.
He who can deprogram others way of mistaken thinking can be a leader.
He who can grow from himself out of nothing is the master of creation.
He who can build with his own two hands his temple becomes a divine architect.

For it is more than giving life through human mating. Giving life is giving wisdom and teaching knowledge to your creation. Remember these laws and work towards them and be defeated by no other man. The greatest wisdom of all is knowing that you have the power to move mountains and believing it is true.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky about ESOPHORIA

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, said to me:

“ESOPHORIA is a malignant time bomb which was already created by Hermes/Thoth and which was encapsulated in a time capsule in the universe and which has descended upon those who are ready to share its message.”

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